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League of Legends Build Guide Author roKsTy94

Jungling & AP Carrying

roKsTy94 Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, today Im presenting a guide on how to Jungle & AP Carry. I mostly play jungle and I can jungle with almost every champion in game but those 5 are the junglers that I most enjoy to play and imo they're the best junglers out there. I can also play AP Carries easily and they're my second choice to play. So I really hope you enjoy this guide and I really hope it can help you.

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Masteries/Runes/Summoner Spells

As you can see, I've set similar rune/masteries pages for every single champion, either AP Carries or Junglers. Ill mostly speak about the runes here coz that's the most important matter to explain. You must be asking yourself, why Physical Damage runes instead of Armor Penetration runes? It's quite clever to ask this but Ill try to prove physical damage runes are way more useful. So, ArP runes are more useful late game, this is true coz you can get Physical Damage by buying items. Still if you can't get a good early game, you wont be able to get a good late. So this is where the Physical Damage runes come. With physical damage runes your early output damage will be huge making it easier to gank successfully and with this you help your teammates winning lanes and you get easily fed. So I really think Physical Damage runes are way more useful than ArP ones. Still that stays on your criteria.

For Jungle Masteries, I always take 21 9 0 grabbing health and magic resist on defense coz you have armor runes. And taking that 3% Lifesteal, some ArP and attack speed. These are the core masteries for a Jungle.

For AP Carries Runes/Masteries, I go for full Ability Power so I can really nuke my opponent on the mid lane and win it easily.

For Summoner Spells, always take flash on AP Carries so you can easily escape from ganks at mid lane and then it varies between ignite/teleport. For example with LeBlanc's burst you need ignite for nothing, so teleport will be way more useful, the same with kass. But then again Vlad's and Swain's burst aint that strong so they really need ignite to help them get those kills. Brand can use either Teleport or Ignite but I really like to go for that ignite.
For Junglers always take flash and smite for obvious reasons but at Gangplank I'd advise you to get exhaust coz he already runes like hell with Raise Morale Passive and Active combined with boots and trinity force plus Remove Scurvy he's an hell of an escaper.

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Jungle Path

With every champion that I've put there, you can do this jungle path. So, you start at blue and you use smite on the ancient golem. Next you kill wolves, wraiths and golems using smite at the weak golem camp. Get back to the base and you should be able to buy a Wriggle's item and grab 1 or 2 Health pots. Then kill the red lizzard and go gank where it's needed. With the rune page I set there you should get a successful gank easily.

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Smite Issue.

A Jungler always NEEDS SMITE. And dont convice yourself otherwise.

Smite is always useful for a Jungler:

- Securing Baron/Dragon/Buffs is your job;
- It makes your jungling faster and you gain more gold because of your masteries;
- Makes it alot harder to be counter-jungled;
- Faster XP leads to Faster Ganks.

So dont try to jungle without smite, it's just ******ed.

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Ok, this chapter is very important. Never gank just to gank. You must check somethings first, like:

- Never gank an enemy that is tower hugging;
- Check if your team is able to help your gank;
- Check if YOU are able to gank, ganking with 300hp isnt quite smart.

Oh and be ready, coz everyone in your team will be ready to blame the jungler if they fail to hold their lanes.

So the ganks are pretty easy to make, get the red and gank them not much to explain. Still I'd like to speak about Nocturne ganks. Always try to gank by opening up with Duskbringer, and then Unspeakable Horror. Always try to avoid opening up a gank with Paranoia. Why? Never open up with Paranoia unless the map is all warded and you can't get close enough to gank with Duskbringer. If the map isnt warded, save your paranoia to catch up either if you get cc'ed or if they use flash. If you open up with paranoia and if you get cc'ed or your opponent flashes, your gank will fail and will result in time loss.

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Counter Jungling

Whenever you finish your jungle camps and you have no opportunity to gank lanes, always try to counter jungle the other jungler by killing his jungle camps. Of course that you must do this with full health and remember to have some pots on your bag just in case the other jungler gets in your way.

If you can kill some jungle camps on the other side of the jungle, you'll gain XP and Gold that weren't supposed to be for you and you'll make the other jungler lose time/XP/gold and he'll surely rage silently on his PC ahah.

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AP Carries Last Hitting and Farming

You might think that this matter isn't important but SERIOUSLY, it's the most important thing for a carry in his early game. This is even more important than focusing on the other champion or harrasing him. You should really focus on gettin the most last hits as possible (Last hits doesnt mean that you must keep hitting the minion until he dies hoping to get the last hit) so you can get extra gold to make your build asap. If you can outfarm your oponnent on mid then you'll surely win the mid lane coz you'll have more powerful items and a more powerful burst/damage output.

Always try to stay in the lane for as long as you can, that results in more last hits, resulting in outfarm and way more gold than your opponent. I understand that there are some champions that aren't easy to hang in there more alot of time but always avoid your opponents harrass and you'll be able to stay in lane for a long period of time. Vlad is probably the best champion on hanging in there with his amazing Q ability.

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It is actually really Important that you call MIA and SS.

These Acronyms stand for:
MIA- Missing In Action
And well SS doesnt really stand for nothing it's just a short way of saying "miss".

These 2 acronyms mean the same thing, although MIA is more used in America and SS in Europe.

Anyway, it is really IMPORTANT that you call MIA/SS when your opponent is missing on your lane. The mid champions tend to gank the other lanes coz they're way more levelled and they have more items than the people in the other lanes so be careful with that.

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Some few advices to mid.

Here are some few tips for you mid laning:

- Dont try to harass your opponent just coz you champion is so powerful at harassing. Harassing does not win games, but farming does. So focus on farming and leave the harass.

- Always keep moving, try to avoid skill shots and try to stay away for your oponnent spells range so you're also not harassed to death or to go B. If you die or go B, you'll lose farm/gold/XP and you'll be outlaned by your oponnent.

- If you see that you can't hold your lane, just ask your jungler or AD carry to help you at mid with a powerful gank so your oponnent dies and you'll be able to farm easily.

- Although, if you are winning your lane easily, don't get quite cocky and don't overextend, and if you do, always remember to have a ward on bushes so you are safe from ganks. If you don't have any wards, just dont overextend or you'll be most likely ganked/killed. Resulting in loss of XP/Farm.

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So in this guide as you could see, I tried to focus on the main aspects of Jungling and AP Carrying and I didn't go further on what each champion must do or mustn't do. This is a general Jungle/Carry guide that works for almost every single champion that match these things. If you a want a more analised guide from each champion, search for some single champion guides and they'll surely have a more explained guide about that particular champion. Although this guide can be extremely useful if you want to learn or master your Jungling/AP Carry.

Hope you enjoyed my guide and I hope it helps on your games.
Thanks for reading it,


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