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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cole19

Jungle Akali Build

Cole19 Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Chapter 1

I've played many games with Akali in the Jungle and have it almost down to a science. First i would like to say that the build I posted is very flexable and in most cases will not be the build posted.

with these runes/masteries you will be able to start with both passives if u get a dorans blade. So do that.

What is the point in having both passives? Simple, you start out with bonus damage and life steal. This increases the speed that you jungle and reduces the number of times you need to go back.

The reason I chose the skill order I did is because it helps a great deal in the jungle and allows you to gank sooner. Your Mark of the Assassin is the hardest hitting ability Akali has. When ganking early game i try to toss the Mark on an opponent and get a melee off before using any of my Shadow Dances. This allows me to use them in order to catch the now running enemy. Late game I start out with Shadow Dance because other enemies hit very hard late game and I don't want to give them a chance for snare or nuke. Also use your shroud to cover yourself and slow your enemy. One last tip is to try to fight people in lanes. In many cases you can youse enemy minions to escape if you are in a bad situation.

Start with the blade and 1 health pot. I always start at double golems to prevent the gank on red or blue.

you should always get an auto attack in before you use your "Q" ability. I have found that this allows you to kill them faster and reduce the damage you take in the jungle. It is also worth noting that you should time your melee attacks with your abilities. Sometimes it is worth waiting the 1/2 second before useing an abilitiy so the auto attack isn't wasted.

Also as with any mob position yourself so you can start damage on one of the pack while the rest run to you. This might not save you much damage, but over time it all adds up. The worst thing you can do as a jungler is make additional trips back to the start area.

Melee the first golem and then use your "q" and smite at the same time...the first golem should die and you will be at full health. kill the 2nd golem and move to the ghosts. Use your health pot here. Melee the blue ghosts and then use ur Q and E abilities on them. after 2 more melee attacks the blue one should die and then from there it should be pretty easy to kill the rest. Move on to the wolves. Kill the big one first with a melee Q then E. Once the wolves are dead port back.

Here is where the first big choice comes in. if they have a jungler I would stay to your side. take 3 health pots and head to red buff. If they don't have a jungler take 5 health pots because we will use their jungle to level faster. Either way you will start the 2nd round of jungling at the red buff.

Always position yourself so you can kill the small minions and make the big one run to you. You should do this with every pack you can to reduce the damage you take. kill the small ones first and then work on the buff mob. Use a health pot right when you start this group. Once they are dead kill double golems, ghosts, and wolves. Use health pots whenever they are up. If everything works out well you will be able to kill the blue golem using only 3 health pots (don't forget that smite heals you). If they don't have a jungler and you can clearly see them on the map. Head to their ghosts after the blue buff. you will kill their ghosts and their double golems before porting back. This is where the 2 additional health pots come in.

If you had to stay on your side of the jungle then port back to buy tier 1 boots and 2 health pots. Clear the double golems, ghosts, and wolves to hit level 6. Now if someone is in need of a gank you are ready to go in hard. Or if they aren't quite ready yet you can port back to start on your hextech revolver.

If you were able to go to their side of the jungle you will be able to port back and buy tier 1 boots and an Amplifying tomb with 1 health pot. Clear any 1 of the 3 packs on your side to hit level 6 and start ganking :)

For me I always Like to start with the hextech revolver for the spell vamp. It allows me to go back into the jungle to heal up after a teamfight without going back.

The next item for me is always a mejai's Soulstealer or a Rylai's Scepter. I only get a Mejai's if my team is winning their lanes. I also take note to their team makup. If they have lots of stuns or toons that counter Akali (Anivia) I just go for the Rylais. Either way I always get a Rylais after a Mejai's if I do go that way.

The next thing I complete is the Hextech Gunblade. This is a large boost in damage as one of Akali's passives adds a percent of additional magic damage. So the more AD you have the more valuable your AP is. The Gunblade also has a good deal of lifesteal to add to your spell vamp.

After the gunblade I usually try to get a Sheen to add more burst to my already stupid damage.

The next main item to complete is the deathcap. This item pretty much doubles your current Ability power and causes squishy people to melt. I don't even know if you have to hit them at this point.

If the other team hasn't surrendered yet you can complete your Lich Bane to turn this match into a no contest win :)

A big tip when playing a jungle toon is always kill stuff. If you spend too much time waiting in a bush it is easy to become underleveled. So watching the map is key. Try to pick the easiest gank lanes and help your team win lanes.

Keep an eye out as I will be making a youtube video on how to jungle with Akali