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Jayce Build Guide by Aeif

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aeif

Jayce [Top] Bruiser + DPS

Aeif Last updated on July 12, 2012
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Jayce Build

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Who is Jayce?

Hey there. Welcome to my Jayce build. This will be my first build and it's a work in progress, so it may be a bit off. I'm also not the best player, so my choices may be questionable. If you could bear with me, I'd appreciate that.

So who is Jayce? Jayce is, in my build, a teamfight-oriented half-bruiser half-tanky DPS. He waits for a fight to start, jumps in, does -Phreak's voice- TONS OF DAMAGE, and walks out if he gets too focused. Then, when everyone thinks he can't contribute to the fight any longer, he jumps back in with ~200 HP and gets an assist or a kill before walking out still alive.

I've focused this build around top, but I guess you could use it for bot, though you'll more likely that not have trouble winning the lane. Never go mid.

With this set-up Jayce isn't nearly as tanky as he could be and more often than not if you initiate you'll find yourself in a sticky situation. But, if you can get someone else to go in, you'll be able to soak damage while knocking out and killing high priority targets.

Some of you may be thinking: Why not build him as an AD ranged/melee carry?

To be honest, Jayce's ranged potential isn't that great compared to other AD carries. He has no CC, for one, and his W, though powerful, isn't going to be enough against other AD ranged carries. His E+Q combo can add up to a lot of damage, but that's a combo gets used up almost immediately.

As a melee carry, Jayce will be fighting at the front lines. His abilities require him to stay close. Meaning, he's going to take a lot of damage. If he were like, say, a Tryndamere, who's able to heal up damage with lifesteal and a built in sustain, he would be extremely viable. But he's not.

Again, I'm not the best player, so maybe Jayce is a really good AD carry. But I don't see him maximizing his potential if he's built straight AD.

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I believe this is the set-up from the video.

I go 21/9, getting a point in the magpen because, well, why the hell not? It'll help a bit for early game fights and, frankly, all the other possibilities don't give much for one point. I don't really have much to say here.

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Skill Sequence

Jayce's abilities can be organized into 3 groups. His Qs are his initiators, his Ws are his burst/DPS, and his Es are escapes/escape-preventers.

I max W first because W will most likely be your strongest tool in the early-middle game. When you're in a fight against the other top, you pop your melee W to do extra damage over time, and then if they begin to run, you can switch to ranged, activate your ranged W, and burst them down.

Yes, yes, yes. I know that E does more damage. I don't care about more damage. I care about the AOE slow that racks up to 50%. WIth E maxed, you could ensure a 1v1 win. But with Q maxed, you will be able to enter a teamfight, slow everyone, and score an ace for your team.

Now, what's more important?

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Skill Usage

So I know a lot of you will be having trouble using Jayce just because of the massive amount of combos he can utilize. Honestly, though, he's quite easy to play. I can't really explain what to do in every given situation, but I can give a few tips.

+ You can get to your lane faster if you use Transform every time it pops up, and your ranged E.

+ Before the game starts, make sure to have ranged mode on. Q into the other bush to check it.

+ Always poke your enemies with ranged. Pop your ranged W and hit them once or twice to force them back, and punish them with your ranged E+Q if they still haven't moved.

+ Always use Transform back to melee in lane to help your farming. Even if you're at bot and the AD carry is there. Chances are, when they see you transforming into melee mode, they'll think you're going for the kill. They'll automatically move back. Instead, dart forward and last hit a minion with your hammer. This way you're going to be regaining mana off your melee passive W, which, believe it or not, HELPS. If you find yourself having plenty of mana in lane, you're not using Jayce properly.

+ When going for the kill, go in with your melee Q. (If you can transform to ranged mode and auto them once beforehand, great. If you can't, that's fine too.) Then immediately hit W and E them backwards. The slow will prevent most enemies from getting ahead of you, allowing you to force them backwards. Switch to ranged mode, pop W. Q them. Then, if they're still alive and getting away, throw down your ranged E. By that time, your Transform should be off cooldown, so Transform again and Q them. You win.

+ When you 1v1, halfway or two-thirds through the fight, if you think that the battle is going to be a close loss, flash so that you're positioned behind the enemy. They now have to re-target you. If you're in ranged mode when this happens, you'll be able to get some free hits with your W/Q/whatever, ensuring a kill (because you'll be able to transform back so you can Q+W+E).

+ In teamfights, make sure that you prioritize the carries and bursts. Your melee E and Q are invaluable against these people, and you'll want to help out as much as possible.

+ When being dived, melee E the first person you see into the wall next to your tower. That way, they'll have to decide whether to chase you or not. If you E them forward, they can easily run away, preventing you a kill. If you E them backwards, they'll decide to waste their abilities on you, and the enemy teammates (if they are there) will charge you. Always E them into the wall, because then they have to think about engaging.

+ As mentioned before, utilize your melee passive W. Free mana is great.

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Since I don't really have a complete rune set, I can't really recommend anything with certainty.

Personally, though, I use Seals of Resistance for extra armor, CDR reduction Glyphs, and Marks of Desolation (arpen) with a few Marks of Strength (attack).

Just find out what suits you.

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Core Items

I know some of you scrolled down here to laugh at my logic for some of my item choices. Stay with me here and let me justify these choices.

So, boots and three pots are standard, I believe. It gives Jayce mobility and some sustain. Not really much to say here. A Doran's Blade or a Doran's Shield -could- be used instead, but personally the boots will help with taking people down.

I get a Giant's Belt first for the health. Some people think that Phage is a better option because it provides half the health and a slow and some damage. I disagree.You get double the health that Phage provides, making you extremely tanky in lane and, therefore, extremely hard to be killed. You don't need more AD to do damage. As long as you have more health, you win.

At level two, you already have five abilities. As long as you're transforming to use that bonus Armor/Magic Resist from your Melee mode and the Armor/Magic Resist reduction from your ranged mode, you can ignore Phage until after Giant's Belt.

So, why rush a Frozen Mallet at all?

I find that the early health combined with a slow and some damage allows you to engage in fights without having to worry that you'll be bursted down. It prevents you from dying after a skirmish and it allows you to rack up kills very quickly.

We get Merc Treads because of the tenacity and magic resist. Jayce has some escape possibilities, but when it comes down to it, he's not going to be able to escape three or four champions if he's been hard CC'd for a few seconds, especially if he hasn't yet completed his Frozen Mallet. This tenacity will also help in the late game.

So then, why the Hexdrinker?

If at least one person on the enemy team has half a brain, there will be at least one magic-dealing champion you'll face off against. Not only that, but most AD champions also deal magic damage (in the form of an ultimate, usually) in order to prevent armor from negating all their AD. You will now be able to face off against any AD or AP champion with your health points and shield.

We get Warmogs because of the stacks. By this time, everyone's getting a lot of damage items, and you're going to find yourself getting lower and lower. Double the health means it's doubly hard to kill you. Again, you have more than double the average champ's number of abilities. Damage, for now, can be satisfied from the Hexdrinker and the Frozen Mallet.

Boots, Warmogs, Hexdrinker, and Frozen Mallet are your main core items. These four items are the items I believe you should get 75-95% of the time.

^ This is a recent game that I played using these core items.

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Situational Items

Added after I thought more about the Abyssal.


+ Guardian Angel is experimental for me and I have personally never used it on Jayce. But the revive and the free armor + magic resistance is very tempting. I think that if you add that to your Warmog's you are never going down.

+ For even more magic resistance, ability power, and primarily as a support item, you can get Abyssal Scepter. Getting Abyssal Scepter allows your AP burst to do even more damage without forcing them to use up an item slot. If they've gotten magic penetration, Abyssal Scepter will only **** them up even more. Additionally, your melee W scales at a 1.0 ability power ratio. Since you're going to be in melee mode to initiate and pick up kills, your W, which is AOE, will really **** up your victim. And the additional magic resistance prevents you from getting bursted down.

[Damage Output]

+ A Bloodthirster adds TONS OF DAMAGE to Jayce. When you get it you'll probably be the most prominent presence in a teamfight. Your BT allows sustain and AD at the same time. IE could be used instead but I think it's a waste of money as you're not looking to do criticals.

+ Wit's End drives the on-hit part of Jayce. I have not used this item yet but I will test it out. A Wit's End combined with a ranged W means 3 stacks in less than two seconds, and it lets your melee W do more damage, AND it gives bonus magic damage. It's a good alternative to Abyssal Scepter and probably the better choice.

+ You can only get a Maw of Malmortius from your Hexdrinker and it's a decent item. It brings a good amount of damage with magic resist.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust/Flash if you're not used to Jayce, Ignite/Flash if you are.

Always get Flash. It is an indispensable tool that allows you to ensure a kill or escape death.

I like Exhaust because, as tanky Jayce, it forces at least 2 (a burst/carry and an off-tank/tank) or even 3 people to have to gank you. With exhaust you have a slow from Q and a knockback from E, flash, and another slow. If one person tries to dive you, exhaust them. Then you can decide whether to fight or not. You'll be able to get away, though, because you can flash or use your Q+E. If two people dive you, you can exhaust one and melee E them into the wall, Qing the other one. You can now decide whether to flash away or not.

Ignite's even better because if anyone dives you, you're ensured a kill even if you die. Ignite will rack up your kills. And it's useful against anyone with sustain.

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Thanks for looking at my build. Please comment on any changes I should make. Voting would be nice, too.