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Evelynn Build Guide by NinjaSniperC19

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NinjaSniperC19

Jungle/Roamer eve (First Mobafire build)

NinjaSniperC19 Last updated on July 11, 2012
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Hi, my name is NinjaSniperC19 and welcome to my epic eve build. This eve build will compensate against the eve nerf and any good eve player will be able to "pwn teh noobs" once again.

(I will keep this reletively short)

I will go over how to's and why's like:

Starting the game,
talking about eve style ganks,
team fighting with eve
dealing with eve-haters
how awesome you'll be XD

I hope you enjoy my epic build, and I can't wait for your feedback

(As a quick note, the above item order only goes to four fully built items because said items are expensive and the last two items are situational depending in my opinion.)

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Starting the game

Obviously eve is not a laner. Try as you may, the difficulty of trying to come out on top in lane as eve will only leave you crying. which leaves only one safe place for eve....The Jungle.

Eve is incredibly blue dependent, so advice for you advance players out there, make sure your team gaurds against blue invasions. However, despite saying that, our clever lil eve will start at wolves in this order. (Spamming Q all the way through)

Wolves--> Blue--> Wraiths--> Wolves--> red --> back to base to get boots of mobility.

The reason that I don't end with golems, is that eve is not that tough enough of a jungler to get golems without dying (if you start boots). After getting B.o.M. you should have enough HP and Mana to go either wolves, wraiths, or golems before ganking top, mid, or bot respectively.

Make sure you get your level 4 skill before ganking, gonna need that stealth.

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Ganking with Eve

Eve is rather squishy, and as such, you must play as though a minion will kill you. As yoda once said to me in a vision "gank brutally, eve does not. at ganking smart, eve does well"

Using Eve's stealth to your advantage is the best way to go about doing this.

(HELPFUL HINT: Minions will attack you while stealthed if a vision ward is in the area, use this to identify if a lane has been warded and if you need to gtfo)

the best way to gank is to use eve's skills in a way to proc the slow, and rape their Armor/Magic Resist as shown here:


Another important skill to ganking with Eve is knowing who your ganking. Are you ganking a low Health tristana, or a Full Health Yorrick. These factors are crutial.

For example, ganking a low health tristana means that its necessary to kill her before her rocket jump. Whereas a Full Health Yorrick.....if your ganking a full health yorrick on your own....just gtfo and wait for the stealth rework.

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TEAM DEATHMATCH....not really

Eve in a Team fight really requires a certain amount of critical thinking, and knowing when to and not to strike. A pretty simple idea used by all right?


With Eve this timing comes down to pure luck or god awesome skill. And realising that some team mates might have to die before you jump in the fray. Also Eve works best in a team fight when both teams are already distracted by whaling on each other, or the teams are running away due to low health.

While the heat of the team fight is going on, get in there and jump their lowest health carry. This will help get kills/assists. However, upon obtaining you Madreds Bloodrazor, Eve will be able to do enough damage that even tanks join the equation of who to gank first.

One thing to consider at this point, is that Eve has enough badassness to push a lane and escape similar to a master yi. You will be able to push with incredible speed and now with your stealth, Eve is now an incredible late game pusher.

And generally you can expect to see only one oracles on a team at a time. generally support. So in order to catch you, they will send a support, Don't freak out and just run away from the oracles. Stay out of range and they can't see you, easy to escape with your stealth lane when pushing late game.

Oracles in team fights are a b***h, especially when it's a huge team fight and your presence is required. Your teams goal is to remove that oracles from the equation as soon as you can. Until you can, Eve will have to wait to join the teamfight until after it's been initiated and mass chaos as begun. But as is always the jungler's job, you must focus those carries, FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS, because carries can drop you like a mother f*****g fly in a 600 degree oven. Even when you have Madred's, start working those carries.

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Haters be Hating

Obviously a huge issue with playing eve, are the eve haters. Dodges,"Surrender at 20", and rage quitters who blame you for them being 0/20/0 in mid lane against an AD LeBlanc.

Just roll with the blows, because most likely, you'll be the one laughing carrying your team to victory. And even you do lose, just say "noob team, got carried by an Eve lol"

If you lose, nothing more is really expected of you, but at the very least carrying as an eve will earn you a respect that not many will just give to eve players.

There's also this nice lil button on the in-game score-screen all the way to the right of the summoner that looks like a chat box. That's your almighty ignore button. Press it and even during game you will never have to listen to that pretentious douchetard again.

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Evelynn is still a viable champ in normal games and is not "only good as a ward" so rest easy my fellow eve players, because badassness is how we play and proving them wrong is our game.

Seeyou on the Fields of Justice.