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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TGTheEngineer

Jungling Amumu

TGTheEngineer Last updated on August 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Amumu is a great champion to have on your team, he shines in team battles and can set up aces like no tomorrow. The only thing he is bad at is early game laning. To fix this, he can jungle/creep. Now amumu has the ability to jungle very well since he has aoe spells that help you kill creep camps faster.

To properly jungle with amumu, you want to get the golem buff first. Now if the opposing team is competent enough they will try to gank you at your golem buff, but you won't be there because your a smart Amumu player. You will be at their golem buff (unless they also have a somebody jungling). When going for the golem, despair and auto attack and smite when it's low enough, beware though when waiting for it to spawn at 1:54 (in game time), hide in brush away from the camp. Keep your distance and see if you can catch the opposing team trying to sneak up and gank you. If you see them at their golem retreat to yours, or wait for them to return to their lane.

The ruby crystal start gives you enough health to guarantee the golem. When you are fighting it, you may get low, like 200 or below, do not run away or you will die/lose the buff and have to wait for smite.

Following the golem, get the wolf camp next to it, then blue pill back and buy your rejuv bead. From there i usually go, small golem camp, wraiths, The other Golem Buff, wolves, and if smite is back and your mid lane carry doesn't want lizard take that.

Then blue pill back, buy your heart of gold and boots. If you have been successful, you should be level 5-6 right now. If six, see who needs help, or could appreciate a gank, your ultimate will help your team gain mass kills.

After this point, you can gank, grab dragon, or push, all of which amumu can help with. Make sure you go back and get your randiun's omen and merc treads before the big team fights break out.

*Team Fights*
Now Amumu is by far one of the best initiators out there. He pulls himself in with bandage toss, pops his ulti, spams tantrum while his despair drains the life out of his opponents. This is all fine and dandy, but knowing when to go initiate is a whole different game. When playing amumu, you want to be sneaky, like fiddle trying to surprise cast crowstorm.
Try to be out of sight and within bandage toss length. Make sure to tell your team, via chat , skype or vent when you plan on going so they can spring on them as soon as your ulti casts. Right after you cast your ulti, hit 1, since you know you have that set up for Randuin's omen, the slow will make it impossible for those who survived the initial plant and stun to get away.

After that spam tantrum while despair is going, fairly straight forward.

*Item Choices*
Randuin's is just great overall, gives health, armor, cd reduction, health regen, and 2 slows.

Mercury treads are pretty much standard no matter what their team consists of, you will never go ninja tabi if your a good amumu, you need to be hit to tantrum, so thus you don't want dodge. Also, if you feel like they have no real hard cc, and you want everything you do to hit hard, you can in rare circumstances go sorcerer's shoes.

Sunfire Capes, are great health armor and aoe magic damage. All which Amumu needs. I have gone 5 capes before and done fine, but this build is for more overall effectiveness not a crying flame-ball flying towards a team.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This is my personal tech, i've gone it before my 3rd sunfire sometimes, it just makes everything you do hurt more, slow more and gives more health. Nothing wrong with it.

If you are bad with skill shots, go do practice games until you can hit any moving hero with bandage toss, and learn it's true limits since the spell goes further than the directional arrow suggests.

Also clear it with your team before they chose that you plan on jungling, this gives them the ability to pick heroes who can hold 2v1 lane.

And lastly, when it hits mid to late game, always try to have one of the Golem buffs. It helps hit the max CD reduction with an elixir of brilliance(which you can pick up anytime for more damage and CD reduction). This makes your tears not so draining on your mana, and it means more tantrums, bandage tossing, and cursing from you.

Always end the game with "/taunt" then "gg"