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Shaco Build Guide by TooPoizonus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TooPoizonus

Jungle Shaco NO POTS

TooPoizonus Last updated on January 9, 2012
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New Patch

Because of the new patch with the nerfed jungle, this guide is nearly useless! If you, for some reason, stumble upon this build, it's really outdated. Sorry!

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Why this build?

I have seen so many shaco junglers use cloth + 5 pots and I really don't see the reason why. A good enough shaco jungler won't get hit by the creeps so often to need to use a pot, and armor isn't good if you aren't gettnig hit (duh).

So I did some math. The cost of 5 pots is 175 gold. The two golems give 60g, red gives 80g, wraiths give 71g, wolves give 67g, and blue give 80g. That means you waste about 2.5 jungle gruop's worth of gold for something you don't need. 175 gold "wasted" on pots--that aren't exactly needed--isn't good :(

Also, after doing the whole jungle once, you can buy a madreds! :D

Item choice: A sword will speed up your jungling by a bit. I have already stated why I don't take a cloth armor, a vamp scepter won't heal you for much and if you get boots you can't get madreds on first run through the jungle.

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Jungle Route

Buy a long sword and head to blue. You need to be fast, so click Madred's then a long sword at the bottom.

Once you near blue, be on the south side of blue (behind the wall) and put a box behind where blue would spawn (through the wall). Put three boxes behind blue, then put a box at wolves.

You need to place it far enough to not make them pull at 1:40, but close enough so the wolves dont reset once they get to it. Go to wraiths.

You need to put a box on that flower thing southeast of the wraiths, it has four mushrooms on it. Afterwards, stand just outside of the brush southwest of the wraiths and then smite the big wraith (your box won't give you vision of the blue wraith). The certain point will not trigger the box when the wraiths pass by.

Head back to blue and put a box where the rest of your boxes are (from the position you were standing in the beginning of the game.) Blue will spawn, so run to blue and attack it from behind.

Kill wolves and use the box you put down earlier. Go to wraiths afterwards. Before doing wraiths, put a box near red. Kill wriaths.

Once you get to where red is, place two more boxes out of trigger range (but still in red's reset radius) and pull it with your dagger. Smite kill it.

Head to golems, put two boxes down, and kill them. Go B, buy a madreds. Once you gank it'll be about 4:40, you will just run out of blue and you'll have half of red.

In Short:
Big wraith Smite
Rest of wraiths
Red Smite

Boxes before blue spawns:
4 boxes at blue
1 box at wolves
1 box at wraiths

Minor camps (wolves, wraiths golems) should spawn after your 5th box, and major camps (Red, Blue) will spawn just after your 6th box.

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Two Alternate Jungle Routes

Both will make you level three at or before 3:00 and you can gank mid with blue/red. You will get a long sword and a pot (ZOMG NOT A POT?!?!!?) for both of them. For both routes take W then E then Q.

Alt Blue Path: Three boxes behind blue (like before, make sure you're fast) and then two at wolves. Wolves will spawn after the 5th box, smite the big wolf and kill the other two. Set another box at blue, blue will spawn, and kill it. Chug a pot. Go to wraiths, set a box out of range of pulling wraiths, set another at red (only setting up for red after you gank,) smite big wraith and kill the rest. You're now lvl 3, with blue, and gank mid.

Advantages: Full mana, meaning you can stealth, put a box down and use your knife!
Disadvantages: Slower than red path and you don't have red for ganking.

Alt Red Path: Quickly set two boxes at golems, then three at red. Go back to golems, kill them and use another box in the process. Use a pot. Go over to red, drop another box down and pull red (knife or no knife, but you waste mana with the knife.) Walk southwest so the big lizard triggers all of your boxes, then more to that the small lizards are in range of the boxes too. Red dies, kill small lizards and make the most use of red buff between them. Smite the blue wraith on the way to mid and gank. You are level three by 2:38ish and by 2:45 you have enough mana to decieve (and a knife or box if you didn't pull red with a knife).

Advantages: You have red to gank and it's faster than the blue route.
Disadvantages: You don't have much mana :(

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Jungling Tips, Do's and Don'ts

PRACTICE A LOT!!! Do a couple custom games to get it down (if you need to), try an AI to get a feel for it in a semi-real situation, then try it out in a normal game. I hate the people who suck in a normal game, jungling or not, and then just say "sorry, first game as ______."

Gank or help your team! If your team needs a gank, go gank. Shaco doesn't need red to gank well. Save your E for the very end for the gank because the slow is very important. Also, don't be the jungler who says "NO WAIT I NEED TO FINISH BLUE FIRST BEFORE I HELP YOU" and then it takes you a minute for blue to be finished. Then the lane doesn't need help anymore as the tower is dead.

Ask for protection because it is super easy to mess up a shaco jungle. Super. Easy. A leash isn't necessary and don't ask for one becuase they might mess up your XP gain.

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Importantish Stuff That You Might Want To See

Marks: Arp for obvious reasons, helps with jungling and piercing through those squishies.
Seals: Armor for taking less damage from the jungle creeps (when you actually do get hit) and taking less damage from them AD carries when you decide to melt their faces with your smile (wut).
Glyphs: Entierly up to you, I just set flat AP becuase that's what I use at the moment. Suggestions would be awesome in the comments!
Quints: Arp for obvious reas-- wait, didn't I already say this?

Offensive is awesome for Shaco!
Crit better than AP, smite mastery is good.
CDR For more boxes before minions spawn, AS is better than the stuff I didn't get.
ARP is cool, don't need minion damage at late or early game, wasted AS. MPen helps.
AD is awesome
Crit damage is rare to get. And awesome.
This is just what I use, purely preference. Ghost mastery is good if you take ghost.
EVERYBODY JUST GET MORE XP!!!! (Every Day I'm Junglin' Song...)
Buff duration is gooooodd!!! (Better than Gold, you get just enough gold to buy a ward at the 21 minute mark from this)

Take flash if you like flash, again: It's all about preference. People don't work the same ways so find what's best for you.

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One Last Note...

If you want more information about shaco, I HIGHLY RECOMEND LOOKING AT OTHER SHACO GUIDES BECUASE MINE DOESN'T GIVE YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SHACO. Scroll up and the guides are on your right.

Funny trivia (this won't help you play Shaco better, but read on if you like)
Shaco is an anagram for Chaos.
Ram Steed, the interviewer for the Journal of Justice, was stabbed (almost to death) after he interviewed Shaco.
Shaco was designed buy Guisoo. What was he thinking? ;)

Comment if you like, advice is always taken into account. I'll try to reply to you guys if any of you ask a question. Have fun throwing knives into people's faces!