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Shaco Build Guide by jok3r024

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jok3r024

jok3r's shaco:The Jokes on you !

jok3r024 Last updated on November 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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hey there guys the names's jok3r and this is my 1st official guide ,so hope u dont critic too hard >.<

Im pretty much going to explain&show hands on how I use shaco strength and weakness to my advatages.In my opinion he is by far one of the best champs in the game because of his sneaky manuvers and so on.What makes shaco well...SHACO is his deceive+boxes so use them constantly and in good times liek im goign to show u in this guide.If all foes good I bet u will be pwning ppl with all these mindgames im goign to show u here so lets get started @.@

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-is such a flexible champ to use
-can be anywhere in the map in just a couple of seconds
-gives u lots of lol funny moments
-very dominant 1vs1 champ (if Leveled & given the right items)
-good trickster
-team player
-awsome baiter

-a very hard champ to use right
-squishy champ if not used right
-easily countered(oracles)
-mana dependent

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(<Q>)This skill is shacos core skill that makes him the famous clown we all love :D. Not only but his chase, bait, escape,etc ability in which can be used in so many different situations. This ability gives shaco mobility over mostly the whole map, and you can jump just about over any walls. His ability "Deceive" can be used for chasing after constant fleeing enemies and dealing crucial damage to a single target. "Deceive" makes your next attack have 100% crit, and therefore its best to attack the enemy from the back ;D lol and to get the 25% increased damage from shaco's passive.
Although its such a good ability I get deceive at level 2 for 1 reasons:at lvl 1 shaco's abit weak to be fighting so I get his W ability,which is his jack-in-a box, and farm in the side jungle.

this is just to show u were shaco can decieve over walls:

Jack-in-the box *JIB*
(<W>)this is shaco's natural way to disables enemies just cause of it's fear.This is the most used skill all shaco players *especiall ap shaco players* should use for EVERYTHING they do.when laning I always place a box a couple of steps behind me just in case somthing should happen for example a gank or some champ in the lane decide to target you.You can also use this skill for some map awarenes instead of buying wards,which means you can save yourself some money.Some shaco players chose to stack them up in one place because we should knwo by now what happens when you get hit with 4,5,or maybe 6 boxes....INSTANT DEATH or really low hp.Remember the bush is shaco's best friend <3

two-shiv poison
(<E>)Slows down and posion the champion.Pretty much It also gives the enemy a chance to miss his autoattacks, which is pretty awesome in 1v1 fights when their running,it gives you a chance to catch up.I use this ability more as a finisher move,but it can be used as many times as you can.Ap shaco users are really deadly with this skill because of the great damage if powered up right O.o.

<(R)> Such a beast as ultimate simply because you can use this in several ways.Not only do you confuse your opponent on which oneis the real one (unless you got a buff) ,but its like 2vs1 situations were you rip the other champ off xD.You can easily kill or tank the turret wil lyour clone.Also use in baiting your opponent and let you clone take all your hits.For example in cait's ult your clone can tank it for you if ur really low.So many ways that you got to see which is the best use at that certain time.

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masteries& summoner spells& runes

Ok so for my masteries I go 21/9/0 and before you go on and say "wtf is this noob thinking"let me ask you,woudl u rather survive more and be able to gank at the full potential as shaco or be type weak and get get better situated with mana -.-.Well this is my guide and im lettign you know that with this masteries I won constant games.Im close to my 1000 wins and i have been using shaco since the start even wen they nerfed him.

for 3vs3 my items I get are & just cause i get 1st BLOOD like 80% of the time garenteed >;].also helps rape in 1vs1 fights or mutiple champs (rmber to aim for the right champs).A slow,a on going little burst which reduces healing,and your instant build in flash=lane won everytime.

5vs5 I mostly go jungle always.I use & Ill explain all my patterns and routes etc later on this guide

okokokkkok so i go the same rune page for 3vs3 & 5vs5 simply because shaco is all about this speed and how fast he takes down his opponent thats why i boosted his attack speed and armor pen.Since knowing shacos really mana dependent ealry game i gave him mana reg. so i can stay in lane longer n use my abilities as much as needed.

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Ok so i mostly jungle in 5vs5 but in twisted treeline,i like to stack boxes like in my video i made showing you how I level up to lvl 2 before everyone and therefore having a head start on my opponent.You can do this anywhere in 3vs3 ,but i just like doing it in the side jungle.In Summoner's rift,I liek to start at blue buff simply because shaco is magic depedent.having unlimited magic usuage heles him gank so much in the beginning,its not even funny.I know most shaco players advice you to start at red,but how can they gan kwithotu any mana??so as soon as you get blue and your wollves fast,gank mid right away but leave a box near your wraiths so when you come back form your gank you can smite the big one and kill the little one easily without taking damage.then proceed to gank at bot ,before that palce a box near golems so once again when you come back form your gank,you will be ready to kill your golems.

when I jungle in 5vs5 I start with ,2x & 1 .I try to rush into my golems before the 1st 30 seconds and place a JIB in the golem space.After my 2nd JIB is palce ,the 3rd one should go in the wolves section (dont put it to close to the wolves since it willl activate n hit them).4th back to golem, and if you got time then put one back to the wolves since it will help you out even more.Once 1:55 comes then hide in the bush for 2 sec for your box to hit the golmes and smite the blue golem n JIB right away.once done go to your wolves and hit the big wolve and drag them to your boxes and JIB behind them.AS you finsih all that go gank mid right away ,leaving a JIB close to the wraiths.

*VEry important things all junglers should know is when golem appears,Dragon,baron etc.always keep track when you kill each one so you can prepare yourself when they respawn.

respawns every 7 min
900 exp

Dragon-2:30 spawns
respawns every 6 min
900 xp

respawns every 5 min
280 exp

respawns every 1:40

respanws every 1:40
900 exp

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Core items

& I tend to rush this right away, but it all depends on the champs you are facing for example if they have lots of stuns and slows i recomend you to get .Once again build into the right gear so you can survive and kill longer


Since I get focused alot I get my but if you are faces with a team with alot of hard stuns liek annie,sion etc, get your trusty or maybe if its a heavy ap team

Crit shaco

Instead ofand , get &

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Feel free to improvise your best way on using shaco because to be honest theirs jsut so many ways to build him,I jsut happen to fancy building him this way sinceit worked for me constantly....If you ever want to play with me to see my shaco in action just hit me up ;]