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Shen Build Guide by Emerson

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Emerson

Jungle Shen - Gank Dem *****es Edition

Emerson Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Shen, what a guy he is. In this guide it will give players a good grasp of how jungling (and ganking) as Shen is easy and ridiculously effective.

Basically there a few concepts you need to pull of:

    You can't give a **** about your life, you're a team player, play accordingly.
    Allow mid to take a buff or two off you if it will make them win their lane.
    Build around the game, don't do a set build style.

So, after understanding a few simple guidelines we have a base to build our play-style. Shen is effective in a number of ways, his taunt allows for CC as well as protection for your team mates, Vorpal Blade allows more survivability for your team mates, and your shield gives you survivability as well as the opportunity to bait a tower dive or just to be attacked in general. And his ultimate of course... Obviously it's uses generally fall under "*** Saving".

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Jungling, in a Nutshell

Jungling is fairly simple and open to variation. Although there are different ways to jungle i'll just outline my jungling

Jungle Order:

1. Blue Buff (Leash not needed, but helpful)

2. Wolves

3. Wraiths

4. Golems

5. Red Buff

Once you have completed red, you can basically do one of two things. You can go back momentarily, get your boots and heal ETC, then gank. Or you can continue jungling between your wraiths and golems and their wraiths and golems. At this point you have red buff, so I would advocate that you gank to utilize it's great damage and slow for the early game and help out a lane.

Selecting a lane to gank is fairly straight forward. You simply use map awareness or scan each lane to see you allied and enemy positions. Once you see a lane that the enemies are exposed to a gank and you have one or two team mates to back you up, you set up the gank.

Basically you rinse and repeat these steps until lane phase is over and then we get into "out of lane phase shen".

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Shen, Entering Adulthood

So, now that Lane Phase is done, you become the teams go-to saviour. You play him as you normally would but just always be with team mates, especially your carry. As you protect your carry and set up kills for your team at this stage in the game, you should have quite the leg up on the opposing team. The important thing to remember is that even if you do ludicrously well, you still may not win, you need to be giving the kills away to people who can utilize the farm better for late game.

To sumarize the things you need to do later game

1. Ulitimte Teleport onto allies to save them

2. Bait out teamfights

3. Take the heat off of allies

4. Give allies the neutral buffs

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Ranked Play

I'm adding this as a disclaimer,


And the play for ranked jungle stay similar, except for giving up a few buffs to help other decimate their lanes.

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So, there you have it, a basic outline of how to jungle as Shen. Obviously you can play with the build and make it suite your specific play-style, and also to the context of your team and the opponent's line up. The summoner abilities I find work excellently in a jungle and ganking environment. Smite to make your jungling fast and easy, and exhaust to make ganking more successful. Shen is a powerful character as long as you play him accordingly, and if you do, you're guaranteed wins (team mate permitting).

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Thanks for reading my guide!

This is my first true guide after getting back into the game. I've spent the majority of my time on the game playing MANY tanks, and have done generally well. I appreciate feedback and it would be great to hear from you!

If you need to contact me, reach me at: