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Nocturne Build Guide by Phryer

Jungle Tank Nocturne

By Phryer | Updated on October 24, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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This is my guild for Jungle Tank Nocturne, who is really fun to play.
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Armor penetration, armor, and magic resist. Pretty standard for jungling.

Armor penetration quints for added oomph.
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Full offensive mastery up to Havoc.

Utility masteries are pretty basic with a point in Greed.
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Item Build/Jungle Route/Basic Gameplay

Start off with a cloth and 5 pots. You can grab a Vampiric Scepter instead but I prefer the cloth and pots.

This is my preferred jungle route:

Take a point in Q.

Start at wolves -> use a pot while you kill them ->
go to wraiths, smite the big wraith, finish off the little wraiths,

Take a point in W.

Proceed to golems --> use a pot while you kill them,

Take a point in E.

You are now at level 3 and have 3 pots remaining. Your health will be pretty low. How you choose to level up your skill sequence from here is up to you, but I usually max Q first.

At this point you should assess your team's situation. If you think you can gank top lane (who should be solo top) then go ahead and gank. Mid is gankable at times in this situation. Communicate with your teammates.

After this go back to base. If you were able to gank someone, you probably have enough money to buy madred's razors or boots of speed. Up to you.

Wolves have respawned so go kill them.

Proceed to Blue Golem -> use the rest of your pots while you kill the big golem. Remember to land your Q on them and use your E since you are about to get mana regen. Use Smite when the big golem is almost dead. Now you have blue buff.

You should be level 4-5. You can choose to gank again, just assess your team's situation and see if bottom lane could use a surprise 3v2 gank or if mid needs a gank. I usually don't go all the way across the map to gank solo lane in this case.

Wraiths and golems have probably respawned. Take advantage of your mana regen and spam your spells to kill wraiths then golems.

Go back to base.

If you don't have Madred's Razor and Boots of Speed, buy them now. You SHOULD have enough for Wriggle's Lantern and/or Berserker's Greaves. Get Wriggle's and Berserker's if you're able.

Now proceed to Red Lizard -> Smite should be back up but you probably won't need it.

Now you are level 6 with the red buff. Put a point in your ultimate and go gank!!
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Skill Sequence

I max Q first, then E, then W.

These skills probably don't need an explanation if you jungle Nocturne.
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Summoner Spells

Smite for jungle (duh).

Flash for mobility/versatility/escape.

For me there is really no other option for jungling.
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That's it for this guide. I might tweak it here and there. Remember this is as Tank Jungle Nocturne guide.

Once you have built up your Warmog's and have stats on your two Thirsters you will be a pretty viable, tanky killing Nocturne.

I hope this guide helped and feel free to rate and/ or comment. This is only my second guide here but I enjoy making them. :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author Phryer
Phryer Nocturne Guide

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Jungle Tank Nocturne