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Tristana Build Guide by Siegels

Jump, kill, jump

Jump, kill, jump

Updated on March 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Siegels Build Guide By Siegels 4,583 Views 0 Comments
4,583 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Siegels Tristana Build Guide By Siegels Updated on March 22, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



To begin, please excuse me my English. I'm French and even though I have many times written and read English, there may be some errors. Moreover, I find the words I do not know with Google =P

I made this guide (my first) starting from my habits and different builds I have seen and tested.

It will be a AD Tristana which will focus on critical hits.
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Pros / Cons

  • High DPS
  • High Speed
  • Can escape easily
  • Very good farmer
  • Bump ennemies with Buster Shot

  • Squishy
  • Out of mana quickly on early game and in teamfights
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What do you need ?

This is an introduction for next chapters about runes, masteries and Items.

Tristana is awesome with Rapid Fire. With this skill you do not need any extra attack speed after Phantom Dancer.

Now, what do you need ? Critical chance and critical damage.
Then we will take extra critical damages and armor penetration with Runes, our masteries will be offensive (with a 4% attack speed bonus).

Our items will give Critical strike Chance, Damage (extra critical damage with Infinity Edge) and some movement/attack speed ( Phantom Dancer & Berserker's Greaves).
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As stated in the introduction, we will build on the critical strike damage. This damage will be increased through the following glyphs and seals :

Greater Glyph of Critical Damagex9
Greater Seal of Critical Damagex9

Tristana is a AD carry, then:
greater mark of desolationx9
Greater quintessence of desolationx3

She doesn't need more attack speed.
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Summoner Spells

In my opinion, these two Summoner spells the best:

It will give you survivability, and another way to engage/catch enemies.

Enemies cannot flee. Tristana has a VERY high DPS. Exhaust ennemies will give you more time to kill them. In addition, il can save your life by reducing their damage and speed.
With masteries, Summoner's Wrath will help you and your team to do more damage.

Other spells can be used:
Could replace Flash but I think you do not need movement speed while you can snare ennemies. Moreover, it is easier to flee and engage with Flash.

Could replace Exhaust, but does not give you any survivability. Attack damage + Exhaust's snare is better, i think.
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As I said in Summoner Spells Chapter, Summoner's Wrath is a must-have if you take Exhaust.

Otherwise, utility masteries will give you experience bonus, and offensive masteries will give you attack speed, damage and cooldown reduction.

Butcher could be taken. Tristana is a very good Farmer and she MUST farm, farm & farm on early. It works great with with Explosive Shot. With that, properly last-hit minions and you have your B.F. Sword and Infinity Edge quickly.
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On some ranged ad carry, you could see Phantom Dancer bought before Infinity Edge. For Tristana, you should NOT.

Remember that tristana has Rapid Fire and get her damage from critical strikes.

This is why you should start by an Infinity Edge, and only then take a Phantom Dancer.

Tristana is Squishy, this is why i think Quicksilver Sash is a must-have. It will give you magic resist and the active ability will remove ALL negative spells (Debuffs & DoT, even Exhaust).

Your ennemies will probably take more armor. Even if they don't, you should still buy Last Whisper. It will give you more armor penetration and damage.

Finally, sell your Doran's Blade to buy Bloodthirster. More damage, more lifesteal. What else ?
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Skill Sequence

From level 1 to 5:
We want to farm, and we'll do that with Explosive Shot.
Rocket Jump will help you to get kills or flee.
Rapid Fire Will speed-up your farm & kills.

From level 7 to 10
We will ONLY take Rapid Fire. Remember: This is your primary damage skill.

From level 12 to 15
We will only take Rocket Jump, it will increase his damage.

At level 17 & level 18
Finish your Explosive Shot.
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How to play with this build ?

Your items will give you damage and critical chance.
Your Runes will give you armor pen, and extra critical strike damage.
Your spells MUST give you attack speed.

Dont forget that your Rocket Jump resets when you get kill/assist. Use it, abuse of it. It could also save your life. Remember you can jump over walls (Even Jarvan's Cataclysm and Anivia's Crystallize).

Don't forget to use your Quicksilver Sash.

On early game, don't forget that minions you kill will explode and probably kill other minions. Remember of that and kill them properly.

Buster Shot is a very usefull ultimate.
You can use it in different ways:
  • Flash or Rocket Jump behind your enemy and bump him with Buster Shot. If you succeed, he is under your tower or with your team and you can kill him easily.
  • Bump your enemies: Aim for the enemy at the center and all will be ejected. It could save a teammate, or you.
  • It could also be mixed: bump several enemies under your tower.
Use it for damage only at start. After you'll do more damage with your auto-attacks.
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Now ... all comments are welcome

If you have any constructive comments to make, ideas, reviews ... Do not hesitate.

It is a quick guide, I'm really gone to the point.

If comments raise some details to change, I will. It is also the interest of creating guides.
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