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Tryndamere Build Guide by Ordovicia

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ordovicia

Jungle King Tryndamere

Ordovicia Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Welcome to my first build on MOBAFire -- Jungle King Tryndamere!

I was originally using this build during Intermediate bot runs, but then felt brave enough to superimpose this build during PvP matches with a pretty good deal of success.

This Tryndamere build is for you if you enjoy:

Tasty, tasty gank-meat.
Tower-diving to great effect.
The ability to SOLO Baron, absolutely crush squishy CC'ers and rip through armor/hp-stackers late game.

Generally after using this build, I get post-game lobby comments from the enemy team such as (an actual quote):


Not only is this build effective in the long run, hilarity ensues.

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Pros / Cons

The Pros/Cons of this build are very straight-forward, as one could imagine;


    Incredibly mobile.
    Quite possibly one of the best gank-builds in the game.
    Tower-diving to last hit is easy as pie.
    Can SOLO Baron late game.
    Crushes caster/range DPS almost instantaneously, and can rip through armor/hp stacking tanks quite easily as well.
    SICK life-steal.
    Critical hits 3 out of 4 times (ALMOST 1K damage after items!)

    SQUISHY MC-SQUISH SQUISH (this is addressed later).
    Vulnerable to being targeted first, if playing against skilled opponents (yes, they actually may target you first over Annie or Ryze, etc, especially if a CC'er is on-hand)
    Easy to counter early-game.
    Vulernable to being ganked early-game (so buy some wards and USE THEM!).

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The runes for this build are really player's choice, based on what your needs are and what you think is most effective. Clearly, you don't need any mana/mana regen/AP runes as these are rendered moot with Tryndamere. Cooldowns don't really phase this build too much either, as the only skill you're really 'spamming' per se is Spinning Slash.

The runes *I* have listed with this build are to try to counter-act Tryndamere's squish-factor late-game. I have found that I really only get in trouble when overwhelmed in a team-fight, but generally when you're 1v1 (or 2v1 if your enemies don't have a stun/silence), you can bang out so much damage in a short period of time that armor and health items don't matter.

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This section will be short, as the masteries selected really do supplement this build.
I can't really see how I would modify this in any situation -- but if YOU, the valued reader has any ideas, I'd like to hear them.

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Games should start with you buying Long Sword and a Health Potion, and getting right to business.

Why not Vampiric Scepter right away?
It's simple. You have Bloodlust and pots. You're doing measly damage for the first few levels, and thus, measly life-steal. What's 12% of 64dmg? 7.68. You're earning less than 10hp per normal hit (let's say you don't crit at this moment, because even with full rage at this point, you're only critting 1/3rd+ the time) -- your money is better spent on buying the foundational items of Madred's Razor first.

Next up, make sure you purchase Boots of Speed. They will expedite your gold-farming as you move from creepcamp to creepcamp. If you find yourself needing a Health Potion during some runs, don't hesitate to buy more.

Now, sometimes I feel I need to purchase Vampiric Scepter at THIS point, and then Madred's Razor comes second. However, you can flip this if your in-game needs deem it fit.

After you have Madred's Razor and Vampiric Scepter, you have a judgment call to make:

Have your enemies been vulnerable to ganking, regardless of what part of the map they're on?
Have they begun stacking HP/Armor?

If you notice that some of the enemy team is leaving themselves open or wandering and they're not stacking HP or Armor items, buy Boots of Mobility BEFORE Zeal. BoM turns you into a gank-machine, and leaves any part of the map open to you, as you can reach it quickly. After purchasing Zeal and upgrading to Phantom Dancer, BoM becomes invaluable -- you hit almost 500 units of movement speed. You should be able to crush the Dragon, now.

Now, we're into the juicy stuff:

Stark's Fervor is not only good for you (life-steal, attack speed, aura), but bolsters your team in team-fights. I find it absolutely necessary.

Phantom Dancer improves your movement speed, critical chance (absolutely delicious with Tryndamere) and attack speed. All good.

Infinity Edge is the BACKBONE of this build. Tryndamere has a high critical chance as it is (his passive skill, especially when Fury is maxed), and the fact that this item boosts Critical Damage is absolutely amazing. After all the items are factored in, you're gonna be hitting close to 1K crits or MORE at Level 18.

The Black Cleaver and Madred's Bloodrazor are my choices to rip through Armor/HP stackers. Even if your opponents aren't stacking these items, they still help your attack damage, and Madred's deals 4% of your target's max health in magic damage. BONUS.

The Bloodthirster is a purely situational item. I prefer it, though, as it stacks damage and lifesteal, to the point where you're looking at 25% lifesteal and 100+ physical damage per attack -- overall, your lifesteal will be near 50%... so if you hit a crit for 1K, 500 health is back in your pocket. FEARSOME!

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Skill Sequence

The sequence of skills should not vary. I have included Mocking Shout at level 5 to improve your ganking at lower levels. Coupled with exhaust, this is double-trouble for enemies.

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Summoner Spells

I believe Might and Exhaust are the best spells for this build;

Might is great for the first few levels while jungling, and is supplementary damage thereafter. It also provides +5 gold when used, due to the masteries I have laid out.

Exhaust coupled with Mocking Shout is extreme trouble for enemy champions who do not have Ghost or Flash, you can slow them and then slow/cripple them again.

You do NOT need Flash or Teleport, as Boots of Mobility will get you anywhere you need to go in a hurry.

All the other Summoner Spells are pretty much useless to this build.

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After completing a first run of games, this build shows great promise.
Hopefully you can have success with this build, too!

I am more than open to constructive comments, so please vote and offer your opinions/advice!