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Jayce Build Guide by ch3mi3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ch3mi3

Jayce the gingerbread man

ch3mi3 Last updated on September 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Jayce the ace

The best part of Jayce is his ability to jump into a fight do massive game to single target and have 6 cool downs you can use back to back for massive dmg... realy. If things also get crazy, you can bail running straight through minions with max speed to get away. Your team can also run through you gate to any location with you. He is great for any solo, and a great team player. I am thinking if people start using this build they will nerf him very soon so use with caution. =P

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Rune and masteries

Masteries, my selection is a must, follow it. Runes though i chose gold for more gold, movement speed for lighting speed, a little bit a crit for level 1, you will crit I promise and attack speed because that what he needs. Runes are for level 1 play i feel, so pick what helps most. Im not sure why people get def runes all the time, i want to kill early game not live barely. ^_^

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Early game

the first items you want are the boots and three potions picking his w as a first ability. The thought be hind this is you do not want to get hit, and you are able to get away with this because of you great speed. Get cheap range shots on enemy champions and press r for a little movement speed bonus to get away if you happen to get caught with any attacks. This is great harassment. You want to always be hitting minions, the beginning of the game is always a race for gold, whoever gets more the fastest will win. The reason why i said get w first is because you can hit it to get three or more fast basic attack on the enemy and be outta range for anything. It will wear them down over time. Also if you find yourself running low on mana you can hit the minions at your turret to restore mana. Jayce is mana dependent after all. Get q second and also use this to get cheap shot on enemy champions any time possible. after you get e you can shoot them from far away for alot of dmg and run even faster toward or away. So get w q e then max out q first and w second. The rest is a no brainer. q is more important because you can get many cheap shot out with your acceleration gate combo that can easily kill weak enemys standing at their turret, or just wearing them down until they have to base. Its great. *REMINDER* You always want to hit minions, that easy money. You will spend most of your time in range stance, when minions get pushed to your turret switch to melee and do a q w combo to get rid of them, great minion killing tools.

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Mid to late game

Hopefully you have mandreds or better by than. When you gank always e q combo then in range stance for a strong starting hit, and then run to them pressing w for the quick 3 hits, with mandreds it will do nice dmg. Quickly switch to the melee hammer and q w them, with a e attack if you want to, it knocks them away a little but usually your range cannon will be back up at this point, then you can do the rotation all over again until you need to run away or they are dead. Most the time I never get the chance to switch back to range and they are just dead. Tanks though, may need more time to beat down.

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Final notes about the baus Jayce

You really only need mandreds blood razor for an attack item, Jayce is a monster, just a little too squishy. So follow my item order and you can solo or at least escape someone if it doesn't look like you will win a fight. In team fights never be afraid to run into 4 to 5 people using the cannon combo technique, and finishing with the hammer jump aoe. you can mostly always get away, do a little off tanking for your team, they will appreciate it. It is a team game after all, and turrets are what we are protecting. The final item i selected is one of those I DONT KONW WHAT ELSE I NEED, I ALREADY PWN NOOBS type of item. So switch it up if you think something else would be better. I have tried infinity, and blood thirster before, they dont seem to help much more than guardian. Dont forget to farm like no other brother. Have fun and happy hunting.

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Build #2

I inserted the second build after trying it out for a couple weeks. The strategy is the same as the other. When you get a full build though, go ahead and sell your boots when you have enough gold to get the mandreds blood razors, because with two phatoms and trinity, you have mass movement speed anyways, so go ahead and get the extra dmg. Your crit will be at 100% so you will do about 1000 dmg per hit you do. I would not even leave the cannon stance. for real.