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Xin Zhao General Guide by BobJoe

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BobJoe

Jungle Xin- Short Guide

BobJoe Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is how I play Xin. I'm not here to TEACH you to play Xin because all you do is right click to win. Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT go in game, and say, "THIS IS EXACTLY THE BUILD IMMA USE". Please don't. Play around the game. If other team has a lot of AP champs, let's say, then build more MR than Armour.

This is not the best guide, really no pictures. If someone can tell me how, that would be great.

What some may find is this build is that it lacks the AS. However, try it in game and the AS should not really be a BIG problem.

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Reg jungler runes. Yup.

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21/0/9 usual jungle masteries.

I'm not going to argue with anybody. If you want different masteries, you do that. Put 30 masteries in offense, be my guest.

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6/7 Items: Wriggles(BT if prefered), Merc, Ghost, Mallet, Banshee, Atmas.

Why I get each item

1. Wriggles. 1600. Free ward for dragon, baron, your buffs. Amazing early game, and is considered to be an "early game blood thirster". A follow-up with your madred's. I sometimes sell it for a Bloodthirster at the end, but it's always nice having a free ward, the 20% minion thing for baron, and that armour always comes in handy.
Wriggles VS. Bloodrazer.

Wriggles- Life steal, free ward. ONLY 1600.

Bloodrazer- NO LIFESTEAL, NO WARD. 4% HP/ Hit (Magic Damage). +40% AS. 3.8k~. Do the comparison yourself. With the extra 2.2k, i can purchase most of the Ghostblade, with only 600 gold remaining.

2. Mercs. You're the jungler. Get into that team fight and don't be a *****. Grab mercs so the CC's aren't as tough on you.

3. Ghostblade. You can get PD, Trinity, Black Cleaver to replace it if you want, or whatever you want. I really like ghostblade in this build because this build lacks movement speed, so ghostblade would fix that problem when fighting. And the extra AS always helps.

4. Mallet- Tanky. 100% slow. You'll find that rolling a dice for a 35%(?) on a trinity is not worth it. Get mallet. They can't run away, unless it's a Yi.

5. Banshee. You need some MR and the 45s shield really helps.

6. Atmas- Should add about 50-60 attack in the end.

Not saying you should follow this build 100%, mix and match to your liking.

Like i said in the intro, build with the game.

To glass cannon Xins, your build may work when you play some noobs, but when you play big boys, good luck surviving a teamfight. Just putting that out there in case you think your glass cannon build is going to win loads of games.

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Skill Sequence

I like to max Q first, but some may go for E. Your choice. Put at least 1 point on W. Really helpful. Why i go Q> W > E is so you can gank at level 3. At that time, if you do your route right, you should be on par with the mid, or top solos.

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Creeping / Jungling

Grab cloth, some potions( 3-5). I start at golems, triple talon one to 450 or so, and smite. Use a potion at the start.

2. Wraiths. Kill the blue one first because it regens HP.

3. Wolves. Use a potion when the last two wolves are almost dead, so you will be near full HP at blue.

4. You can go gank, or get blue. So you can either go Q>W>E or Q>W>Q, depending on the situation.

At blue, use potion right away, smite it dead at 500 ish HP.

Note: Don't be afraid to spam all your skills, the blue buff will regen your MP.

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Team Work


Just gonna list out some points of what junglers are made for.

1. Win lanes. This is important. The part of the jungler is to gank, and to gank is to try to win lanes. Who cares if bottom or top or mid is warded? Get in that brush and wait. How is this winning a lane? Other team will be reluctant to farm, and when you see a chance to strike, get in there with your E. Only do this if you're faster in EXP, or on par with others, but dont wait more than a minute.

2. Carry. Junglers are usually meant to carry. Kick out some damage in team fights. Take out their carries.

3. Rushing in like a boss. When a team fight breaks, rush onto their carry. If you die, it's probably because they put ALL or most their CC on you, along with their ultimates. Therefore, your team will find an easy win in team fight. Do not worry about your score. LoL is a game of teamwork, and you must do everything to win. It doesn't matter if your score is 7-10, aslong as you did your job. Might not look pretty, but hey, you won the game. Better than going 22-2 with a defeat. This build is MADE for you to rush in and take out their carry.

You do damage, enemy team worries about you, so they focus on you, and guess what? Your team wins the team fight.

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Sorry, no pics, but whatever. If someone can teach me how, that'd be nice.

Remember your roles as a jungler. You may not get kills, but that doesn't mean a gank is a failure.

The chart at the top is kinda misleading. At end game, you should have about 300 ATT damage with 3-3.3k HP(depending if you purchase elixirs), along with 150 armour and 130 MR. Close to those numbers.


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