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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yeldarb

Junglestix! Shine above the rest

Yeldarb Last updated on September 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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"OH MAN, a champion made of straw.... What an easy kill.".... WRONG.

Why are champions like Garen considered OP? Because the Meta game is shifting towards tankier more damage soaking champions, while being able to do damage. Consider this build Garensticks if you will.

Great Jungler, dont even need smite to kill golem, so you dont give away you're jungling
Life drain, silence, fear, good damage. He is the CC king!
Hard to kill

Mana dependent

You see my build and you laugh at me. "FIDDLESTICKS DOES DAMAGE NOOB, NOT TANKZOR!". To you I say, try the build, and laugh in the face of your enemies as they attempt to kill you, thinking you are squishy, and you rake in the kills. 3v1, no problem! Darkwind, drain, fear, drain some more. GG.

Level 1-4:

Jungle, jungle, jungle. Start at the golem, without smite, the enemy will rarely check for you, so you are free to drain the golem. Drain, then pop your pot, then drain. Golem will die before your pot runs out. Finish off the little lizards and you are level 2.
Grab Fear and go to the wolf camp, kill them and then head over to Lizard buff. You should be fine on mana, so spam away on Dark Wind and Life Drain. Once lizard buff dude dies, you will be level 3, and you can kill golems quickly. Save up some mana while killing golems, use DW to kill them faster. Then you are level 4, and you have silence, which means you are ganking! Go to the nearest lane (tell your laning partners to let them push up) and gank for the double kill (it is preferrable that the person solo laning is the one closest to lizard buff for a quick move there and most probably chance they will be getting outlaned, hence, more distance to gank in). Once you get your double kill, the enemy will begin to wonder, "wtf! I thought Fiddle was AFK! I didn't see no smite!"

Level 5-11
You should be 2/0/0, or 1/0/1, ATLEAST 1/0/0, and go ahead a refresh your blue buff. It is important to keep up blue buff because you will need the mana and the CD reduction on your ultimate. Once you have cleared the lane with your double kill, you are pretty much done jungling. You want to grab a lane, and help out where needed. You are now a ganking machine, casting ultimate from the bushes into two people, and other such craziness creating havoc wherever you go. (I like to grab mid to outlevel the other four enemies). Don't go back until you can afford belt, which most likely be as soon as you hit level 5 from your double kill (hopefully First Blood). Grab a sunfire as soon as you have the money, and just gank where needed. At this point you wont even notice that you dont have AP items because fiddles AP modifier is really low anyway, and most games you don't have a lot of AP at this time in the game. So gank up and get your kills.

Level 11-18
By this time, you probably have 1, possible two deaths, but about 6-7 kills. You should have atleast 1 sunfire, and your chalice to help with mana. If you were good about blue buff, you can skip chalice and get your second sunfire. Boots can come in whenever you think you need a little more speed, but with flash/ulti combo you shouldn't need it too badly. If they are heavy on magic, go with MR boots instead of swiftness. Once you have two sunfires, you are a great tank with drain and fear and silence. You should have around 2500 health, be radiating a lot of damage with sunfires, and you will be getting focused because you raped them so hard in the beginning. UNFORTUNATELY for them, they will not be able to kill you. You will be an ultimate using gangster, and easily farm up the rest of the items. Carry your team to victory, and even though you will have 0 AP, you still do great damage (ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE MELLEE, go sunfire go!).

Interchangeable: 3rd sunfire

If you are doing well, and want to take more damage because you are getting focused, OR if they have a lot of Magic, get a Force of Nature or a Banshee's Veil. This will help you survive and therefore rake in more kills. If you want to do more damage, get the 3rd sunfire, and sub out the chalice for a zhonya's near end game. This will provide 100 AP and immunity, which is pretty OP. You don't need the zhonya's, but it is fun.

The first 8 levels are important to get the exact skill order. You want to get drain to jungle, then 2x DW for farming, then fear for ganking. After that you want to max DW to get team kills easier, and your ultimate obviously. After Dark wind is rank 5, it is up to you how you want to do drain and fear. If you think you need more damage draining (like if your team has a snare or a stun and they aren't running, then get more drain). If they are escaping, max out fear. I think a 2 second fear is enough, so I get rank 4 fear then max out drain.

Final note:
I realize this build looks pretty underpowered and gimps yourself in damage, BUT you will be shocked at your damage you put out. Everyone focuses Fiddle because of his insane aoe damage. You still have that aoe damage, just in a different form. They still have to fear you, or you will fear them (get it?), you just have 3500 health now instead of 1500. Of course you can always modify in a mejai's or the zhonya's for the chalice/3rd sunfire. that is your choice. I find this way the best to go, considering the longer the game goes on, the more and more I get focused, which I just LOL because I can drain through their puny damage.

Also, this build is MOST effective for majority physical damage. If they are heavy MR, this build works well, but I suggest a large MR item instead of 3rd sunfire, MR boots, and definitely get the chalice, the MR really helps.

This build is hilarious, its fun, and best of all, IT WORKS. Join the band wagon because SunfireJungleStix is where it is at, and will be very popular soon.

EDIT: 9/11/10
Changed skill sequence. Found dark wind was less helpful to jungle with early game than rank 2 of Drain. Also fear early on ensures ganking ASAP, even with just blue buff. Having Drain and Fear leveled up together gives you the best bang for your buck. More health gained while your fear is lasting .5 seconds every time. Dark Wind is helpful for silences which comes in further at team fights, which is later in game. Rank 2 is all you need really.

Changed Item Sequence: Added a frozen heart due to suggestion. Does wonders. Hello 60 second Ultimate at rank 1. Goes to like 40-50 at rank 3. A Must have.