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Shen Build Guide by KunfO

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KunfO

Jungle Shen - The Global Threat

KunfO Last updated on February 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build will lay out how to play jungle Shen in an aggressive way, allowing you to be a threat across the map, even in multiple places at once. Due to his the utility of his ultimate, Shen is probably the only jungler who can gank once and then immediately assist in another situation across the map. This allows you to give your team supreme map control, and will make you an essential part of carrying most teams to victory.

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Core Items

With the new Shen updates, it's best to build the right balance of flat health and attack speed on him. Each basic attack Shen does reduces the cooldown on his passive by 1.5 seconds, and Ki Strike scales off of his bonus hp. This allows Shen to build both as a beefy tank as well as a serious physical threat.

Mid-Late Game

Towards the middle of the game, you'll want to continue to build flat hp. This will allow you to stay alive and soak up more damage during ganks and teamfights. Remember, you don't need as much damage mitigation as most tanks, as your dash taunt reduces incoming damage by 50%. Continuing to build flat bonus health will also allow you to do more damage with your Ki Strikes. Additionally, the getting a frozen mallet will allow you to chase, making up for this build's relatively slow movement speed.

End Game

Getting a Phantom Dancer once you have the gold will grant you much-needed movement speed as well as plenty of attack damage to make you a threat all the way up to the end of the game. Your Ki Strikes should be doing somewhere around 400-500 damage by the time you get your second Warmogs (if the game goes that long).

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Jungle Route

I run a standard jungling path with Shen. The great thing about jungle Shen is you are able to regenerate hp with vorpal blade, and with your shield you should be able to retain enough hp to go right to red after wraiths. You also won't be forced to go back to buy until you have enough gold for a Heart of Gold and boots.

I usually gank either top or mid after my first clear of the jungle, which is usually around 3:30-3:45. If your opponents blow flash early, you can sometimes catch an easy kill with a well-placed taunt.

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Early Game

Once you hit level 6,Stand United allows you to become an effective, full-time ganker. If your opponent's flash is down, open ganks with Shadow Dash, catching your enemy champion for a free few seconds of damage. If their flash is up, run ahead of the enemy, using Q and Ki Strike to do damage as you wait for Flash to be used. As soon as they flash, taunt them with Shadow Dash to hold them in place and finish the kill.

After each gank, check other lanes for possible opportunities to use Stand United. If you see a lane being pushed hard by the enemy team, tell your allies to run ahead and bait the enemy to attack them. Use Stand United on your weakest ally in the lane, following up with Shadow Dash to hold enemy champions in place to set up easy kills.

Remember, ganking strategy notwithstanding, you should always use Stand United on an ally that is about to die. Sometimes this will result in a kill for your team, but it's always wise to keep an ally alive if you can. Always have an eye on your team's HP and be alert to calls for help from your team.

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Team Fights

Once the laning phase ends, your role shifts from jungler to tank. Although there is finesse involved in your teamfighting play which we will go over, your ultimate goal is to taunt and zone the enemy AD Carry.

YourShadow Dash makes you a great initiator in fights that are started in close quarters, such as in the jungle or around Baron. A well-placed dash will allow you to catch both the ad carry (who should always be the end target of the dash) as well as one or both of the enemy tanks. Not only will a good taunt allow you to absorb the damage of your enemy's carries, it will reduce incoming damage by 50%.

Focus on zoning the enemy AD Carry. Once he starts running away from the battle, shift your focus to the AP carry. Always focus on soft targets, trying to slow them with phage procs or Frozen Mallet while doing sustained burst damage with your passive. With the items you've built, you shouldn't be dying without eating up a substantial portion of enemy damage, in which case your team's carries will be able to clean up the fight.

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The first time I tried this particular build in a normal game, this happened:

Can you beat 16-1-16? Go and give it a try!