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Warwick Build Guide by LolACopterRex

JungleWick - Total Domination

By LolACopterRex | Updated on March 27, 2012

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~ Read this please, This guide is based on my PURE ad Warwick build, this build is not set in stone and you can change it any way you need, to accomidate the other team. Oh, and sorry for the lack of pictures..... I don't know how to do all the fancy stuff.
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This is my first guide!!!!!

In this guide, I hope to teach you how to jungle as Warwick in your ranked matches. First things first, i've been playing Warwick since my start of LoL, and always wondered, why am I laning so badly, and the answer was becuase i wasn't using warwick to his full potential. He excells in the jungle mostly becusae of his lack of needing leashes.
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Pros / Cons

Warwick excells over other junglers;


Passive lifesteal in the form of extra damage.
Lifesteal is in his skillset
Can buff his attack speed
dosnt rely on leashes


Not very tanky with this build.
Can be slow since boots are taken late.
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The reason I choose the attack speed and crit runes over other jungling rune is because it speeds up his jungle time, and also allows him to do massive early game damage.

Fast jungle times
Better life steal
Allows to make the most of the masteries

Has low movement speed early
Not as tanky
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This are just the standard AD jungle Masteries, theres not really much I can say here. It's just a 21/9/0 Mastery set up. I don't take Runic affinty for the fact that you shouldnt be in the jungle long enough for your buffs to wear out wihtout getting a kill.
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So, heres where it get hard. This is a VERY item dependent build, as in the fact that late game it scales up to do AMAZING damage. But, you can't take very much damage, as in, you're basically a glass cannon, one shot and you're done. But early game it gives you the ability to survive the jungle.

I start off with cloth armour as opposed to the other jungling items you can get, mostly becuase you need it for;

1. surviving the jungle
2. surviving a failed gank (hopefully dosnt happen)
3. builds into the Madred's razor

Next up, The razors!
These are an obvious choice becuase of the damage that they can do to minions, letting you speed up your jungle, and your farming.

This is all around good becuase of the free ward, armour, AND lifesteal. The fact that you get a free ward allows you to ward your own jungle, preventing counter ganks, and allows you to see when your jungle is back.

The rest of the build scales into late game very well, giving you Attack speed, movement speed, lifesteal, and crits, allowing you to solo any champ on the other team.
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Skill Sequence

This seqence allows you to get the most potential out of warwicks skillset. Since you should be around lvl 4 when you leave your first jungle run, you'll be able to catch up and kill the other champs in a gank, all most 100% of the time.

Leveling your Q first, and making it first, allows you to lifesteal in the jungle, AND catch those fleeing from ganks. The main benefit is the lifesteal, wich, if done correctly ( with smite) can secure your jungle, our you life. An example would be fighting bue/red buff; You have around 100hp left, The buff has about 620, smite will do around 540, so, to survive those last few hits, you use your Q, then smite, and walk away alive with a new shiny buff.

Your W;
This skill is AMAZING for the fact that it can buff your attack speed so much! This helps you jungle, solo pesky champs, and gain life back ( fast lifesteal ). It also buffs your teamates and works very well in team fights.

And your E;
This is a chaser skill, so named for the fact that it gives you the ability to chase down low health enimies by buffing your movement speed. Now this skill DOES grant sight of the target that is affected.

And your ult;
This skill is VERY important when ganking, as it stuns, grants life steal, and does damage. Co-ordiante this well in anyfight, and secure your self, and team, a kill. But stay away from those Oranges. Not good at all.
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Summoner Spells

This if fun.

Smite Flash

This is the primary jungle summoner spell line up, mostly becuase of smite, and the daage it deals to minions. allowing you to protect your jungle and your baron, or to steal their jungle and their baron. Flash is just usefull for anyhitng really.


Smite Ghost

Good combo for ganking and running, use this if you're confident that you dont need flash.

Stay away;


Stay away from these becuase they dont need to be picked up by WW, sure he uses mana, but blue buff can fix that, and clairvoyance and revive just arnt for a jungler becuase they are meant to be picked up by the support. Cleanse is good for cc, but so is a Quicksilver Sash.
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Creeping / Jungling

This wouldnt be a jungle guide with out a guide on jungling now would it?

Ok, So here we go.

The route.

In stead of starting at blue, take the agro route and start at Wolves, Go to blue ( smite ), then wraiths, Then Double golem, Red buff ( smite ). This optimizes your level and your jungle time.

Counter jungling.

This almost always happens in a ranked match.
My advice, wards. LOTS OF THEM. Ward your jungle. Your teams gank points I ( where they can get ganked ), and your enemies jungle, this may seem like a strech, but it's worth it.

Jungling can be hard!

Remember, you are the jungler, a sneaky preadator meant to gank the opponents.
A gank is when you and a team mate co-ordinate an attack on weak laner to secure the kill.
This can be hard becuase of;
2.Attacking to early.

Always wait untill you are AT LEAST level 3 to gank. This lets you optimize your E. Prime ganking time is Post 6, becuase you will have your ult and can almost always secure the kill.
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Well that about does it for my first guide.

Please rate and comment on what you think this needs, and give me some more tips for guide writing, and how to spice it up a bit!!!!

I wrote this in about 2 hours, so please remeber that this is my first guide!

It's only fun, if they run!
- Warwick


Me- Eddie ( LolACopterRex ) (<---- Also my ingame ---->)
League of Legends Build Guide Author LolACopterRex
LolACopterRex Warwick Guide

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JungleWick - Total Domination
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