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Humor Guide by KRexonaut

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KRexonaut

Jenga is fun

KRexonaut Last updated on November 18, 2014
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How tu pla Jenga

Hello this is my dank guide to playing Lee Sin the blind OG.
Lee Sin is a relatively easy OG with very little skeel involvved in pla.
You do basic moves that look cool and peepl r lik "WOAH UR COOL"

Some of teh kewl gi things you can du as Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sin is the dank QRQEFLASH
It looks cool
and is pointless
But it looks cool tho

As l33 jenga you counter sadimir
Sadimir is just sad and when he c u be blnd he gets mr sad
R sadimir and he will comt suiside this is easy way to beat sadimir
"My trs will run rd"-Sadimir after leeshinga kick
The only ting you must w4tch out 4 as Jenga Block is Lee bloon
Lee bloon is halp sadimir and she kill u ded
You cannt r lee bloon
She is

*** is good champ except for the fact tht shi has 0 cc
She is ez to git up in hur fac and kik her cold bubs of hur chesttttt
Jenga Block Party Edition is good skin against *** bcus u be hot lik da sunnnn #420drinkdatcocoknut

Tim 2 chalk about Teh thrsh princee of Valoran
Teh thrsh princ will hurt you up good especially if he build liandrys
To counter thrsh u ned to bi lots of dank green weed for visionn on him
"Vishun wins gams"-Dublift and Dierush

I recomund 0/0/31 masterrries for a lot of dank vishun
If u go ultitly u also du big dmgg

n00dz r00ns:
for ur n00dz git gold per minut everyting
moAr guld=moar *****ezzzzz=moar life
git wards bith

RThis si mi gide to Jenga Partty Family if u has qustiuns fr me send them tu


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