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Xerath Humor Guide by YourStalker

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author YourStalker

Jungle Xerath

YourStalker Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Hello, I am Your Stalker, a super high elo player that has been playing ever since I was born. I have played all the champions and I have decided that junglers were the main goal of the game. I have found that bad junglers, such as Trundle, Udyr, and Warwick, are used a lot due to people wanting to be butthats.

However, through my 26 years of research, filled with mathcrafting and diet Pepsi, I have found the ultimate jungler. This jungler is Xerath, the Lighting Guy Who Shoots Lighting and stuff.

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Jungle Xerath Summary

Jungle Xerath is an S tier Jungler;
   He excels at positioning in the jungle and kiting the minions.
   Jungle Xerath's ganks are superior to all other jungler's ganks.
   Jungle Xerath excels at dying to Nasus, baiting his Kennen to die to Nasus, and watching Sona die to Nasus.
   Jungle Xerath's clear time is very quick due to the Phantom Dancer's he buys (MANDATORY!!).
   Jungle Xerath is legendary at securing the kill, so that the Nidalee Bot who is stunned can not escape.
   Jungle Xerath's only weak point is his lack of power.
   He is unable to 1v5 the enemy team, no matter how much times he tries.

Jungle Xerath is truly truly truly the most outrageously good jungler in the game.

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Jungle Route

Jungle Xerath is a really strong jungler. However, unlike other guides which usually tell you to start at wolves then get blue and etc, I will tell you the best path of all time. This jungle path has been passed down my family for five million generations. I will refer to this path as X.

X is a super easy path that requires you to be a brave fighter. First, you find where the enemy is starting. Is he starting at red? Get dragon. Is he starting at blue? Get dragon. Is he afk? Afk to even out the teams.

I know, I know, X is too much for you to take in all at once, so I will give you a second. Here you are probably wondering, "Stalker, doesn't dragon spawn at 2:30 minutes?". Did I tell you to question me?!?!?!? NO! It was implied that once you find out where the enemy jungler is starting, you sit at base for awhile until dragon spawns.

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Item Build

Whatever item you start with does not affect Jungle Xerath. It would be better to go in naked. However, since the people of League find dying anti-fun, I have had to buy items to start.

I usually start off by buying as much wards as I can until dragon spawns. Then, while traveling to dragon, I ward my every step, so I don't get lost. Once I get to dragon, I beat him up and get enough gold for six Warmogs.

However, if you are feeling aggressive, I have a better item build for you. This item build is super scary, and will win you the game. I begin by buying an oracles and a ward. Then, when dragon spawns, I say in all chat "1v1 me nub enemy jungler, I at dragon, you ******, get wrecked nub *****". This usually scares them off, causing them to switch to your team due to being afraid.

However, if the enemy jungler is dumb enough to come, here is where it gets fun. While he is auto attacking you, stand still and laugh. Do not fight back, as you are showing him that you are beyond his level of senseless violence. They will probably disconnect and cry to themselves because they have learnt the truth.

However, some people are just too ignorant. They refuse to believe the words you are showing them, and are all caught up in trying to kill you. If you are about to die, ward where you have died. Doing this will allow the enemy jungler is see the error in his ways, forcing him to B and buy Doran's Flowers and put it on the ward you have placed.

The worst possible item to build on Xerath is Doran's Ring. Don't do it.

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You are probably stunned at how in depth this guide is. You are probably wondering "How can I be as good at high elo Your Stalker, who is the ruler of all stalkers?". The answer is, you can't. I am a descendent of the mighty Phreak, being trained at a young age by the wise Zileas, and fighting side by side with the legendary Morello.

To attain this level of elo, you must dedicate your life to always get better, and never lose. Always be #1.

Hue you later, Summoners.


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