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Amumu Build Guide by orionthunderfist

Jungle Amumu

Jungle Amumu

Updated on February 8, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author orionthunderfist Build Guide By orionthunderfist 14,698 Views 0 Comments
14,698 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author orionthunderfist Amumu Build Guide By orionthunderfist Updated on February 8, 2012
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Basically I wanted a place where I have all of my builds but I can share them with others and this seemed like the place to do it. In this guide I will highlight to you some of the tips and tricks I use when playing Amumu and a couple of builds and jungle patterns. This is my first guide so CONSTRUCTIVE comments would be very helpful i dont like people who dont. Enjoy (^_^)
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When i was building my rune page i looked at alot of different guides and forums and i settled on my own mix of the ones i had seen.
Greater Marks of Fortitude x9
Greater Seal of Resilience x9
Greater Glyph or Fortitude x9
Quintessence of Fortitude x3

Yes, I know that the quints are teir 2 but dont panic they are still efficent and work really well bagging you an easy level 1 blue buff without a pull and you could even go and steal the other teams golems and then run back over still killing the golem with ease. over all this build gove you alot of early hp meaning that your gonna survive those level 1,2,3 fights and ganks. starting the game on a healthy 587 with cloth armour and 5 health pots you can pretty much take on the world but dont let that give you any ideas just yet.
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I have gone for a pretty standard 0/21/9 as it gives you a little survivability in the early stages making your jungling that bit quicker and easier for your self and some late game power with the extended buff duration. didnt think it needed much more explaining
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Build 1 - Tank

Now this is a key one as you can go down lots of different roots. Im going to give you 3 of my most effective and efficent builds.

The first is the most common use of amumu....Tank
Cloth Armour+ 5 hp pots
Boots of Swiftness
Philosopher stone and Heart of gold
Banshee's Veil
Thornmail and Force of Nature (If their team is mostly ap then get the FoN first, if mostly ad the Thornmail)
Warmogs Armour
Randuin's Omen
Ive coloured philosopher stone and heart of gold because they are key points in the build. As the jungler you might not get time to farm so these to items are very important to helping you finish your build and I recommend them even to people who are laning as they are such strong early game items, also the Heart of Gold builds into the finishing item meaning you get the most benifit from it. this build when finished puts you round the 4k hp mark with tones of hp and armour so you can get stuck in and do all that AoE shizzz that Amumu does and youve got that randuin's when people try to run
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Build 2 - AP Hybrid Tank

This build is not common in any way but it allows you to increase the damage your doing and still stay on lots of hp and ready to tank on their team, both builds start very similar with the Boots of Swiftness and the Philospher Stone and Heart of Gold
Cloth Armour + 5 hp pots
Boots of Swiftness
Philosopher Stone and Heart of Gold
Rod of Ages
Ryles Crystal Scepter
Zhonya's Hour Glass
Abyssal Scepter
Sunfire Cape

This build is more of a damage dealing build with the combo of sunfire cape and tantrum you can cause massive damage to your opponents. The build is alot more squishy than the tank build and you now cant jump into 5v1 but i still believe you have good chances 2 or even 3 v's little old you because you the zhonyas and the armour and magic resistance you have from the rest of the build.
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Build 3 - Magemumu

This build just hurts and people will say to you over chat "Amumu op" or "L2P" because your not playing tank amumu and when they see the damage it really hurts them. The build is still very tanky but it allows you to do alot more damage.
Cloth armour + 5 hp pots
Boots of Swiftness
Philosopher Stone and Heart of Gold (again)
Zhonyas Hourglass
Rabadons Deathcap
Arch Angels Staff
Ryles Crystal Scepter
Lich Bane

Many of you will now be dumb struck by this and thinking to your self What the F***. It does some Super crazy damage that people just wont be ready for. Boots of Swiftness feature in every build because lets face it...Amumu is SLOW idealy you want to be 400 move speed and with anything but move 3 boots or higher hes just to slow. The little move speed from the Lich Bane helps a little but not enought to ditch the Swiftness. The build wants you to jump into the enemy team shouting HELLO and killing 3 of them before the fight has really started. Please give this build a try even if your not going to use it after it is soooooooooooooooo much fun.
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Skill Order

Q Bandage Toss, W Despair, E Tantrum, R Curse of the Sad Mummy

I cant stress how important all your abilities are, q for ganking, w for melting people, e for damage blocking and burst and of course the ulti. Ah that sweet ulti it is so versitile, use it when your team are going into the fight, at the mid point of a fight when the oppoenets are trying to run or why you need to run, you just press that R and away you run. Save your ulti for atleast 3 enemies inless it garentees an kill or escape
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League of Legends Build Guide Author orionthunderfist
orionthunderfist Amumu Guide
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Jungle Amumu

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