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Jayce Build Guide by TaleWhip

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TaleWhip


TaleWhip Last updated on July 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi ya'll my names Talewhip and this is my guide to my new favorite champion Jayce. Jayce to me is one of the most diverse champions in LoL. He can be played AP or AD with tons of different builds. If you haven't noticed by now this guide is for AD Jayce and Jungle Jayce. The problem is Jayce is a brand new champ so not everything's perfected (especially the jungle). But I will be updating this frequently with the new research I've acquired. Enjoy this guide and hope it help to all the Jayce beginners out there. Please, please leave helpful comments on this build.

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Jayce's Abilities Combos

I like this skill sequence because I feel like Jayce's abilities all go together fluently and need to be combo together for maximum damage. His hammer combo I like to use is this Lighting Field-To The Skies-Thundering Blow. For his cannon I like acceleration gate-shock blast-hyper charge.

Hammer Combo

Cannon Combo


So as you can see the cannon is much more powerful early game, but the hammer will take over late game. Another thing to notice is that together they are unstoppable.

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I chose these marks because I feel that a little more AD didn't hurt anyone (besides the other team). Since this build focuses around a AD Jayce with a little AP, were taking AD marks.
I also want to build Jayce a bit tanky so when you switch from the cannon to the hammer and charge in blind, you want a bit more survivability right? right. So some armor doesn't kill you right, no it keeps you from being killed.
To go along with the tankyness of Jayce I also wanted magic resist, who doesn't right? Kinda also self explanatory.
To make up for the seals and glyphs being survivability, the quintessences provide the back up to the marks to finish the enemy by piercing their armor right into the genitals, making them fear you.

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Summoner Spells

Arguably the two best summoner spells in the game. The flash to get in or out of sticky situations. The ignite is good counters to healing champions like Mundo or Swain, or pick up a kill as they run.

Ghost is good like flash. Used to chase down or run away from champs. Also valuable when jungling to get a gank off better.
Clarity like i said Jayce is a mana ho so this would be helpful to spam moves all day but its only helpful early game.

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This item is almost essential for every champ because of the tenacity bonus. So do these need more explanation, I THINK NOT!
Jayce is a mana hungry early game, especially for me because I like to spam attacks and his require lots of mana. Before you know it it will all be gone. So I feel the manamune is the perfect counter because it provides mana regen and AD.
I feel this item is another perfection to Jayce's hammer because it gives him AD, attack speed, and armor (and some other cool passives). Please again leave comments if you disagree with this.
I think this item is the beast from the far east. It provides everything essential to almost any champ especially Jayce. Does anymore need to be said?

I always like a bit of lifesteal.
This is all I'm saying health and AD.
As you may have noticed this item isn't in my build list. The reason why is because I'm unsure, well i was thinking that real late game to sell manamune and buy warmogs, but im not sure of this decision because the game never gets this far because I own them to hard.

Good damage and armor bonuses.
Almost makes your hammer the hammer of thor but really unneeded almost.
Helps with survivability which im all about but to expense for an already expense build and not necessary.
CD reduction would be very helpful on Jayce if you like switching between forms a lot, but really late game is all hammer form for me so I am not constantly switching.

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Early Game & Late Game

Jayce is very powerful early and late game. But to set the standards of how your playing bully the team early game, because you can. Just remember before you charge in blind to smash some faces in you dont have alot of health early game. It is better to poke fun at the enemy with the cannon rather than the hammer early game. Trust me it still works though the hammers damage is unmatched the cannon still does LOTS. Late game I love Jayce your still powerful and feared but now the enemies wont even come out of their base to face you. Remember that problem with health? ITS GONE! and your damage has multiplied by 10000000x. But keeping all this in mind means you gets focused in team fights.

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Team Work

Jayce is an essential champ in team fights. It would be stupid to initiate without him there. Jayce can play either ranged or melee so when that big fight busts out he can leap in there like a maniac and pwn face. Or you got the enemy team backed into a tower just have Jayce poke fun at them with acceleration gate-shock blast.

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Ok this is probably the hardest thing with Jayce, but the funnest. I'm not quite sure of the perfect path yet, but I've been using Blue-wolves-wraiths-red-golems-then usually a recall. I prefer to start with cloth armor and five health potions, I usually use them all by the time I'm done with red. I like to take Lighting Field first because it provides nice AOE damage, taking down wolves and wraith quickly. Second I like to take To the Skies for more AOE really. And the stun from Thundering Blow is nice as well, plus if I remember correctly does extra damage to creeps. To pull off a good gank I like to switch to cannon early so by the time i get to the bush Transformation is off CD. Pop acceleration gate-shock blast combo then change to hammer and then RUN INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE LANE. Running into the middle of the lane is essential, think about it if you just run in then they can just run back, but if you run into the middle you cut off their escape. Then I like to pop To the Skies on whoever is pinged and open up on them. This usually will end well (Check Jungle match history). So this is about it for pulling off ganks and what not, I'm sure you all no where to ward and stuff.

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I love using To The Skies and Shock Blast as farming moves. They provide nice AOE damage and those minions don't stand a chance.

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Match History

A Jungle Match

Feel free to leave comments of your own matches!!