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Jayce Build Guide by RicesHero

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RicesHero

Jayce, The Immovable Carry (Solo/Mid/Bot)

RicesHero Last updated on October 26, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 24

Honor Guard

Defense: 6

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Hello, welcome to my guide on how to build off and start using Jayce. This guide will be focused on trying to help Jayce players learn how to use Jayce effectively. By pointing out techniques, item builds, and some basic combos. I will admit I'm going a bit of glass cannon here, taking advantage of the Blood Thirsters/PUREEEE DAMAGEEE, to survive.

This guide is no where near completed, however I will be updating it daily. I hope to eventually have this as the number 1 Jayce guide/build. If you have any comments about my build or guide in general feel free to leave a comment. :D

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For Marks I take flat damage marks just for an early game advantage. The idea is since I start off with a Doran's Blade, I can start off the game dealing massive damage.

This should of obviously as well guys, taking flat armor seals, allows me to take a lot more damage than that runeless guy. WHICH MEANSSSSS~ I can constantly win exchanges against most melee enemies.

Like almost every other melee carry, Jayce doesn't have much magic resistance. Which is why I take the per level MR Runes, just to help out even mid game.

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I got 24/6/0 Masteries picking out all damage masteries and defensive for the early game advantage.

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I start off with a Doran's Blade for the beginning game advantage. Along with the masteries and runes, Jayce will have a large advantage early game.

[*] Doran's Blade
[*] Bezerker Greaves
[*] Blood Thirster
[*] Blood Thirster

From here you can choose either survivability or even more DPS. I primarily focus on taking advantage of Jayce's Skills to do damage while adding basic attacks for even more DPS.

[*] Phantom Dancer
[*] Infinity Edge
[*] Warmogs

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Pros / Cons


    High DPS
    High Mobility
    Versitile, fits many roles on a team
    Can be played as Jungler, Ranged Carry or Melee.

    Needs competent lane partner
    Often focused
    Popular in games

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To the Skies!
The first skill I take when I use Jayce, it gives him a decent slow and has moderate range. It's an amazing skill to initiate with and easily fits into a combo with his other skills. Other than using it to initiate with other champions it has an AOE which is great for farming. You can also use it to jump over walls to neutral monsters in the jungle. With some finesse you can combo his other skills to get Jayce to jump over a wall to escape pursuers. In Ranged Stance To The Skies! Becomes Shockblast which provides a long ranged poke, which can be furthered by comboing it with Acceleration Gate.
Lightning Field/Hyper Charge At level 3 I take 1 point in this skill and max it second. Lightning Field passively restores Jayce's mana per basic attack (6,8,10,12,14). This along with a vampiric Scepter gives Jayce amazing lane sustain. Then along with it's active which consistantly damages enemies as they're inside an area around Jayce, it's a very useful skill. In Ranged Form Lightning Field becomes Hyper Charge, which increases his attack speed. However begins with a damage reduction of 80% damage then increases to 130% at level 5.
Thundering Blow/Acceleration Gate I take this skill at level 2, it provides Jayce a knockback which deals a base damage along with a percentage of their health. It scales okay with physical damage, however the knock back is the important factor. Comboing this with To The Skies! Is an essential part of playing Jayce. In Ranged Stand Thundering Blow becomes Acceleration Gate. It increases movement speed of any ally champion that walks through it. However if a Shockblast is shot through the acceleration gate, the range increases dramatically and increases it damage by 40%.

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Skill Sequence

I start with Jayce's Q, allowing for an early kill attempt. Then take a point in the E, then W. Begin with maxing out the Q, then the W for higher mana sustain. Maxing out the W second along with a Blood Thirster gives Jayce a lot of lane sustain. Taking the R at normal levels, 6, 11, and 16.

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Summoner Spells

Even though Jayce has many skills to help him escape, I always take Flash for safety. Along with Teleport because being Jayce you will be a frightening force on the Fields of Justice. Teleporting to save a tower or help an ally is always appreciated on a team.

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To use Jayce effectively, you will need to use both his ranged and melee forms. I sometimes see new Jayce players, only use Ranged for they are afraid of getting in close; therefore making them an ineffective Jayce.

A simple combo is to begin with Hammer Form. Start with TO THE SKIES! Q them then use your W while in air. Then get behind them when they're slowed from your Q. Slam them backwards towards your side, and basic attack.... Sounds complicated.

Q --> W --> E --> then Basic attack. Once they begin escaping, switch to ranged form, Start with the W then Drop the E and fire the Q. Very basic combo.

Another combo is to lead with the Ranged E --> Q combo, W if you have time, then repeat the melee form combo.

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Common Mistakes and Fixes

Constantly when I see new Jayce players, they're stuck in ranged stance. Literally never EVERRRRRRRRR leaving ranged stance because they're to scared to go toe to toe. While in ranged stance Jayce loses his armor bonus, therefore making him an easy kill.

Being stuck in ranged stance The E the Q combo only goes to far, I think staying in ranged is a sign of weakness. So switch it up by entering melee stance)

Not harassing the enemies
(Like I've said many times before, the E then Q only goes so far. Entering Melee stance, using W, you have to be unpredictable playing Jayce)

Stuck using only the Acceleration Gate and Shock Blast combo (Veteran players will instantly begin strafing once they see the Acceleration Gate, meaning if you don't lead up to the E Q combo, you will have poor harassment.)

Jumping in the To The Skies, then instantly using Thundering Blow in fear of retaliation (Use Thundering Blow to knock your opponent to your lane partner, this is an instant kill if times correctly with your lane partner)

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Jayce is a high damage, high mobility champion, with a lot of lane sustain. He is only slightly confusing in the beginning until you understand his combinations. It is very easy to get a hang of Jayce, but to master using him to carry entire games will take time. Remember your primary goal is Jayce, is to deal tons of damage with Ranged Form. Then enter the battle with hammer form, then pick off any survivors with Ranged Form. Intimidation is your biggest weapon, because your job as a carry is to be a bully. You have to force your opponents to want to switch lanes because they can't handle the Immovable Carry.