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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reycom

Just try to run amumu build

Reycom Last updated on January 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My feelings on the mummy with only 2 feelings, dispare and anger.

ok well First off This is my amumu build! and i know my spelling sucks *** but if you cant deal with that then get the **** off my build guide page thing. this is the first build ive ever posted so please comment and tell me if you find it effective. amumu used to be my favorate champion but **** happens you loose interest but he is my main tank. this little bipolar king tut style person is heavily based on small area of effect damage so a sunfire cape is a must for an extra fourty damage added to your area of effect. combined with dispair you have a massive damage output just for people being next to you! i love his bandage toss move best personaly because i an a fan of skill shots and i feel like a ninja when it lands and u get a kill because of it. well enjoy my build and comment.

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pros and cons

look its gona be colorcoded!!! and for fun im gona make it tricky
awsome skill shot
his ult has a huge potential to win a team battle
area of effect moves rule
with a crystal scepter people wish they could run
he is part of the darkside so he has cookies
he has a high cooldown for his ult
his only reliable escape mechanism is to ult because his skill shot can be unreliable
if you are stupid enough to not turn odd dispare he uses mana like a *****.

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The basic overlook.

this guide for amumu may seem odd because he lacks in armor and magic resist but it is effective due to his insane health. try to grab the blue buff so you can constantly have on dispair. his bandage toss will stun and slow as does his w and e skills due to his crystal scepter once you tag an enemy it will be hard for them to run from you aspecialy since you will most likely be faster than your target and they shall get a slow if you constantly have dispair up. When you target an enemy try to make sure you team helps you atack ASPECIALY if its a tank.

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Early game

Get your bandage toss for it is your strongest move by lvl 1 and it gives a stun. try to lane with someone who has a stun as well and also with some decent dps and ignite. target the one who has the least health and get your stun on him. next you will want to let who your laned with stun. you will most likely be with a carry so you will want him to get first blood. after both stuns were used exsaust the target and go all out and let your teammate get the ignite to get the kill. You will now want to play prety safe and use tantrum to last hit. by level six you should have last hit enough to get your warmogs armor. recall and get it.

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mid game

by now you should have goten your crystal scepter and should be working on your boots of swiftness. by getting these 2 items you are a threat to champions who are running from team battles because of your ultimate and your speed and on top of it your bandage toss will catch the runners >=) try to grab blue buff if you dont have it. this will let you spam :D try to afk farm as much as possible so you can get your items fast and over level your enemies. when you hit level 15 i consider it to be late game. and remember afk farm and last hit with tantrum

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late game

you are level 15 by now and it should be aparent who is winning. there is most likely a war going on at your turrets hopefully you are over leveled and you have a nice ammount of items probobly working on your fifth item. what you should want to do is have all of your team push hard and when you push them to there turrets use your ult to draw the turret agression. tank it because you know you can. your minnions will stack up and your enemies will be entangles so you will have some nice time to attack the turret. grab the dragon and solo it because you know you can and if you feel dominent enough to get the nashor. its a nice little buff that can change the game 100% so get it as soon as possible so you can beat them already. push them to there base and do what you can to take down all of there turrets so you can own them with the power of the super minions. super minions are a ***** to take down. so it is your ace in the hole.

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you have already raped them for the most part but you havent yet won

please just end there missery because by now your getting bored of using the same champion and you want to use a mage or something of the sort. so what you must do is win for god sakes grab the nashor and break all of there inhibitors if any of them have respawned and go all out. finish them with a whole team push. use your ult and have everyone attack the nexus and if you have time dance in there spawning pool just because you can =P

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the actual end of the game

possible outomes.
1) you rage quit
2) you won
3) you lost

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im about 500 charactors short to publish this to be a legit build so now im

yeah amumu is a prety fun champ to use and i hope you found this guide to be very helpful. i feel it works famously and hopefully it will become a very popular build. amumu has a good potential to catch all the runners who run.

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my summuner information

my name is adam rosenberg and if you have any questions contact me at i mainly use lux and if you are good i am down to play a ranked match with you. if you contact me tell me any ideas you have and i will take them into consideration. if this gets viewed enough and gets enough contacts and i actualy felt like i helped i will make a lux build and a tryndamere build. so leave a comment and if you feel the need to send me an email at i check it about once a week and i will most likely answer just put as the subject amumu build.