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Jayce Build Guide by IAM2GODLY

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IAM2GODLY

Jayce top lane offtank

IAM2GODLY Last updated on July 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro to Jayce

Jayce is one of my favorite champions. I have always been waiting for a champion with the ability to switch between melee and ranged to come out so Jayce was a god send for me. Jayce is mainly physical damage dealer (his w and e in hammer form do magic damage). He is great for combos and if you practice with him you can do a tremendous amount of damage quickly from up close or a good distance. Also, he is highly mobile, as he can increase his speed every six second and his E in ranged form can accelerate Jayve significantly. My personal playstyle with him is to use my ranged burst to weaken an enemy in lane and then switch to the hammer form and finish them off.

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Runes and masteries

Basically I choose the runes for a simple reason, Jayce does great damage so my marks and quints help with the damage while the glyphs and seals let you stay in combat to deal more damage.

As for masteries I focus on dealing more damage because there's no point in being a top lane off tank if you cant do enough damage to make enemies want to attack you. You can probably go 21-9-0 instead of 21-0-9 if you want a little more tankyness but that is just personal preference.

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Skill set and summoner spells

First off I will explain why i choose flash and ignite. As stated before Jayce is highly mobile but he cannot move through walls and such and therefore a flash can be used as a great escape or can be used to get you close enough to combo someone. Also, Ignite is a great spell for him as it gives you added damage.

Skill leveling. First off I max Q to get alot of damage with my electroshock to farm the caster minions with a acceleration gate. I then max E in order to do more damage with the hammer part of the E because it can do a substantial amount of damage as it does a % of the enemies max hp. W is maxed last but I do take an early level in it to give some mana sustain in lane.

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First off I like to get dorans blade to help with last hits for ranged attacks in lane. I also get a sheen early because with having 7 abilities (or 8 depending on if you count the ult as 2 I count it as 1) the sheen can give you a substantial boost to damage that is comparable to high end items that are very expensive. I then get merc's treads to give the cc reduction, move speed and magic damage mitigation. Finishing the tri-force at this point is great because it gives you hp more damage then the sheen and added movespeed to the already highly mobile Jayce. To further increase Jayce's damage I get a bloodthrister to give a lot of attack damage and sustain which he lacks naturally. I then get a Warmogs to give a lot of Hp which keeps you in the fight and this is where you start the tanky part of the build. Now you can see I have 6 items but there are really a 8 the last two items can be switched with other items because if you are skilled and want to win you dont have a set build each game. You need to decide what damage the enemy team is dealing and get the items that mitigate it. If they are doing alot of physical damage I go with Atma's and Guardian angel. If they deal a super ridiculous amount then I go with thornmail and Guardians. If magic damage is your main problem then I go either GA with an atmas for some damage, or GA and Banshees if the Magic damage is really ridiculously high. I suggest trying to get a GA everytime becasue it is so useful for when enemies burst you down with their ults to kill you but then you just revive and be like WASTE THOSE ULTS ON ME *****! (Excuse my vulgar language but I enjoy when enemy team use all their ults on me and I revive and my team wins the teamfight)

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How I play him

Look you can play a champ any way you like but I'm just going to say how I use Jayce in top lane so you can try my style out, use your own, or let my style have an influence on your own style. So basically I limit contact until level 4 with the enemy champion and most of my farming is in the ranged form and when the damage combination of my Q and E are high enough I will just kill the caster minions with it for easy farm. After you have the triforce you become a menace in lane and as a ganker. I suggest letting your turret and the enemy turret stay up till about 20 mins for good farming. When I want to engage a champion I start off in ranged mode and make sure my ult is fully cool down so i can burst and immediately transform. I begin with an acceleration gate electroshock combo then get in close do a three shot combo with W then transform in the hammer and use Q W get a few hits in and if I can kill him I will use E or and use my ignite if I am not sure. Now If I stay in the fight for an extended time and they try to escape but I can no longer use my hammer effectively then I switch back into my ranged mode and get my final hits on the enemy champion. (Will add team fighting play style soon)

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First guide I ever made!

Please comment on my guide. I'd like suggestions on changes to the build and things to improve future guides. Also I made it late at night because I'm kinda bored. lol Btw I will hopefully be adding pictures and pros/cons and teamfighting tips soon, I just need a bit of time and learn how to use this program.