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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BTstreetOne

Jungling Akali

BTstreetOne Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Hey Guys,
this is one way to jungle with Akali.
But if you read on, you have to know that you can't jungle without any Runes.
I think Akali is made for the jungle. Her early game is like a coin: If you got a bad one, your mid-game is failed. Her ultimate spell is made for ganks.If you're jungling you can skip this part of the game.

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Pros / Cons for Jungling

Akali got spell vampire and extra damage
Her ultimate is made for ganking
She can have a rly bad early game, which failes her whole game

Akali is really low life and she needs deffs
You NEED runes to jungle
She needs both passive spells

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Summoner Spells

My Summoner Spells are:
Smite and Flash.
I choosed this ones cause of:
Smite = To jungle( without it it's nearly impossible) and my masteries give me some gold.
Flash = Maybe you know it too. You think your unkillable and jump into the whole enemie's team without any thinking. Now you're staying in your Twilight Shroud. For those sittuations I got flash. You jump over the next wall and run away.
Other skills like flash are nice too, so you can get others if ou think they are better.

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There are some other guides to jungle with Akali, but all of them use dodge and magic penetration. I think it's really expensive. This one is alternative to this ones and i think it's such so good like them.
-Armor for a long stay in the jungle and an easier start.
-Health for a better surviving and easier jungling.
-Ability Power for her 2nd passive spell

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If you like to jungle, you have to buy Dorans Blade cause of the lifeboost and to activate her 1st passive spell in combo with her masteries.
After a few minutes of jungling you got enaugh money to buy Amplifying Tome, wich can be updated to sheen. If you got some money after buying Amplifying Tome you can buy some Health Potions to survival and stay in the jungle.
Now i get Giant's Belt. This item is usefull in the jungle and on the lane. You update this one to Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
After i got this items i usually buy Guinsoo's Rageblade caouse of the 3nice boots (attack speed; ap; damage).
Lich Bane is a really nice item cause of his passive effect and his boosts like more ability power and magic resist.
I wrote this is a hybrid guide and now my next item will say it,too. It's Hextech Gunblade cause of the 4perfect boots to push Akali. If you get this Item you're imba and kill the enemy with nice life steal.
My last Item was often Zhonya's Ring, but now it calls "bankys deathcap" (The symbol of bankys deathcap isn't updated on mobafire, so i used Zhonya's).

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I uploaded 2pictures of the 2sides of the map:
Here is a short Index of the Way:
1. You start at the wolfs.
2. Then you take the Ghosts.
3. If the enemy got no jungler, you take their wolfs/ if they got a one you take the golems
4. Now you take the wolfes.
5. The Ghosts.
(6.) If you killed the enemies' wolfes, you can kill the Golems now.
After this you go back to heal, buy the 4potions and the Amplifying Tome.
7. After you are back from the base, you kill the blue golem.
8. At last you kill the Lizzard.
Now you got 2buffs and nearly half health. It's time to gank and get the money for boots and the Giant's Belt. After the Lizzard you can jungle.
Now i tell you: [How To] Jungle with Akali
You start at the wolfes and kill thir "boss" at first.
The Ghosts are much harder: kill the "boss" ( the blue one) with smite and skill your 3th skill. now kill the others.
Now here ae 2ways (with enemies jungler you have to take the 2nd way!) :
1. Go to into the enemies' jungle and kill the wolfes.
2. Or you take the 2Golems, which is really hard. Attack the first one and use your potion now spam all your skills (when they aren't on cooldown) to kill them. After them you have to go back to base.
1. Use your potion and kill your wolfes. After them: Ghosts (now without smite). Now the last ones: The 2 Golems. Kill the first Golem with smite and some hits. now kill the second one.
Go base to buy 4potions and Amplifying Tome.
Now go on in killing the blue Golem: use your 2nd spell to get more deffs. attack only the big one. kill him: use a potion everytime he attacks you. Use smite to finish.
After the blue golem kill the Lizzard like the blue golem.

(Video comes soon)

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Last Words

This Guide is 100% self made and tested. I spent a long time into testing some kinds of playing Akali and writhing this guide.
If you got some Questions or Corrections: Post them!
You can post some tricks, which were updated by me.
I will update some things soon.
If you like this guide: pls get the thumbs up and post a Comment =)

Good Luck and Have Fun!