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League of Legends Build Guide Author reasonpolice

Jungle Evelynn for the newish player

reasonpolice Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Hello, everyone! This is my first guide. I noticed that there really aren't that many good jungle Evelynn builds out there, so I decided that since I kinda had to figure it out by myself, I'd make a guide to show what I've found after a lot of practice.

Anyways, lets start off with summoner spells:

  • - Obviously.
  • - Good for ganking, especially with wards in their jungle. This will absolutely piss people off every time you successfully tele/gank from a ward. Also nice for defending towers.

Other options:
  • - Good for ganking and preventing a gank on you. You can use it to slow that pesky 100hp Teemo and kill him just before he gets into tower range early game, or use it to slow and counter-blind a Teemo who is stomping the **** out of you so you can run.
  • - Good for ganking and screwing over healers. You can use it for that extra little oomph you need to net a kill, or you can use it to shut down that ******* Mundo that 1v5's your team with his ultimate.
  • - I have no idea. I have heard from several sources that the top competitive Evelynn takes Revive/Smite, though I can't imagine why. The way I see it, if you take Revive, it means you plan on dying, and I definitely don't plan on dying at all when I play Eve. The only time I can see Revive being useful is on a Pantheon or a Shen for obvious reasons. But yeah, I just thought I'd throw this out there.

For your second summoner spell, I think you can legitimately take anything, especially if it fits well into your team composition. Eve is a powerhouse who doesn't need to rely on her summoner spells to gank, so things like Fortify and Rally are viable for sure.


I like this spec a lot as jungle Eve because you get a good balance among all three trees, which is something I think junglers need. You get the armor and spell penetration from Offensive, a little bit of armor and magic resist from defensive, and bonus experience and neutral buff durations from utility. If I was laning Eve I would probably go 21/9/0, taking strength of spirit along with the armor and magic resist in defensive.

  • - Armor Penetration is great for any AD hero. It will help you kill jungle creeps faster, losing less health in the process, and it will provide significant extra damage when ganking enemy champions.
  • - Attack speed is great for AD too, obviously, and just like the armor penetration, attack speed will help you jungle faster and give you a litte extra edge when ganking.
  • - Magic resist is a good choice here in my opinion, since you as Eve will often be the main target of the enemy team. Since no items in this build have an magic resist, the extra 13.3 you get from Glyphs is very helpful.
  • - Call me a noob, but I like to take flat health quintessences on every hero I play. It's awesome for level 1 ganks and especially awesome for junglers. It's an extra (almost) 100 health which is amazing early game and nice late game.


This is where I'm sure to get some criticism. You don't see a lot of AD Evelynns out there, but I personally think it is better than AP as far as sustained damage versus burst. Don't get me wrong though, I have no problem playing AP Evelynn if my team is AD heavy. The standard Lich Bane/Sorc Boots/Mejai's/Rylai's/Zhonya's/Void Staff is a great build.
  • - Obviously.
  • - Debatable. I like to take these by default because it gives your Hate Spike and Ravage spells quite a bit of extra damage, but it's really a matter of preference. I actually getjust as much as Sorcerer's Shoes because it allows you to take down tanky heroes faster, and they let you get more attacks in within the Exhaust duration (if you took Exhaust). Occasionally I will pick up, and by occasionally I mean every time there is a Veigar on the other team. Merc Treads are also nice if you don't have an initiator on your team and you find yourself starting most of the team fights.
  • - This is your bread and butter. This is the core item for AD Eve, and is essentially the AD counterpart of Lich Bane. You get pretty much everything you need from this item: Health, Mana, AD, AP, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and a slow most of the time. What more could you ask for?
  • - If Trinity Force is your bread and butter, then Black Cleaver is the cinnamon and sugar that goes on top to make delicious cinnamon toast. The stacking armor reduction is just too good. I mean, really, you will pretty much destroy everyone. Let's put it this way: if you have a Black Cleaver and Rammus taunts you, all he did was save you the trouble of right clicking.
  • - This is a great item all around and super great for killing tanks. It's a little easier to get since you already have Madred's Razors, and the AD and attack speed on it is great too.
  • - Bloodthirster completes the circle for any AD Evelynn. Once you've killed 40 creeps, the +100 damage on this is just awesome. The 25% life steal will also keep you in a fight way longer; maybe just long enough to get a kill and get healed for a ****load by your ultimate so you can 1v3 your enemies.

Game Strategy:
  • I always start off with the blue rune golem first, always. I will tell mid and top/bottom (depending on if you're on blue team or purple) to wait in river until their creeps are fighting to make sure I don't get ganked. If their whole team is there to gank you and delay you from killing the golem, you can either kill them with the rest of your team because they are idiots, or you can take a different route*.
    (Always assume their whole team is there to gank you at level 1. Be extra careful; you should never die to a gank at level 1, because there is a safe alternative route to take.)
  • After blue rune golem is down, I go straight to wolves.
  • After wolves, go straight to twin golems.
  • After golems, go straight to the ghosts. Your Smite should be up at this point, so start off by smiting the big ghost and then killing the other ones.
  • After ghosts, B back to town and buy a long sword and two more health potions. Once you're all healed up, run straight to wolves - they should respawn just as you get there.
  • After wolves, go to twin golems, saving your smite and using one health pot.
  • After golems, go to red rune lizard and kill it with smite and use your second potion.
  • At this point you have two options: either go back to town to finish Madred's Razors or go for a gank. Red rune is awesome for ganking, it will allow you to kill pretty much anyone at half hp or lower.
  • If no ganks are available, get your Madred's and head to dragon. Usually you will want to have one person come from bottom to help you kill it, but if you had enough gold to buy a health potion or two, you should be able to solo it with smite. If you get help with dragon, save your smite for your blue rune which should be back up just as dragon dies.
  • From this point you can either jungle, gank, or lane - whichever is best for the circumstances. Once you hit 6, you really want to start warding the **** out of their jungle. Whether they have a jungler or not, wards in their jungle (especially at their blue and red buff neutrals) will provide you with lots of ganks via Teleport.
  • Past level 6, it's all up to you. You shouldn't really be jungling at all after level 6, since last hitting in a lane or killing champions will give you more gold, but you should always be making sure you use smite to kill blue and red neutrals or dragon every time it's up. Once you get your Sheen, you should always be attempting to gank. Even if your target gets away or you get a ****load of assists because you have a kill stealing Vlad on your team, ganking is what Evelynn was made for. It will get you farmed fast and keep the enemy team under constant pressure.
      *ALTERNATE JUNGLE ROUTE in case of level 1 blue rune gank. Start at twin golems, using smite to kill one, then kill the wolves. Chill in the side lane (NEVER MID) until your smite has about 15 seconds left, then go for blue rune golem. Stay in or near the bushes at blue rune golem for a few seconds and watch your mini map to see if mid or side lane heads towards you (in case they have a ward there). Always be watching your map while you're killing blue rune golem to ensure that you don't get anally raped. Once you have blue buff you can B to town for long sword and continue jungling as normal.

      TL;DR - sucks for you.

      I hope you liked this guide. Like I said before, this is my first LoL guide here on Mobafire or anywhere. Let me know what you think, comments are much appreciated!