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League of Legends Build Guide Author BagOfTricKz

Just Burned My Pants

BagOfTricKz Last updated on April 26, 2011
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I've been playing LoL for maybe a year now. This isn't my first RTS ive been playin SC1 for 10 years and SC2 since its been out. First time I played it was with LuX. Feel in love with LoL and my love for LoL inspired me to write my first build which was for my second champ I chose. BRAND. I hope you guys give me good input and suggestions, I'm open to them.

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Okay first off will be "Mark." I chose 9 Greater Mark of Insight(Magic Penetration +0.95) because Brands abilities are combo based , you will use your Q,W, and E within seconds and if pulled off right will send your opponent running with their pants on fire. Now magice pen will lets you see their health drop low. I mean I was playing a game against NuNu and Alistar when I pulled off my combo with this buld I saw NuNu's health drop from pull to 35%.
Next will be Greater Seal of Clarity(+0.065 mana regen per 5 sec per LvL). This is what every and any mage should have. Your mana is what you use the most. Its your resource to your domination in any lane.
Then I have 9 Greater Glyphs of Potency (+0.99 Ability power)I use this along with the 1 Greater Quintessence of Potency (+4.95 Ability Power) because it can give you that edge in early game, hey might even put your name for every one to see sayin "________ firt blood" the _______ is your name up their fellow champs. Last is the 2 Greater Quintessence of Potency which is magic pent. You will need all the Magic Penetration with Brand trust me. Even if they are squishy or tanky they will see you and try to get magic resistance, thats when you counter with magic pentration

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Masteries. Hmmm.. 9 on offence which is enough for ability cool down and magic pentration. Once again more magic pentration is the best. 21 on utility which is a must for all caster/mage/support/carry. I put my points in mana and health regen to ability cool downs and monster buff duration increase because i always go for Blue after LvL 7. Also like i said earlier Brand is a combo based Champ. You want to be able to get in with your team mostly behind them and when alone behind your minions and pull off all your combos and do the most damage as possible.

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Skill Sequence

It took a while of gaming with Brand to find out what sequence I believe is the best. So far I've done the skills as this Max out E first then W and then Q and R, your ultimate when you can. The first 3 lvl ups I take all of the skills start with E first because its fast to use on a champ and there is not wait time for it to start just get close press E and BAM thier pants are on fire. Then I go with W then Q, there is your deadly combo when you get your Ultimate its like icing on the cake. SWEEETTTT.

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Okay I've still been debating these items for brand.. Its been a hit and miss and Ive found this build with item to help you survive and also become brutal. I like to get my health up with my AP thats why after the boots of Penetration i go for Rylai's Crystal Ceptor, its gives you 80 AP plus 500 health and the passive which slows enemy champs down for 35% is the best for you to catch up to them and do your combo. Next item of choice is Moorello's Evil Tome, +75 AP +12 mana regen and also 15% cooldown. The cooldown will help your abilities come back faster because once brands uses all his abilities one an enemy champ and they didnt die or run away will leave you open do get slain. This cooldown will atleast bring back 2 abilites which would be your E and Q so that you may stun them and run to your teammates or back to base. Ahhh Rod of Ages is a beautiful mage item. It gives you mana, health, and AP and also all 3 stats go up every minute that passes by which is great for you. The final 2 items I usually go depending on how the game is going. If my team is doing good and im getting a lot of kills then I go Rabadon's Deathcap to make me even more deadly. If our team is doing okay or not so well at all thats when i go Banshee viel first then the deathcap. The Banshee Viel helps Brands survive attacks.

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Summoner Spells

OKay this took a longer time then SKills to find out what I need for him. I believe Flash and Ignite is best. Flash so you can get out of situations. Knowing i have flash I almost everytime position myself next to a wall when Im farming or fighting so just incase I can flash on the other side and run. Ignite its just to compliment your own ignite. Your passive takes off 2% health due to their max health which is great when they are low and running away. Right when they are running pop that ignite on them and watch your name appear on the sky champs. TRUST ME IT WILL!.

So say you dont like flash or feel like you cant really use it. Well get ghost and position yourself in the minion line. SO that when your pop that ghost your can run right threw them and the other minions that are coming to the rescue from base. You will leave the enemy champs yelling "EXCUSE ME.. COME ON.. I NEED TO PUT THAT GUY OUT HE IS ON FIRE.."

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Any how I will check back DAILY just to see the feedback and input. I love input anything to help me or you my fellow champs get better doesnt bother me. BE HONEST.. If you like please rate it thanks and have fun on the battle field whenever you get the chance press /j with brand and you will see why i got my title. :)