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League of Legends Build Guide Author Restrictnine#5232

Jungling Fiddle

Restrictnine#5232 Last updated on December 8, 2010
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I recently realized just how littl love this guide has been receiving. I will halt my new guide production and put effort into updating and improving this guide. Hopefully it will be up to par with my Udyr guide.

Jungle Fiddle

I caution people that are eager to jungle. An inexperienced jungler may have trouble with any jungling guide because a certain level of knowledge of the creeps is required to jungle effectively. ALSO - Jungling becomes exponentially harder with lower summoner levels. some people may discount the magnitude of Masteries and Runes, as they have a relatively small effect, but when i created this guide, i was about lv 24 with mostly tier 2 runes, and i actually died at the first camp. it is safe to say that i had to do some serious research as to why this was. DO NOT blindly downvote if it does not work for you the first time. I WILL give you advice if it is not working for you. I just need you to post, instead of downvoting without telling me why.

Acronyms that you may hear or may appear in this guide:
  • Ult - Crowstorm
  • Silence or DW - Dark Wind
  • Fear - Terrify

    Fiddle is usually not seen much in games because of his difficulty to use. When IN games, however, he is almost never seen jungling. Now, who ever said Fiddlesticks couldn't jungle? I personally think he is a fantastic jungler. Lets look at the breakdown:
    • Fiddle has a great ability in drain and allows him to stay in the jungle for as long as he wants, AS WELL as getting Blue buff right away, and can even get dragon at lv 4.
    • The reason pick Fiddle is for his ridiculous ganking potential. I mean really. In early game, when you suddenly see an ulted Fiddle in the middle of your screen, all you are thinking is "**** **** **** **** RUN!!"
    • Because Fiddlesticks is incredibly squishy, Jungling gives him a great alternative experience output that is less stressful, and generally a more reliable output of gold.
    • Your teammates don't have to babysit the squishy Fiddle, AND two lanes get 100% exp.

    First of all, An explanation of the runes. Magic Penetration Marks and Mana Regeneration per level Seals are standard for any caster, but I opted for AP per level Glyphs because Fiddle's cooldowns are fairly low anyways, and flat health Quints because that extra health is really helpful in the jungle. But if you are confident with the jungle and would rather have that extra boost elsewhere, go for AP Quints or Magic Penetration Glyphs.

    Fiddle is a fantastic jungle, good ganker, has amazing cc, and most importantly, looks good in any skin. especially the bandit fiddle. =P



    Item Build

    Suggested Build Order:

    Amplifying Tome - I got a suggestion to use Ruby Crystal first instead, but I tried it and actually didn't like it at all. Sure, it gives you more health to avoid a gank, but you lose more health because of the lack of AP, so it defeats the purpose. Not to mention that Ruby Crystal is used for Rod of Ages, which I took out of the build altogether. I'll explain later in the guide why i decided to completely change the build.
    Sorcerer's Shoes - Duh. I like full boots early, but if you really want that mana, take Boots of Speed, then get Tear of the Goddess before upgrading to tier 2 boots.
    Tear of the Goddess - I love this on every caster I play. I find it a cornerstone for Fiddle because his skills are costly.
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter - I actually found this to be the best item for Fiddle, because of the slow, as well as the early health he gets from it. Lets your ganks last much longer, and puts a slow on drain, which is amazing.
    Zhonya's Ring - Eventually the enemy team will find out that you are eating them alive. That's when this item comes in handy. Rylai's just lets you activate Zhonya's Ring and do more damage. Great combo.
    Abyssal Mask - Surprisingly, this item is great on Fiddle. It gives him a little more durability, as well as giving his entire team more magic pen... well actually it reduces their MR, but it has the same effect. And it affects every enemy champ in the area. Greatness.
    Archangel's Staff - This item is last because he has terrible AP ratios, so AP isn't really all that important on Fiddle. But you might as well make use of Tear of the Goddess

    Optional Items:

    Mejai's Soulstealer - I had this in my core build at first, but realized later on due to a great post that Fiddle has awful AP scaling. Good if you are absolutely facerolling, but otherwise the passives and actives from your core items are much more useful.
    Rod of Ages - I really don't like this item. Far too expensive for what it gives you [yes i know it gives you a **** load of mana and health], and it costs way too much for an early game item IMO, but, some people live by it. So it is still optional over items like Archangel's Staff.

    Some people may opt for boots and a bunch of red potions, but i personally prefer to go with Amplifying Tome because it gives you the AP boost that you need to jungle more effectively, and AP scales with your Drain. Start with Blue buff, and if you feel uneasy about possible ganks, have adjacent lanes keep watch while you get it. Drain the Golem first, and Smite at about 570 health. then just work on the lizards and move to the wolves. just spam drain, and Dark Wind when you get it. Be careful though. Just because you have Blue buff doesn't mean that you have unlimited mana. Make sure you always have enough mana for another Drain, because without it Fiddle is dead in the water. Make sure to focus the strongest creep in the camp, so Blue golem, Brown wolf, Blue wraith, and Red lizard. Draining the small minions first can cause serious problems with health. After you finish with all five camps on your team's side of the map, you will be level 4. Here's a few options. You can either go straight to dragon, which is very dangerous, but with map awareness you can figure out if their team has put wards down or if they are planning a gank. Just be aware of what happens on the map. High risk, high reward. A more acceptable option is to gank a lane; preferably top lane, but bottom lane is more convenient since it is much closer. You can do this, or go back. If they do not have a jungler however, you can just jungle in their camps. This is risky, but way less risky than doing dragon. grabbing a little extra gold, then ganking or going back for boots and starting your Catalyst.

    This is when playing fiddle gets REALLY fun. At level 6, you have options. You can safely solo dragon as long as flash is up, and you can gank with your full combo:
    1. Crowstorm - Open for ganking
    2. Flash - If necessary
    3. Terrify - Make sure they don't get away
    4. Dark Wind - Silence is always a good thing
    5. Drain - Put more damage down and heal

    This is really your combo for the rest of the game. If you dont have your ult, just skip to number three. You may not have enough AP to fully nuke someone, but if your team is any good AT ALL, they should really finish the job.

    For the rest of the mid game, just get buffs when needed, dragon when it is up, and keep up that ganking, even if you don't have your ult up. Just ping your target, and move in for the kill. Silence and Fear are your strongest tools, and using DW near minions or multiple champs can compound the damage due to the bounce. If you are doing good with ganks, obviously Mejai's is the way to go. If ganks aren't going so well, opt for an alternative item that is more reliable, such as Rylai's or Abyssal Scepter.

    Team fights are basically all you have left. If the other team is stupid enough to allow you to keep ganking, individual champs, you really should have won already. Team fights are dangerous. If the game goes this long, good items include Zhonya's Ring and Abyssal scepter for their passives and actives. DO NOT INITIATE WITH CROWSTORM. This will get you killed, guaranteed. Wait a few seconds to activate Crowstorm, when your initiator has initiated and everyone has gone in. The enemy will feel confident in a 4v5 and get careless, letting you freely Crowstorm in, followed by your combo. If they focus you, pop Zhonya's. have fun with Fiddle!

    Check out my other guides and how i play them: