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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rabcor

Jungle Malphite (Summoner lvl 30 only)

Rabcor Last updated on November 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First off. This build is unfinished. The only thing i've really got down by now is all possible ways to start.

To use this build i recommend jungling with warwick first to get the jungling experience, and learning how to play this champion first.

Secondly. I made this guide for personal reasons so i wouldn't forget how to jungle as malphite without using smite.

Thirdly. The item build is unfinished the items in this build are in a random guess in a random order. i am currently unsure what items i should buy as a final item build and in what order. but we'll just see how this works.

So consider that i made this guide for my own reasons before you use this.

The goal of this guide is to make a decently tanky malphite with a decent amount of dps all the way from early game to end game while making use of all his passive abilities and the mechanics of this champion and whatnot.


1. Can jungle "almost" as effeciently as warwick if done correctly. (i've been able to solo dragon at level 5 by rushing madreds razors. the very best warwick can do is lvl 4. and not many warwicks like to do that.)
2. High amount of dps
3. Tanky as hell
4. Very decent crowd control.


1. Extremely low mana pool.
2.Not a lot of escape mechanisms. (his ult has too long of a cooldown, ghost wont always work. because of slows. etc.)
3. It is extremely difficult to jungle on him without smite, one mistake can kill. 2 of em will surely kill you. so you have to get it 95% right.
4. Only doable when you have a full rune page and masteries.

How to start

Buy an Elixir of Fortitude and 5 Health Potions and run to the golem and level up ur E


Part 1: Golem

When the golem spawns double check that all ur enemies are in their lanes. once u know you're safe, Drink the Elixir (must drink before u engage) and use E to start fighting the golem, kill the 2 lizards first or they'll kill you. Health Potions wont activate when ur at full hp so you have to wait for your shield to drop so you can use it. use one as soon as you can. (too late and you may die). after you've killed the lizards and you're just killing the golem all you need to do is spam your E and make sure that once you finish ur first Health Potion to use another one right away. (2 should be enough for this fight.)

If it happens that you run into problems with mana for the final part of the golem fight just use ur Clarity. you shouldn't need it for this part. but better safe than sorry if ur close to death. this shouldn't happen unless you bought a cloth armor instead of the elixir. the reason i don't use cloth armor for this build is because the line between failure and success is too thin to be able to rely on it.

If you've got the right masteries (extra exp part) then here you level up. grab your W now. (if not you'll get a level up in part 2)

Part 2 : between Golem and Lizard Elder

Stage 1. Now you run down to the wolves under the golem, make sure your granite shield is up before you start the fight. This fight is the same as before. spam your E (and W this time) and focus on the smaller wolves first just in case. Use the third Health Potion for this fight. u can use it before, after or during the fight i don't give a damn. but make sure you use it or you'll die in the next stage.

Stage 2. If you forgot to use your 3rd potion in the wolf fight then you'll just use it here. kill the liches on your side of the map. start by useing the E then use the W and just spam as neccesary.

Part 3 :Lizard Elder

Well if you still have the Clarity use it during this fight. if not, think twice about if your mana pool is up for it (of course u do have the Golem Buff. so if you have around 80% of the mana pool you should be fine) you'll use your remaining Health Potions during this fight also. its the same routine as all the fights before. spam E and W and focus the smaller ones first. you'll get out with an insignificant amount of health but u can do it.

Part 4 : After all that.

After all of this you go to the small golems right next to the lizard elder and kill them too. Same routine again. spam E and W... remember ur attacks splash so the closer to each other they are the better for you. if they're too far away from each other u wont do splash dmg. but it should be fine either way. after this you are going to have to recall most likely. if you find a way to avoid that then go ahead and stay around killing smaller mobs. from that point on you're on your own.

Altho i do know that if you manage to get a madreds razors (which can be done if you buy cloth armor instead of elixir of fortitude. its just harder) in this recall. go kill the wolves, liches, then golem on enemy team's side to make sure ur level 5 and u have the golem buff (and hopefully the lizard elder buff too) if you have all that and full health. you should be able to solo the dragon assuming ur clarity is up just in case. (pretty much same as warwick would do)

Early-Mid Game





Finish your item build, buy some elixirs and win the friggin game!.