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Twitch Build Guide by JJStan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JJStan

JJStan's Twitch... WHERE'D HE COME FROM?!?

JJStan Last updated on October 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first ever build,so please don't hate without reason. This is my Twitch build. It is a great last hit, DPS build for twitch as long as you are able to stealth correctly with him. NEVER initiate with this build unless you are positive you will get the kill, due to it being so squishy. I would like to point out that this build does work great for all game modes. Please read the Dominion play section for specific advice on that particular game mode.

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Dominion Play..

This build works just as well during a Dominion match as in a 5v5 match or a 3v3 match. The difference being that instead of getting regens, you might wish to invest in a lifesteal item earlier than before. This being due to the fast paced nature of the game, you do not really have the time to sit back and wait for your health to come back. However, you may run out of mana if you do go for lifesteal so it is totally a matter of personal opinion. If you do go lifesteal i suggest stark's fervor. Some items within this build aren't even available for Dominion!! Starter item should be the brutalizer. THEN you can go for boots, and/or regens from there. Trust me, the added penetration makes you do near pure damage right off the bat. I would also suggest getting a zeal early game, and then later turning it into a phantom dancer. In Dominion you can never have too much movement speed!

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with runes, i generally just go for attack speed and penetration runes. Get a lot of those and you're golden.

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seeing as i am only level 22, I cannot provide a full, used mastery build. if you go all offensive builds, you should be fine. The armor penetration from going offense is UNBELIEVABLE. It helps sooo much mid to late game it is unreal. You will notice the difference instantly.

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late game swap out my regen items for life steal items for increased survivability. Also, if u want sell the boots of mobility for your phantom dancer for better attack. Black cleaver and infinity edge are a must have. They are your entire offense. They are so effective especially with the attack speed twitch has, you will be mowing down champion's in no time. If you need to get away from fights faster, get boots of swiftness instead of mobility. It will take longer to switch lanes, bu can save your life with the extra movement speed in a fight.

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With this character, there is no particular need for it. Twitch is stealth!! You want as much attack as possible and you just have to be smart. That's it. USE YOUR BRAIN PEOPLE and you'll be fine. Or, just by some lifesteal. U will attack fast and hard enough to be wrecking **** late game and that will give u some survivability you didn't have before! I recommend Stark's Fervor

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Unique Skills

This build is FANTASTIC for mid. You will be exceptional at early game ganks due to ambush. Being the carry of the team, you will get your items faster than everybody else and be able to kill just about everyone by the time you get your regen items. YOU WILL HAVE 2.5 ATTACK SPEED, WHICH BASICALLY MEANS INSTANT BLACK CLEAVER STACK ALONG WITH NEAR INSTANT FULL DAMAGE EXPUNGE Enough said.

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So. with twitch, focusing on laning is a big no no. You want to get all your money off of hero kills with the exception of early game. However, once you get your ult, use that to wipe out masses and entire waves of minions and you'll be raking in the g's.

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Skill Sequence

With the skills, i don't necessarily like twitch's ulti. It really just annoys me that he doesn't have something more useful for his skill set. It is entirely situational. However if you feel the need, get the ulti sooner if you find yourself being out ranged a lot. Also, if you need to get debilitating poison sooner in order to prevent enemy's from getting away quite so easily.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and ignite are, as always, the best choices for this hero. Ignite reduces life steal so if you find yourself up against a fiddlesticks for example, BYE BYE. However, ghost may be more worth it than flash because it is less situational.

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Team Work

With Twitch, you want to avoid the team fight as much as possible. Support your team by using debilitating poison from far away, and then taking out the stragglers from after a team fight, this is how you will be most effective and the other team will be too buys running or recalling to even notice you're there until they're dead. Make sure that your teammates focus whoever has the brain to buy an Oracle's Elixir. You are 500 times more effective when they have no detection.

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Pros / Cons

This build has an insane amount of DPS
Great armor Penetration
Fantastic attack speed, which means expunge can be used much sooner than with other builds
Little to no survivability
****ed when stunned.

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ALWAYS go mid with this build. It was designed specifically to to be a mid build and my items do not go well early game with top or bottom. This build was designed for harassment and ganking, and that is what should be don't with this. Pushing a lane is really a big no no with this build until you have your black cleaver and ult.

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This is a strictly gank and run build. Pick off people running from team fights or attack the ranged units in the back and then run. This build works for 5 v 5 AND 3 v 3 matches exceptionally well. This is a great performance build during all times in the game, however, early game this is especially squishy and easily brought down so BE CAREFUL.

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