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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pastry Army

Karma: A real fan of her abilities

Pastry Army Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey everyone! this is my first guide that i decided to make so everyone can have something to start off on with this new champion, Karma.

Karma is a odd champion who can fill both nuke and support roles in the same fight, try it yourself and see what i mean O.o

I so do hope you enjoy my guide.

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Ok so first and foremost everyones favorite combat aid, Runes!

Reds: for reds its your simple short and sweet magic penetration runes. Any caster's friend.

Yellows: I personalty prefer the per level mana regen runes, the ring will cover early game and the soul shroud should cover mid game (with the aid of the blue buff of course) these puppies will definitely cover you late game. Also if it suites your play style more you can exchange the mana regen runes for some AP ones.

Blue: AP for this one short and sweet. you'll notice it throughout the game. Again for you people who like them CD runes work nice here just let me help you out on that.

Quinn: Again more AP. a whole 15 extra ap early game alone, toped with Doran's ring that comes out as 30 starting AP, the enemy team will feel it.

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Flat CD vs. Per LvL CD

Ok so first off, if your sticking ap runes skip this chapter this is for those who desided they liked CD runes over ap. Here are a few key points to keep in mind about each

Flat runes: Per level runes"
.65% level one .05% level one
for quick game for long game
.65% level 13 .65% level 13
.65% level 18 .90% level 18
costs more IP Cost less IP
Easier laneing phase Harder laneing phase

And there is some food for thought on CD runes for you to digest. Both are extremely useful for you and your champion.

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Standard 9/0/21 not much to say.

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Spawn: ((Doran's Ring)) , unfortunately you can not get a hp potion anymore but, that shouldn't bug us too much with our heal ability

First pill: Buy your boots, the CD reduction should start helping us out right about now

Second pill: get your Hexxtech Revolver and start building your Will of the Ancients

Third: Finish off your will of the Ancients (if you haven't already) and build yourself a soul stealer (the AP bonus is nice)

Fourth: Build up and finish (if you can) your sou shroud

Fifth: Build your Hourglass, let them feel the pain >:D. your Allys will love your heals even more now as well. (Win/win? I think so).

Sixth: Whoa this game isn't over yet!? Dang man, lets build one Death cap complete our build end this game and keep those soul stealer stacks running.

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Summoner Spells

A few possibility's here. I label them on her play style.

AP nuke Karma:
Teleport: Tell me you don't like map control, I mean really with a teemo on your team you can literary teleport anywhere on the map by using one of his mushroom traps. (Smexy gank long time).

Ignite: mmmm last hits. bout sums it up.

Ghost/Flash: not really all that needed with your abilities but hey, you can be caught on CD (lol good luck though), and there are worse choices.

Support Karma:

Clairvoyance: infinite map control! spot some nasty ganks. Check bushes, use at spawn to see who is laneing where. Spam baron! all for a below 1 minute CD

Clarity: yummy mana in the tummy if you got you some ap runes over Regen.

Heal: extra freebie heal for your oh shizznits moments in life.

Teleport: We went over this, it works.

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Mantra, Inner Fire, and other spell notes.

Mantra: your "ultimate" and your supporting ally in combat. in replace of a powerful level 6 ultimate you get Mantra for free at level 1. every 30 seconds you get an orb flying around you (caps at two, grrr). This may seem sub par but, this is what make Karma a ***** (yay for puns).
Also because of this, your other three abilities gain a level 6. Turbo fun. you can activate these at any time to give your abilities a boost. Yum.

Heavenly wave: your Q, your spam damage, your cone AoE, and your farmer tool.
This ability sends damaging knives in a cone in what ever direction you decided to cast this bad boy. The damage rate is descent not over powered but not under powered, you wont score any half health kills in one blow though.
*Mantra Effect: Yourself and any ally in the cone (minions waves too) are healed based on AP+% of your health missing. welcome to a supports world baby.

Spirit Bind: latch yourself to a target and the following happens. Ally: both you and your ally gain a speed increase.
Enemy: there slowed, yay.
Note: Any enemy caught in between the binding will be damaged. This is your best Damage ability, only works once per cast (/sadface). Cannot be cast on yourself. CAM be casted on minions.
*Mantra Effect: the Haste/slow is doubled, fun times await,
*important side note: You never lose a game of tag with this.

Soul shield: It's castable on any ally champion and minion, also on yourself. It absorbs damage and like the good support you are, it saves lives.
*Mantra Effect: AoE damage on cast!? what1? well my friends its true. not only can it save lives it can kill steal aswell.

Inner fire: Your passive and your best friend. you gain ap based on % of hp missing. the max AP scales on level and caps at 110. This can save your life from being turret dived with a quick damage burst then heal.

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Here are a few tips for how to use Karma.

Tip 1: Due queue, your abilities all require some coordination. use a friend for that advantage

Tip 2: Early game you can play yourself more of a nuke/harassment to ensure lane dominance.

Tip 3: try to play more support during team fights. It truly can turn the tide of a battle.

Tip 4: Plan your mantra use well. you only get 2 max.

Tip 5: BLUE BUFF! Mantra will thank you.

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Blue Golem

This is probably the single more important thing you can do solo. This can max out your CD reduction and improve your mana regen. Your mantra can descend from a 30 sec recharge to a 18 second recharge! This means your Heavenly wave only has to wait 3.6 second in between spams as well. Mantras are your life line in battles, the sooner you can get one up the sooner you can aid in one of three ways.

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Pros / Cons

Good hybrid role
strong lane phase
Excellent Duo Queue champion
Can save lives

Hard to use heal to its fullest
Gets targeted (if they realize your support)
Hard to use spirit bind burst.
Coordination isn't always on your side.

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All in all Karma is a very good champion to play as a support role. She shines the best when played in a lane with a friend using Skype or something else. Her ability to quickly do some damage then support makes her totally worth that 3150 IP. Think about it. and tell me how you feel about this guide, what i should improve on ect. I will update the items as I go, and ill keep you posted on new changes.