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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Goldenstinger

Jungle JG (Preseason) | How I became the #1 Fiddlesticks World

Jungle JG (Preseason) | How I became the #1 Fiddlesticks World

Updated on November 18, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Goldenstinger Build Guide By Goldenstinger 521 23 727,996 Views 28 Comments
521 23 727,996 Views 28 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Goldenstinger Fiddlesticks Build Guide By Goldenstinger Updated on November 18, 2022
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Runes: New players

1 2
First Strike
Perfect Timing
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Standard Jungle
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

JG (Preseason) | How I became the #1 Fiddlesticks World

By Goldenstinger
Blue Side
Red Side

Credit to Teddysticks for the videos ( He is a chall kr Fiddle main. This is the route I recommend you follow (we start buffs now).

!! Practice in practice tool before doing this, the clear is much easier than s12 clear now as not as much initial juggling between wolves and blue.
Season 12
Why this Guide?
The objective of this guide is to not only help you learn how to master Fiddle Jungle or dominate more, but also to help improve your mindset and provide a framework to better objectively understand the game(Macro, vision, awareness etc). Once you have the right attitude and solid game knowledge foundation, climbing will never be an issue to you.

This is a great video from a member of the community that I found scouring reddit that touches on what a growth mindset is:

I highly recommend watching this as the value it provides is 50% of what's required to win more games whatever elo you are (Chall or Plat e.g. below)

If you learn something from this guide please give it a thumbs up (Green button up the top no login required)! I will continue to provide updates every patch (it doesn't require a login)

Summary for success (for experienced Fiddlesticks players) ->

1. If you use your stop watch early, pivot into zhonyas instead of finishing rocketbelt. Survivability is key to more consistent wins.

2. Before you farm, stop, think and assess lane states. You should be asking, is the enemy in a gankable / pushed past the half way point in the lane or is my laner pushed up (prepare for counter gank).

3. When loading into champ select have a think about your win condition and how gankable lanes are. if you have a leo trist for example and a tank top, start on your top side and clear towards the lane you are wanting to play for first.

3. Practice your clear - should be getting 3mins 15 and under consistently. Get in practice tool if not and check the clear section of this guide for video tutorials on both sides of the map.

4. Get control wards and use them liberally for objective control.

5. Switch to Predator when you played 50 games, it helps fiddles weakness of repositioning

6. Dont be afraid of a lvl 3 gank (approx 20% of the time there is a chance for a lvl 3 gank, prioritise this above the full clear if you are sure its a kill (This will come with experience)

7. For high elo d2+ (but lower elo good to be aware of too), put yourself in the mind of the jg you are versing and ping their pathway and warn the laner. For example if its a j4 or lee its likely they will lvl 3 gank. Think about what they want to do and communicate this to your team, this is how you grow your awareness and attention and improve the most at the game.

If you really want to climb reach out via discord Golden#3320 to discuss coaching
Why Fiddle Jungle?
Fiddle with new items is just too good right now so abuse him while you can before ACTUAL potential nerfs. He is currently sitting on 52%+ Win rate with a 4% play rate. He is Darkhorse powerhouse pick for that free LP.

He is also super fun pick when you learn how to pilot him you can 1v9 easy... Who doesn't like the feeling of a sick Ult or Quad/Penta. The benefit of playing fiddlesticks is that he is rarely picked or banned. He has the lowest play rate of A tier and above jungles with 52%+ win rate. If you pilot him well and adopt/execute on what this guide goes over you will see yourself climb with ease.

If you would like a personal coaching session contact me on discord at Golden#3320.
Who Am I?
I'm a Fiddlesticks main playing in OCE

I enjoy solving problems and figuring out the best way to get things done. I am an avid learner and am eager to help others as I have found it's the best way to engrain what you learn.

I've hit Chall with both Fiddle support and jungle in season 8/9 and GM season 10/11.

I was asked to play support for an Academy team here in OCE during season 8 but unfortunately was prohibited from playing for 12 weeks due to negative behaviour (which was after the seasons end unfortunately - and insert OCE/bans meme here).

Since then I have looked to better myself and always take responsibility & accountability for my actions. I strive to be more objective and identify what I can improve rather than highlight and call out the faults of others.

This is an ever growing mindset that I continue to adapt and evolve in and out of the game. I am a firm believer that having a good mentality is everything and touch on this throughout the guide for those who are interested.

If you are keen to learn more about me or have any questions feel free to drop this guide a comment or visit over at
Why Predator?
It makes his early game ganks viable - @Teddysticks KR chall 900LP fiddle one trick created this rune path.

Up until late season 10 I was a Dark Harvest user and was apprehensive on changing to Predator - even the first few games felt off as it seemed I was lacking damage somewhat. This was just the teething period. With this rune setup and a change in agency I guarantee you will be MVP 70% + of your games and be winning a substantial amount more games.

Here is Teddysticks story and elaborates more on why predator is too good.

Credit to @HappyChimeNoises
How to Play when all lanes are losing
I think this is an issue all of us Fiddle mains have gone through. The answer is probably not one you are looking for; each game is different and has different win conditions so there is no clear answer. As long as you are consistent with playing around vision control, farming and prioritising effectively, playing with agency and leading your team you can carry most games.

(In the short term, depending on demand)I would be happy to review a vod and provide some personalised feedback on a game that you think you did well in but couldn't carry.

This topic is more nuanced and will require more examples as each game is radically different with so many variables. I will be making a video on this topic in the near future to provide in field examples of decision making prioritisation.
Where to ward?

Ward deep if you can safely - the illustration above shows all the spots. Don't be afraid to move vision line - as a fiddle you should have one control ward out on the map and 2 in inventory at all times. Shift them as you gain control of objectives or you need to check if a spot is warded before ulting.
Is Fiddle actually strong?
I believe he is very strong in the right hands. In order to be a master of Fiddle you need to have a very deep understanding of the game. This requires practice and resilience in sticking to him, if you find his playstyle interesting and engaging then stick with him - he is worth it. Also, I am happy to help so feel free to ask any questions on how I have success with him if anything is missing in this guide.
Why RocketBelt as Primary Mythic?
This choice comes down to preference. I prefer the heavier AP and utility route (Rocketbelt) as it provides a more efficient build path and better raw stats. The items active dash helps to dampen one of fiddles weakest points in his movement speed.

Rocketbelt is risk adverse and opens up more play options than Liandries (which is good situationally against tank heavy team comps) and Night Harvester. For example, you need the stars to align for a good ulti or have flash up to reposition. With RB the enemy can be just out of range and you can easily close the distance netting kills that would otherwise not have been available to you. Its kind of a pseudo flash every 30ish secs. The higher rank you get, the smarter people are so the ms allows for ult results that you couldn't get on another item. Also the health is underrated.

The active took me a while to get used to - especially as Zhonyas and Predator are also core actives but over time you will get used to this.
Fiddle Combos
Combo 1 | Fiddlesticks full damage dealing combo
Combo 2 | Fiddlesticks W + Flash (fearing)
Combo 3 | Fiddlesticks W + Flash (fearing) 2
Top 10 Tips - Piece of Sheet for begginers
Really good video for Beginners
Mood Impact & Ranked
This is a subjective callout that I've found in myself from playing thousands of games. League seasons are a marathon, not a sprint. If you don't feel like playing, are not in a motivated mood, are sick, tired or whatever else.. Don't play ranked if you are looking to climb. Or play ranked on a smurf/flex as an alternative. This cannot be highlighted enough. Fatigue and burnout is very real, try to find the right balance for you and play ranked when you are feeling hot. We have the luxury of time so use it effectively to maximise LP and ranked gains.
Is coaching worth it?
I absolutely 100% recommend coaching - it's a difficult task to understand what you can objectively be doing better. How are you supposed to know what you don't know and then figure out a way to implement it?

League has so many variables. I have been coached and found so many good insights into what I was doing ineffectively and the minor enhancements that could be implemented. Don't be ashamed to get coaching - there are coaches out there who can help you for free and are a great start resource for improving. Instead of mindlessly grinding use your growth mindset and seek out objective feedback from those in higher skill brackets than you.

I am also happy to help with free advice and vod reviews (limited time based on demand) on my twitch channel
Reviewing Pro Vods
I suggest watching videos of the other ELOs above you; not just the highest. Depending on your skill and ELO, you might see what a Challenger player is doing, but you might not know why.

There was this video of a Master player in bot lane with a Diamond player and he was coaching him along the way. That video stood out to me because of how great this Master ADCs awareness was. He was actively pinging, actively commanding the Support he was laning with, explaning what he was doing for the audience, all while watching the map and communicating with his team. It was nuts. I had no idea Master players track so many things. Conversely, when I watch Platinum players, they can make some great moves AND I understand a lot more of what they're doing. Sometimes too much information obscures your view from the most important things.
How to command your team?
Best post on this has already been done - I wont be able to be clearer so sourced author and source below:


Author: Jeff Prasad
When & how to dodge?
If you want to climb seriously then look to incorporate dodges into games that are unwinnable.

The first thing I do when I get into champ select is copy all of my team mates names and paste into ( - this is time stamped incase you haven't done this before - check out this video for how to)

If your team has more than 3AP champs (including you) or more than 2 Autofill's.. I would dodge. As a fiddle you need a good support so if your support is auto filled and you don't see any recent support games or a good win rate on a support on opgg I would also recommend dodging.

Dodging is cycled through a 24 hour windows so you can dodge once per day with limited penalty. Most importantly your mmr will stay in tact which is that variable that influences how much LP you gain and lose.

1st Dodge = 6 minutes & -3 LP

2nd Dodge = 30 minutes & -10 LP

3rd Dodge = 30 minutes & -10 LP

Look to prioritise games that have good comps to reduce your risk of a loss wherever possible.
Where can I ult from
There are so many different spots that work - prioritise getting in a good unwarded position if you can to use ult more effectively. Even if this takes more time!

This video here explains all the different spots and is still relevant.
I am keeping an eye out on Fiddle mains across the servers for what's working well for season 12. I will update this guide accordingly once I try different options. If you see having success with a Rune setup/build let me know and I can test it out.

Also ill be doing vod reviews for free on my twitch channel so come and learn with me if that interests you. Thanks for taking the time to read my guide and learn a bit about me. Hope you have an awesome season 12 and please let me know of your successes in the comments - I love to see them :)
Credits to a few people who helped provide reference content. I have reached out to them for their approval.
@SawyerNelson -
@Teddysticks -
@pieceOfSheet -

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