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Fizz Build Guide by KinKo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KinKo

Jungle Fizz - Where the Hell did he come from?

KinKo Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build on Mobafire. I actually found very interesting guides at Mobafire and i want to make a contribution to this site. I saw many Fizz-Players roaming around in Classic and Dominion playing him as AD, full AP, Support and Offtank but i never saw someone jungling with him, so i decided to make a guide.
Fizz is a really fast Jungler (4:02 complete jungle clear) with high Mobility due to his Skills Urchin Strike and Playful/Trickster resulting into fast and effectives Ganks and Escapes.

If someone could pm me how to code/link the Skills/SummonerSpells/Runes, i will change this guide to make it look properly :) I will add the Items Section as soon as i know how to code/link the items D:

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Pros / Cons


    High Mobility
    Insane Ap Ratios
    Freaking Fast Jungler
    Good Counterjungler
    He throws fish
    He can dig fish out of the ground
    He´s cute :D

    Mana-Hungry without Blue
    His Ulti is a Skillshot OMGWTFQQ

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I got 2 Sets of Runes, but i usually use the AD runes with APen Marks, Armor Seals, MRes/lvl Glyphs and AS Quints.
The other Set is the common Caster Jungle Runes with MPen Marks, Armor Seals, AP/lvl Glyphs, AP or MPen.
Choose the Set which matches your Playstyle, but i recommened the AD Set.
Why? Fizz is definitly an AP Hero. GTFO!
It helps you jungling a lot faster which results in faster Ganks and better Farming/Creeping. Your team will thank you :)

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Why AD Masteries?
As said, it helps you Jungling -> Faster Ganks, Faster Creeping/Farming, Faster ROFLOMGWTFQQ OP Champ
Why dont improve Smite?
Before the S2 Masteries it reduced the Cooldown but now it just give 10 bonus gold. You can still take it if you want to. Dont skill Tough Skin instead.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is a MustHave for EVERY Jungler. LastHitting Dragon+ Baron, helping a lot in (Counter)Jungling.
Flash is even after the Nerf a viable Choice. It helps you to close Gaps even faster, escape into Oblivion - What duh ? Where the Hell did he come from?

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Creeping / Jungling

Start at the Blue Golem. Ask for a Pull/Leash(a single auto-attack is enough,not necessary), use Seastone Trident and SMITE IT!.
Why smite at a full hp Golem? WTF NOOB!
Your Seastone Trident deals Damage + bonus Damage equal to 4% of the missing Health. Lower HP = MOAR DAMAGE. But still there is a risk to get it stolen, but you kill it so damn fast it shouldnt happen if your Team guards you at the Time of Spawning of the Creeps.
Use a Health Pot as soon as Golem hits you. Proceed to Wolves. Focus Big One. Use a Health Pot. Proceed to Wraiths. Focus Big One. Use Health Pot. Proceed to Lizard. SMITE IT! Use Health Pot. Proceed to Small Golems. Use Health Pot. Gametime: 4:02 , HeroLvL: 4
Options: Gank or BluePill > Boots > Gank
Note: After your first BluePill get Wards! You and your Team wont regret it.
Generally always use Seastone Trident asap and spam Urchent Strike whenever its off cooldown.

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Map Awareness required!
1. Enemy is overextending and your Team got pushed? Your Job!
2. Enemy killed your Teammate and got away with like ZERO HP? Your Job!
3. Enemy got low HP and is hiding behind his tower? Your Job!
4. Enemy Jungler annoys you? Kill him!

Well 4 cases, 4 ways:
1. Initiate with Playful/Trickster and use Urchent Strike on the most squishiest Target(At BotLane you should focus the (AD)Carry, other Lanes´Target should be clear :D). Use your Seastone Trident(could use it b4 Urchent Strike) and hit the Target like a Boss! Even if he got away with Flash/Ghost its still a success, dont rage if your Teammates call you Noob because you couldnt kill him.
2. Ask for Clairvoyance at the most considerable Place where the Target could back and Bluepill. Target Sighted? Playful/Trickster > Seastone Trident > (Flash) > Urchent Strike. Target dead? Congratz!
3.Ask for Clairvoyance at the Tower. Sneak behind the Tower,(use Flash) Urchent Strike+Seastone Trident your Target.
Target dead? Use Playful/Trickster to get out of Towerrange
Target survived? Use Playful/Trickster to chase him(SLOW IT) and use Urchent strike to finish if its off cooldown.
4. Ask for Clairvoyance at important JunglePoints(Lizard/Golem). Jungler sighted? Go kill him! Urchent Strike+Seastone Trident > Playful/Trickster should be enough to kill him. If not Flash (only if you definitly kill him)! In any case you interrupted the enemy Jungler´s LVL/Gold Flow. It should always work if you dont fail all your skills, got a considerable amount of HP and got map awareness over Misses etc. Since Fizz got released( I admit it isnt that long) i never met a jungler who could counterjungle Fizz, not even LeeSin or Shaco.

This cases described the early game before you get your Ulti with that ridicolous AP Ratio of 1-1. Simply add it to the initiation of each case( thad Ulti got a freakin range OMG!)

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Well thats my first Guide. I would appreciate it if you rate and comment this Guide after you tried it. Also i would like if someone would each me the Basics of linking/coding the Gameelements. Improvements and Critics wont be ignored.
Thanks for Reading and i hope its not TL;DR :)