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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tek9420


tek9420 Last updated on November 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I have tested this build before, and have done well with it.
Bladesurge - BS
Hiten Style - HS
Equilibrium Strike - ES
Transcendent Blades - TB
Introduction: this is a build based on attack speed. Because Hiten Style(HS) restores health per attack, not based on damage, the faster you hit, the faster you heal. In addition to this, the active of HS does true damage each attack, also being increased by attack speed. I have tried other builds, and this one seems to work the best (for me).
Runes/Masteries: All attack speed. If you max these out, you will start with a boost as large as a Recurve bow. Basically Normal jungling 21/0/9.
Summoner Skills:Smite (a must for jungling), and Teleport.
other spells:
Clairvoyance - could be necessary if you think your going to get ganked while jungling, otherwise I don't use it much.
Clarity - Nice, sometimes, but for jungling its not necessary since you ave the blue buff
Cleanse - Nice to avoid stuns, but getting Mercury treads can work too.
Exhaust - One of my favorites, but not for jungling, nice later game, but teleport helps.
Flash - She has a jump that can instant cooldown if used correctly, almost pointless.
Fortify - not a tank, No mastery, not really useful
Ghost - can be nice for those situation of minions getting in the way, and for chasing or running.
Heal - nice for start of jungling, but you have 5 potions, and you have life regen
Ignite - Hate/Love this - not AP though, only like it with mastery
Rally - give that extra boost that's not needed in the jungle
Revive - NO!

Jungling Directions: Start like any most other jungle builds: buy Cloth Armor and 5 health potions. Start with the wraiths, hit the big one with smite (will be cooled by the golem)the pop on HS) active and kill the rest. Move on to the wolf camp use first health potion, use HS again and clear them starting with the big one. This will level you, choose Equilibrium Strike (ES). Now move to the golem (smite cooldown around 15 sec). Hit the golem with ES, it will stun him (you have less life), use HS start attacking him. use your next health potion when the other one finishes, Smite and finish him off while using ES to stun the lizards. Note: you will be very low at the lizards, but if you stun them and continue to us HS, you will kill them.
Move to the golem camp and take them out, ES, HS, and making sure you are always regening health. At level 3 another point in HS. Go to the Lizard buff and do the same as with the Golem. Stun, HS, Smite, Potion.
If all goes well, you should be level 4 by now. If not hit the wraith and/or wolf camp again being much easier. At level 4 put one into BS and if you are feeling confident go ahead and gank someone. Recall after you finish getting your kill or assist, and put another into HS at lvl 5. Complete your Madred's Razor and go kill the dragon. Attack him first, wait til he hits you for a little so you life % is lower than his. Then use ES, hopefully stunning him, use HS, use health potion, and smite then continue to use your spells as soon as they cooldown. Continue to jungle as you please, or join your teammate in the lanes or where needed. At level 6 put one point in Transcendent Blades (TB). Max Hiten Style first, followed by Equilibrium Strike, with one In Bladesurge at level 4. Of course put one into Transcendent Blade (Ultimate) ASAP.
when facing an enemies, always wait for the tank to engage. to engage start with BS, then HS. When you lose a little life, stun the person with higher % of life with ES, it also does a substantial amount of damage. When chasing someone with lower life, the Slow from ES is pretty large, so it serves you well. In all situations, Never use TS when you have full life unless you are trying to finish off a runner. It regenerates your health much more than hiten style. Don't wait to long to use it though, depending on the amount of people, and who they are focusing, you may have to use it early.
If you want a Crit damage/Dodge instead of berzerker boots, use Dodge boots, and replace Madredz with a Dancer or two. Never tested just thought of
Suggestion are welcome and appreciated, anything to make this build better