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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author belltolls

Kassadin - Control Destiny

belltolls Last updated on September 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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5v5 Build

Goal: Escape any encounter and chase down any kill (pending cooldown and mana of course).

Recommended play style for this build is harass. Approach enemy, harass with force pulse and null sphere, steal a little mana with auto attack, then jump out with Riftwalk if necessary. Kassadin excels at bait and switch, drawing focus fire away from your allies then escaping out of range quickly.



Use to escape or get in range for a last hit. Combined with Rift Walk you can cover a lot of distance "in a flash."


Recommended against enemies with lots of crowd control abilities (slow, stun, silence).


Recommended against enemies with few or no crowd control abilities.

-Skill Starting Order-

1- Null Sphere
2- Force Pulse
3- Nether Blade
4- Force Pulse
5- Force Pulse
6- Rift Walk

-Skill Notes-

Passive - Weapon Mastery:

"Kassadin takes 15% reduced damage from abilities and transforms this damage into bonus attack speed." I added resist runes and used defense masteries to compliment this passive ability.

Null Sphere:

Null Sphere is a good first skill choice. It targets a single enemy, deals decent damage, and silences it.

Nether Blade:

Nether blade was changed to give a passive mana regeneration for auto attacks, and armor penetration on activation. All auto attacks now give mana, but auto attacks against enemy champs provide triple mana.

Force Pulse:

A cone shaped area of effect attack that deals damage and slows enemy movement speed. With its static mana cost for all levels, it is the best choice to completely level up first. Use it to slow enemy retreat or advance. When using it try to hit multiple targets.

Rift Walk:

Like the flash spell, but deals splash damage where it lands. Riftwal has a short cool down, but there is a stacking mana penalty if the ability is used again within 7 seconds of its last use. With this penalty comes increased damage. Riftwalk can be used to dodge skill shot attacks (ie. Ashe's Volley), but unlike flash it cannot dodge abilities that directly target a champ (ie. auto attacks, turret shots, Sion's stun).

- How To Play -

Level 1-5

Buy Sapphire Crystal and conserve mana till level 2 for Force Pulse. Force Pulse is the primary harass ability I use the entire game. Early game I prefer not to put myself in harms way unless to save a ally. I usually just harass enemies with abilities and don't focus on farming minions until I have Nether Blade. I prefer to keep the minions near my tower or let my ally farm them. Once I have Nether Blade I am more aggressive at auto attacking enemies to regen mana. Return to shop when you have enough to complete Sheen.

Level 6-18

At this stage kassadin can do limited escape, bait, and chase until boots are purchased. Usually I finish building Rod of Ages at about the 20 minute mark.

Boots are next on the list. Riftwalk can compensate for lack of boots, but overuse of Riftwalk will burn mana quickly. If you use it no more than once every 7 seconds you'll conserve more mana. When I do buy boots I choose boots of mobility for max speed during chase and retreat. With Boots of Mobility and Lich Bane, Kassadin is the most mobile champ on the map.

The final two items in the build should be tailored to your needs. If they have a lot of magic resist get an Abysmal Scepter. If you don't have much gold pick up Kage's Lucky Pick and build Deathfire Grasp. If your feeling pro buy Mejai's Soulstealer.

Don't forget to proc Lich Bane when attacking towers.

-Team Fight Tips-

In a team fight try to stay out of focus fire. Attack enemies that are focusing your allies.
When you have the enemies attention Riftwalk out of there reach until they focus elsewhere.
Repeat... Kassadin is excellent bait to draw the enemy in for ambush or away from your allies.
After the Rod of Ages is complete you can effectively tower dive.


Rift Walk > Force Pulse > Null Sphere > Auto Attack > walk away

Walk in > Force Pulse > Null Sphere > Auto Attack > Rift Walk away

Rift Walk > Rift Walk > Rift Walk... (this burns mana quickly, get gollum buff first)

(there are situations you might want to open with Null Sphere if you fear enemy abilities)


This section is a list of experiments and there results. I plan to add to this as I continue to discover new ways to use Kassadin.

    RiftWalk can be used to move Kassadin when immobilized by abilities like Ryze's Rune Cage and even Blitz's Claw if you time it right. You will still be unable to walk for the duration of the immobilize, but it may get you out of harms way. It does not work when stunned as all abilities for Kassadin become disabled.

    Null Sphere's silence can interrupt some enemy spells like Katarina's ultimate.

    In my opinion Kassadin is the best kill stealer in the game! Be nice to you allies :)