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Malphite Build Guide by seancinnabon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author seancinnabon

Jungle Malphite, The Unstoppable Greatness!

seancinnabon Last updated on September 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So basically this is just a little jungle build that I have tried and used. Works pretty well and it's fun because you get some kills too! You can try this if you really want to do some damage and have fun all game while completely dominating team fights or 1 v 1.

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I take armor pent quints and marks so I can do some good damage. It also helps with ganks considering this build is more of a fighter then a tank. For seals I bring flat armor so that jungling is easier. You'll take less damage from minions or champs. And lastly I bring magic per level glyphs for the mr when it comes to ganking mid or any lane for that matter.

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I run a 0/9/21 mastery page for this jungle. I get health, movement speed, armor, magic resist, and increased buff duration from blue and red. This will make jungling easier and constantly have mana. Also having red buff for so long means better ganks.

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Items option 1

I start off with cloth armor and grab 5 health pots. This is to keep high health when ganking and so that you don't die while jungling. After that I get boots, and wriggle's lantern and 2 pots. The pots are simply to maintain health or get some back if you fail a gank and want to go back in. Finish your boots then get beserker's greaves for attack speed. After that grab a pickaxe for some damage. Get zeal next so you can chase. Then finish Ifinity edge. Get sheen to do even more damage and phage for its passive. Finish triforce and then build bloodthirster. Keeps you alive in fights. Last get guardians angel since you start fights. Tiamat! You will sell wriggle's lantern to get this item if the game actually lasts long enough for you to be able to purchase this item. It does splash damage and it combines with Malphite's brutal strike passive.

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Items option 2

Now everything and all the items are the same in the end, it's just that now you can change the order in which you get items and build up to. After you have gotten your beserker's greaves and your wriggles you will build phage next. It gives you some health and attack damage. It's passive has a chance to slow the movement speed of your opponent. This helps a lot with ganks considering that when any person see a champion player come from nowhere and there first instinct is to run. Zeal should be next so you can move and chase faster. This will work extremely well with phage since it's chance of passive is low. You'll attack faster and have a higher chance of getting phage's passive. After that get sheen because it will give you a great amount of damage to take down an enemy faster. Completing trinity force right away should be no problem. Then you can build Infinity's edge and proceed from there in getting the other items as you do in Items option 1.

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Skill Sequence

I actually changed it up as I've played malphite more, instead of brutal strikes first, I actually max out his E, Ground Slam. Why? Because this makes clearing the jungle easier and you will do nice outputs of damage to whoever you're ganking. Max out your Q next so that you can really maximize that slow. Last do your W, this will make you more tanky and also increase your damage output. This is maxed out last because in early game the percentage bonus doesnt do you much good. By the time you reach 18 and its later in game that W will make a huge difference. Of course max out your R at 6, 11, and 16. Don't forget that.

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Summoner Spells

Bring ghost for ganks. You'll need it since you are slow and it helps to chase after champions. Smite for jungling. It

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Start off at blue. Have whoever is middle lane leash it. And it doesn't hurt to have whoever is top lane solo to hit the golem once or twice. From there you have the choice of going directly to top lane to gank or mid lane. I prefer to go to wolves right after blue then to wraiths. After that get red. You may go mid lane after to gank, but once again I prefer to gank bottom lane right after red. From there if there is no other jungler, take there blue. Then Gank mid. From there take there red and gank top. Repeat this process until first turret is down! From there you decide what to do.

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Team Work/Fights

Now coming to team fights you really want to save your ult for when it will hit at least 2 people. Preferably 3 averaging. If you can manage to time your ult to get there entire team do it! ONLY IF YOUR TEAM IS PRESENT WITH YOU. From there whoever is being focused use Seismic shard on them to slow them down and then ground slam because within that time frame there should still be whoever you knocked up into the air. Activate brutal strikes right away! It will greatly increase your damage output and defense! Most of the time since you start the fight you are in the middle of everything, so activating this skill is very key. When it goes to early game and ganks, make sure your teammate or teammates are paying attention! Ping them or team chat to make sure they are aware you are going in for the kill! Don't let mis-communication ruin a perfect chance to get first blood, or dominate a team fight.

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Farming with this build is extremely easy. Not only because of the items you have but because of Malphite's brutal strikes. It deals a percentage of damage not only to the enemy, but nearby enemies. More specifically the ones that are standing close to each other. So when it comes to farming there should be no problem at all unless your teammates are very stingy.

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This build is specifically for jungling. JUNGLING. Malphite is an extremely good jungler and excels at ganks. Try it! Seriously it's pretty good and to be quite honest is really fun. Malphite jungle is OP so alone with these items and tips it should be no problem!