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Shaco Build Guide by Faust89

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Faust89

Jungle Shaco - For My Next Trick, I'll Make You Disappear!

Faust89 Last updated on May 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 26

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My first guide.
Hope it helps because I met a lot of Shacos out there that utterly disappointed me.
Many would disagree saying "no this build would make him useless in team fights".
If you're one of them, just go find other builds then.

This will take experiences to master.
You will need to have great game sense for timing.

Also, I recommend you to practise in Normal Games rather than AI.
AI doesn't help you improve to be a better gamer.
Playing with real people will help you learn how human brain works.

As Shaco, you will need to know how the enemy thinks.
Making him panic, or just surprise him, or just kill him before he knows.

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My rune page is straight forward.
I'm not the ***** type that backs away for defense.
Gank all the way and kill everything - that's why I love Shaco.
His Lore even suits my gaming personality.

Armor penetration to kill everything early game, mid game and even late game if your enemies are stupid enough to not surrender.

Armor to jungle with out loosing too much HP.

Cool Down for your Q and E. - last hits, run aways and if you're a douche like me, KS.

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Masteries are also very straight forward.
All in AD, and masteries that would help me jungle.

2 on revive just in case you die.
So you revive faster reducing your time of boredom.

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Yes. I'm not going lantern. Oh big surprise.
I'm shaco. I don't think I really need lantern to jungle better.

Cloth 5 pots - standard opening. Just go this because this will give you armor and a lot of pots to cover lanes if necessary pretty easy.

Mobility - incredible speed for your jungle and ganks.

B.F Sword - for the AD. if you don't have enough and you think you can't get it any faster, then just go pickaxe first.

Infinity Edge - I saw in some guides (in Korean ones too) they underestimate the power of Infinity Edge. your Q does 100% critical and Infinity Edge increases your critical damage. This is what makes you scary. You go in with Q hit once and the enemy (if he's not a tank like Malphite, Rammus ... ) Then the enemy must feel the pain. Some would fight you but that's just stupid.

Blood Razor - killing off champs with HP. especially good against the ones with low MR or Armor. you'll kill off the APs fast if they go ROA.

vampiric sceptre - helps you all around with your crits. Your crits does massive damage and this will heal you some. Blood Thirster later, You'll do fine with sceptre.

Phantom Dancer - This will help you in team fights. More details later. This item will increase attack speed, movement speed, critical strike.

Blood Thirster - just sapping off HP from everything.

Guardian angel - you die, you reborn, you kill and run away.

i personal don't like Banshees Vail. I go Force of Nature. (When there are annoying ****ed up AP like fiddle, annie etc) this increases your MR massively and your movement speed. your health regen improves too.

another phantom dancer - more AS MS and CS(Critical sTrike)

another blood thirster - sap off more blood.

Just get any item you like to try.
This is a game, just try out what ever you like.
Black Cleaver is also nice and so on. Go warmog for fun. Or even go Rylais sceptre to troll the other team.

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Skill Sequence

W is necessary for the early blue.
go read other jungle shaco if you don't know how to right now remember to come back after you learnt it ;).

Q decieve - gives you a chance to early gank or save another champ. Very good.
you see, some build says go E. i prefer Q.
This is what is going to happen. You kill blue. you go to your wolves. you put down a box and hit the wolves. Tank the wolves a bit while the box hits some. Then Q for the box to tank it for you this time. When you hit the big wolf, he would get crit striked and easy jungle for you.
same with the other creeps.
BTW - i don't go golems before my madred.
3boxes for buff golems/lizards (after the 1st buff) before the madred. The madred helps a lot in jungling.
E - this will help your gank so much. lvl 3 gank is always an option for shaco as it has a very high rate of success. your normal attacks wills low enemy. or if the enemy escapes, E to land the last hit, or just KS with it. :D

R - ultimate. go watch other guides to use him lika pro.

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Summoner Spells

Smite to jungle
Ignite to kill.

Exhaust if your team has no exhaust.
don't go anything else. you have decieve, screw flash.
Screw heal, heals are for *******.
screw everything else.

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Team Work

you are shaco and will deal massive one hit damage.
Team battle intiates.
this will take about 2-3 hits. if they dont' have the weak carries, just go to the champ at the back or the one with the lowest health for the kill. put a box. use ur clone.
and fight fight fight.
watch your abilities and use it wise. when you see your health low, Q and then run away. or Q and then go kill somebody then runaway.
don't spam E. you want to slow their movement speed everytime with your clone.
ignite the one that's almost dead for ks.
ignite mundo because he's a **** with his ulti.
pop box every ****n time it refreshes.kill all the ***********ers. your shaco. they won't focus you fast because you came from the back. They'll go HOLY **** WHEN DID WE DIE? and OH it's shaco....

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i'll update this later.
already took me 13minutes to write this all.
if you were expecting pictures, go **** your self.