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Sion Build Guide by Meshuggah

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meshuggah

JUGGER SION (Build based on Glory in Death)

Meshuggah Last updated on August 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there community...this is my first attempt on creating a champion guide so i will try to keep it short,clear and understandable.
I play LoL since Riven Patch (if i remember correctly September 2011) and i enjoy the game pretty much so far in non ranked games.I have an experience of over 1500 games and i can guarantee you that this guide will give you TONS OF FUN! (this is what it matter most.. right?)

Please feel free to make any comments and suggestions in a kind and futile manner :)

Enjoy my new toy...JUGGER SION...a build based on his passive Glory in Death


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The NUmbers

What are the numbers of the Jugger Sion?

High AD (over 320 when in Sterak's Fury)

TITANIC HEALTH (around 5500-6000 health if the game goes late game1!!!!!!!!!!)

High Movement Speed Kitting (you can outrun even mobile champions! With over 460 movement speed while they are at 400 and a perma slow of 40% from the Mallet and the Ghost spell and you can kite like forever with auto attacks.(when in Glory in Death mode Death Surge gives an extra 50% movement burst on top of your high mobility!)

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This is the basic chapter where i will explain the role and the plays of the Jugger Sion.
SO,the latest patch 5,16 brought us 3 new veryyyyyy coooollllll items!!! Items designed for the juggernaut type champions like Darius,Garen,Skarner,Mordekaider...adn OFC SION!!! he is THE UNDEAD JUGGERNAUT after all!!!

So the three new items are: Dead Man's Plate (i think this item was designed exclusively for Sion),Titanic Hydra and Sterak's Cage.
If you combine them all together they will give give SUPER health, AD boost , movement speed and cool actives and passives that enhances auto attacks with extra damage and slow...ohh and ofc ONE MORE EXTRA SHIELD of your 30% of your max health!

The basic concept which i enjoy so much when playing Jugger Sion is based on the Glory in Death Passive.You can finish easily any enemy champions who survived from a teamfight and trying to flee back.Or you can destroy a half broken turret while your team dives the enemy team...the applications of Sion's passive are so many if you are on the right spot!
Always try to enter teamfights from behind and let others to initiate while you are charging from far away casting Ghost,W and R! Your basic play is to catch the enemy team off guard and hit as many as you can with your ulti...then cast Q for a second stun and explode your shield.DO NOT LEAVE...DO NOT RUN BACK...DO NOT FLEE...AT ANY COSTS! stay on the battle and DO AS MANY DMG AS YOU CAN! stay as close as you can to the enemy team!

The real fun is then you are dead! The right spot to die is exactly in the midst of the fray because when you will go on passive mode you will have some enemy victims near you...just cast Death Surge get your movement burst and all you need is just 1 hit! really! 1 hit and see the kitting damage decimating any on your path!!! The super health gives extra valuable time to kite and kill or double and triple kill any half health champions even under turrets! DO NOT FORGET TO CAST the Titanic Hydra active because it will give you around 700 extra damage on hit!!!!!! the Black Cleaver will hit harder with any subsequent hit and will give you some extra movement on hit/kill while the Frozen Mallet will slow for 40% and Dead Man's Plate will enhance your movement speed too while your are kitting.The slow resistance from boots its valuable other words...THEY WHO YOU HIT THEY ARE DOOMED! Even if you wont get the kill it will be assured that your team will execute any almost dead champions from your hits.

Its crucial also to learn to pick your victims while in passive not chase any champion with a good stun/root/fear like Xerath Annie,Swain,Ryze,Morgana,Lux,Leona,Braum,Fiddle,Nocturne and so on..
or do not try to chase any champion with leaps/blinks/dashes or movement speed buffs like Khazix,Zed,Kassadin,Ezreal,Shaco,Ekko,Evellyn,Hecarim,Blitzcrank,Teemo and so on...
The right victims to chase are champions who either have no hard cc to stop you or champions with no movement bursts like Morderkaiser,Olaf,Rengar,Talon,Darius,Vladimir,Urgot,VelKoz and so on...or ANY half dead champion no matter who he is! if you hit one auto attack almost any half dead champion mobile or not will eventually die after a couple of hits in panic and terror! XD

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Either you play Normal games,Team Builder games,Ranked games you should propose to your team for some picks like healer support picks which they benefit so much the Jugger Sion while in Glory in Death mode...the heals will give a couple of secs and this means extra massive hits which can give you multi kills...break turrets or Dragon/Baron steals.

Try to stay close in teamfights because your presence can win teamfights and win games :)

I hope you will enjoy playing the Jugger Sion as i and dont forget to make comments and suggestions :)

See you at the Battlefields...Feel no Fear!