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League of Legends Build Guide Author CantTouchMe

Jungling For Dummies

CantTouchMe Last updated on March 16, 2012
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Ok Today i am going to teach you how to jungle. First you need to have Communication with your teammates.
Good example:
Jungler: Dont overextend let mid push i will gank (Answers MAY VARY)

Mid: Ok hold up a second, Ping when you are ready.
Jungler: Ok

Bad example:
Jungler: I am ganking u scrub get ready
Mid: ping when ready
Jungler: wtf why didn't you help?
Mid: I said ping when you are ready read chat you douche.

I just showed examples how to talk to your teammates. If you treat your allies like trash they would troll you up and treat you like you don't exist.

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Summoner Spells


Smite is one of your main spells you need to jungle with. W/o smite your jungling route will be super slow and will allow the enemy team to counter jungle you. The faster you Jungle to more ganks you can output so you can help your teammates out. So always bring your Smite. Smite is also a good way to Baron Steal.


Your second spell is optional Well for me Flash is a waste of a spell while I jungle. For example: you Flash to try to chase and the other person has a Ghost most likely your enemy would escape. After Flash you wasted your Flash trying to chase which makes you wait for the Cd for it. ( Flash May Vary)
Ghost is a Reliable spell because you can chase down your enemy so gives them a 50-50% chance of escaping or dying.
Reliable, If counter jungle gives you an advantage over the other jungler, if you do use it to counter jungle after the fight run your *** out fast cause you will get swept by the enemy's team. It can be used for all sorts of stuff for example using Exhaust on the enemy's super fed (example: Fiora) you can burst her *** down while she is slowed cant hurt you as much.
Heal isn't really reliable but you can lure the enemy jungler to attacking you and then BAMM you press Heal you overpower the enemy jungler (Answers May Vary)

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Ranked Play

In ranked games The enemy jungler is either babysitting top or playing all-around ganking. If you find yourself in Number 1 situation then either put a Sight Ward down at top or tell your ally to put it. Another way to deal with it is putting a Sight Ward and the enemy jungler sitting there tell your solo top ally to gank the river brush with you. Also in ranked games the whole map is basically is warded there is ways to solve it but i'm only telling you one. Buy Oracle's Elixir and hunt them all down. ~ this Usually only happens in high elo games because in elo hell people are too selfish to help out the team. Most likely the enemy team's jungler will play aggressive counter jungle. If the try to counter jungle tell your teammates to help you.
Good example
Jungler: Fcken Lee Sin is counter jungling me will someone help me out?
Bot/mid/top: sure, set some wards and we will come help you gank Lee Sin.
Again (Answers may Vary)

Bad example
Jungler: /All Come counter jungle me again Lee Sin
Lee Sin: /All Ok
( Lee Sin beings all mid and bot with him) GG you Died

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Team Work

There is a very low chance of winning a game just by yourself that is why it is a team game. Did Kobe win by himself? No he had people to rebound for him and people that help passing it to him. It is like the same you cannot win by yourself. If you want to win treat your team with respect if you don't then GG you lose. Try to take charge because most people don't know how to engage fights.

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Jungling routes

These is a Normal Jungling route this is depending what team you are in. It also shows where to gank first

Counter Jungling Routes

SORRY best i can do with Paint
The Big white


means To start at

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The best items to get are Wriggle's Lantern so you can ward up the map for your ally on top lane. If you want to play Safe you would want to have Cloth Armor & 5 Health Potion.
You can start with a Vampiric Scepter or a Doran's Blade if you want to play aggressive. I recommend to play safe or get a Vampiric Scepter because it is a core item for Wriggle's Lantern.

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Places to Ward

Well to get a good game you need good wards at good places here are the places where you are suppose to ward at

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Build Links to Other Guides

Sexycani's Master Yi Build:

Message me and i will put Your guide here Too

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Blue buff is always mid's unless he or she feeds. Giving Blue to your Mid ally is good, because your ally can spam their skills. It is very useful for Champions like: Ahri, Viegar, Ziggs, and Ryze (note: Ryze is very good with blue). Only give them blue if they are Mana users. Red buff is yours or ad bot, again if they feeding badly just take it. Red buff is useful for AD champions because while they hit slows them pretty badly. Useful for Champions Like: Caitlyin, Sivir, Vayne, Master Yi~cause his Ultimate, Urgot, and etc.
If you start at Blue buff first that is the first Buff that will re spawn. Keep track of your buffs and enemy's buffs.
For example:
Warwick has red going at top and close till his blue to respawn you go steal his blue and run your *** over to your blue and give it to Mid.



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