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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dailin877

Jungle Carrier

dailin877 Last updated on January 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro- Pros/Cons

Hi this is Dailin this is not my first build but this is my first guide. I have recently gotten attached to Irelia. I have Tryed many builds but hadn't found much that worked. Finally i came across Omega Bluefires Renetron build and thought i might be able to build closer to tank then damage to survive.

can jungle quickly
R ability is decent range with LS
passive lifesteal
low cooldowns
late game carry

early game has trouble 1 v 1 against high end damage
CC is almost life ending
Farming is a problem without tiamat

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Passive- Ionian Fervor - increases CC reduction by a decent % depending on how many enemy champions are next to you

Q- Blade Surge - attack damage strike with decent range, alot like a charge, if target is killed cooldown resets. This is really the only farming ability you have. With enough AD u can one shot minions and it'll instant reset, unfortunately doing this takes a pure AD build. so farming without tiamat is still hard.but a single attack and then blade surge does work at 18

W- Hiten Style - health per attack passive(this does work on building) with and activation-double HpA and some AD buff that last 6 seconds

E- Equilibrium strike - AP short range attack. slows the target or stuns them if they have higher hp % then you. really good to use if u losing in an autoattack battle against another champion. the stun will give you a second of life steal and HpA to get ahead a lil.

R- Transcendent Blades - Summons 4 throwing blades. These blades have decent damage that use either AD or AP depending on which is higher. Each blade throw hits every target along the way and 20% of the damage done heals you. Using these u can finish running champions. AoE in team battles. Or my favorite moe down a group of minions while fighting a champion or tower to heal.

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9 Greater Mark of Might- Most of Irelias combat style revolves around attack damage so these help. Normally with AD characters i build armor pen but with the last whisper thats not needed feel free to switch.

9 Greater Seal of Evasion- the extra dodge make nimbless talent and ninja tabi worth having. At 3rd level your running 18% dodge which will greatly improve your chances of getting golem/lizard buff.

9 Greater Glyph of Alacrity- This rune is only here cuz i cant find one better. I picked it cuz AS does help your W ability steal more often.

3 Greater Quint of Might- just like marks damage is great but instead of armor pen i advise if switching to get more AS

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Ninja Tabis- I get these for dodge and jungling if your not gonna jungle get beserker greaves for AS or mercury treads to help fight CC.

Stark's Fervor- no matter the build this is an awesome item. LS and AS for you and ur allies. The AS helps your HpA

After this the build gets interesting.
Last Whisper- 40 AD with 40% AP - pretty cheap and gives enough AP to do good damage to buildings and armor tanks. I get this because no other AP is in build.

Bloodthrister and Infinity Edge- highest AD but rather pricy

Black Cleaver and Sword of the Divine- high AS with decent damage.

In the build above i showed AD because powers help that and still didn't add a 6th. I run with potions most of the time the little bit of healing they add are nice. If potions aren't your style an AS item might be nice. the AS and AD parts can be switched and if you want to farm get tiamat instead of last whisper. IF your having trouble jungling to slow build madred's razors and eventually turn them into bloodrazor for tank kills

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Summoner Spells

I chose:
Smite - I chose smite for help with jungling and extra money

Heal - Heal give not only you but allies a small heal. This helps with jungling early on, killing buff monsters and dragon, and team battles. I have seen heal tip scales with big tank groups.

If not jungling:
Ghost - to chase enemy champions or run away

Teleport - To be with your team when needed or teleport behind enemy lines. Backdooring is possible with this character and teleport will help do that late game.

Exhaust - Can help in melee combat against those who you cant beat straight up. also help slow running people.

Ignite - help you kill people with more healing then you have as well as finish off tower huggers.

Ok but not great in my opinion-
Flash - quick escape or engage ability
Clarity - help keep mana up if you spam abilities

Clairvoyance - see one spot to look for other junglers or ganks... not really that useful if you watching minimap anyways
Revive - you shouldn't be dieing enough to need
Fortify - i just don't see that being useful for a winning team
Rally - to support to fit a carry in my opinion

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Start with 2 golems(not buff mob) fight them start with smite and activating W. should get them down without a potion. Pop potion just before engaging ghosts. After ghosts move to wolves. Recall right after they die and grab boots. Repeat again and finish tabis. keep repeating until 6th and have vampiric scepter. Kill 2 golems without smite should be easy then move to lizard buff. start by killing the little ones with W active after they go down smite lizard and kill him. Continue the cycle and finish with golem buff. fight him the same. If at any point u have trouble Heal is there to back u up. IF heal on CD and still going down use R for extra damage and healing.

If team having trouble dealing with enemy champions or you jungling help with a gank after first cycle after 6th so you have both buffs. IF they not holding up along the way don't be afraid to go tower hug and kill minions while they respawn.

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Thanks to Omega for the idea's to build this.

thanks to you all for comments and votes. Please give me some info on how u like the build, how to improve.

Sorry for no pics trying to get info in first will come back with the first edit and add pics.