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League of Legends Build Guide Author AIBE

Justice has wings

AIBE Last updated on April 17, 2011
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Reckoning: this is a very stron ability and great to harris. try to use it everytime it'a possible
Divine blessing: with this you can heal your self instead of going to base and the speed boost allows you to get the enenemy.
Rightous fury: this ability kicks *** man!

Early/mid game: With the right partner you can start kill the oppenent ,but even if you play devens you can harris with reckoning or righteous fury.

Late game: right now nothing can kill you. even if you get ambushed you can try to kill one of them and then get away with blessing and your ulti. with all the ap you have your dmg shout be awesome!!

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Hey All, HeAt here again with yet another build. This build is to be an updated version of my DPS kayle (though ironically i STILL use that one). This build is somewhat cookie cutter, but bares a few surprises. Ex, madreds (due to the attack speed and % damage passive) has GREAT synergy with both the rageblade and the nashors, and ends up hitting HARD. Hopefully you guys get to give this a try :) I wish you all the best!

And so it begins...

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Pros / Cons

- Very strong damage output
- Great Support
- Very maneuverable (She moves very quickly due to her heal/speed buff)
- Great ability to not only carry but have a double carry (ability to sustain a 2nd carry due to invuln)


- Slow early game
- Need to have a good farm
- Can't single handedly carry ( GREAT DUO QUEUE CHAMP! )

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item core

Starting Items: Start with either a meki pendant and 2 HP potions or a dorans ring and 1 HP potion. Then Follow the build as shown in the build order.

(Guinsoo's Rageblade): As of when you pick up this item, your damage hits a huge spike. This item is great because as it stacks AP, it stacks part of that as AD as well, making you hit much harder.

Hexxtech Gunblade): The hexxtech gunblade (if you get this far) is the tip of the iceberg. At this point you will have a tremendous damage output, you would do ALOT more damage. The active and spell vamp (along with lifesteal) are also nice because your Righteous Fury will gain from both spell vamp and lifesteal (because it does magic AND physical damage).

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Skill Sequence

The thing about kayle that confuses me is she doesn't really have a sequence. You have to get a feel for her before you go into fights and such. A good initiation is popping your Slow (Q) then using Righteous Fury (E) to shred their health as they run away. I would always save your ult for your carries (or yourself) when they get low, dont waste an ulti on a tank unless you HAVE to. Use your ult on the person who will do the most damage with it in the fight. Ex. if you have a twitch and an alistar in a fight. If the alistar is dying and 4 of them are in a row, when twitch pops out and they switch, use it on twitch, not alistar, because it is likely that he can kill more than the 1 that died in the fight, when alistar couldnt.

Use your W as not only a heal but a speed buff. If you see someone chasing the enemy, pop it on them for a huge speed bonus, use it on yourself to get away, etc.

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13/01/2011 - Changes

Changed Mana Regen Glyphs to CDR Glyphs
Masteries Changed To Recommendations by


13/01/2011 - Added Alternative Skill Order Section
11/01/2011 - Fixed intervention at level 12 error, instead of level 11
11/01/2011 - Published

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: Ghost is a great skill for kayle. When combined with all of her speed it lets her keep up with any hero in the game (except for a rolling rammus... :( ... ). This will give you the ability to maneuver around their heroes or even run around to the back of the fight DURING a fight to get a kill on the carry, and worst case scenario, run away when you are low.

Flash: I use flash primarily as a positioning spell, you can exchange this for something like ignite but i like using flash to get myself in that PERFECT position to take out the carry, or again, pull epic flashes over walls to get away :)

Hope you guys enjoy!

- HeAt

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Chapter 8


i like starting with an dorans ring, becasue it gives you healt,ap and mana reg and this is brilliantly fot u. after that i try as long as possible on my lane and get as much gold as i can so that i can buy at the first time back in my base boots of speed and the hole ragebalde,
if you are able to get the rageblad very early its gonna be very funny. it will be like this:
you walk back to your lane, see an anemie , say somthing cool liek "lets rock" and just facstomp him befor he can realize what happened. th next itme i get is the hextech gunblade, because if you have rage+gunblade and activat you range attacks you will do hellarious dmg and heal yourself incredible strong. actually the game should be over at this point, but if not i really like to buy a nashhors tooth ,because kyle is abit slow with her attacks. wehne the game isnt over after that there are two things to do: 1. flame your team ,because you do all the dmg 2. get a starks fever. with the complet build you heal yourself with each striks for somthing about 40 i think (without fury!)

i must say at this point that i never got farer then to nashor,but this match took sth about 1h.

One kast tipp: kyle is very dependend to items so dont be to aggresiv at the begining (exept for the fact that you have full ap glphyss and seals and marks and quintesences)

have fun with this build and let them know what Kyle can do!! pleas comment your ratin