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Teemo Build Guide by rviel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rviel

jungle teemo

rviel Last updated on February 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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well, first off, i have been playing teemo for a bit and i decided to try jungling with him. its actually not that bad. i love teemo because of his abilities and sneakyness. i love him. i also like playing with xin zhou and zilean and pantheon. they are a lot of fun too. okay, lets jump right in on this buildand get some work done!!! By The Way, i know teemo isnt a jungler but i wanted to try it! hahahah it's quiet intresting. enjoy :)

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first, i chose as my mark the mark of fortitude for the extra health you will need for junglng. i chose the glyph of insight so your toxic shot does more damage to the monsters over time. i chose the seal of potencey for the same reason. your poisen. and your dart. and i chose the quinteccance of force so you get more AP as you slowly lvl up. LOVE IT!!!! you can change this for your suiting if you would like too. but i reccomend this.

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okay, i usually get a dorans blade for jungling. it suits it well with the life steal and extra health and damage. then i get the extra gold items like heart of gold for health, luck pick for ability power, and philosephers stone for mana. then get berserkers greaves for attack speed. then mazreds razor and zeal. the upgrade thos to madreds blood razor and phantom dancer. the stinger to nashors tooth, and then maldy and void staff to finish off the build. if you have time sell berserkers greaves for another phantom dancer. this item build is great and makes your teemo a frickin beast. like me. :):)

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my masteries are 17-13 this allows for extra health along with the damage output you need. it gives you attack speed, damage, and improved spells. i love it. its great. but you can change it if you want.... :)

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Skill Sequence

for your first ability pick blinding dart. this will allow you to attack the monster alot better. it will miss alot of it's attacks allowing you to do more damage. then get toxic shot so you can further increase the damage. and pick walk quickly last. you can switch that too if you want, but i tried it and died. blinding dart works best first.

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Summoner Spells

i chose heal and smite for the regular jungling reasons. heal so if your in a tight spot you can heal. and smite to finish off the monster earlier. hahah smite is amazing! i stole a barons one time with it. use it wisely.

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i like jungling with teemo. it has its fails here and there but it suits me well. jungling with teemo is great!! ecspecially with his fast walk you can gank the lanes alot easier. i didint want to type much, so i put the rest of t he chapters in this one. pros? you can lvl up faster and get more gold after you get the heart of gold, kages pick, and philosephers stone. you will be getting items like crazy in mid game. later you sell them. play cautious in the beginning agaisnt other champs as you only have little items to help you damage them. this build is focused mainly on mid game but is great also in late game. thank you for reading this teemo jungling build, i really hope you like it and use it well. BEWARE it is pretty hard. anyway, i really hope you enjoy this build :) HHAAAAVVEE FUUUNNN:):)