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Kassadin Build Guide by umadibet

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author umadibet

Kassadin Mid Elo Play Style

umadibet Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kassadin is a hero capable of dealing an extreme amount of damage and taking nothing in return even when out numbered. I play him because of his escapes and control of a fight. Imagine if you will a standard 5v5. Tanks and bruisers try to initiate on an out of position target. Kassadin can shut down key targets and remain unharmed and piece by piece whittle down the team. When a sheep strays away or tries to escape, he can stop this and continually return and repeat.

I find him to be extremely unique and one of the more design appealing heroes.

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Magic Pen marks, Mp5 seals, Flat ap glyphs along with flat ap quints, make his horrible laning phase actually strong vs a lot of heroes.

I really like the new offensive tree. Strengthens the build's early lack of ap before roa/mejai. Your jungle should provide you the 2nd spawn and your team should be coordinating to control theirs.

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Play Style and Laning/Itemization

Laning is about farming, starting w boots and 3 pots has treated me the best. I like to be able to maneuver and control my lane and it makes it so you will always be able to get a last hit with q when being pushed back early.

Kassadin is terrible level ONE, q should be used for last hitting UNLESS your opponent chooses a non regen item choice, dorans ring etc. START PRESSING Q IMMEDIATELY DO NOT TRADE HARASS ONLY Q WHEN U CAN FREELY, I am contradicting myself but this exception will give you control of the lane much sooner and allow a greater and earlier cs by sacrificing maybe 10ish ( if your opponent is bad then he will retreat after u q allowing you to farm I am writing this expecting a competent one).
At level 2, the point in nether blade guarantees last hits. Activate it and whack and regen that mana.
AT THREEE q spam begins on opponent, again try to q and not trade as much.

Process repeats till 6 except the opponent will not be able to retreat freely. Once they are 50-40% r qe ignite will get you the kill.

At 6+ you can roam freely and finish off kills and stack that mejai.

I find myself never directing ulting ontop of an opponent unless they are really really low, always qe at a distance because the enemy could exhaust and another could flash disable resulting in a death.

first trip back -
Tears if low farmed, Catalyst before ONLY if you have the gold straight for it do not try to build it over getting tears stacked. At end game you will be spamming that r qe comboing so your ult is going to **** you on mana if your pool isnt large enough even with blue buff.
Mejai, if you are strongly in control of your lane which you should be if not rush roa and dc.

Situational Items-

I don't think MR is completely necessary because you should have shut down their ap mid if not a banshees after roa, DO NOT BUILD A BANSHEES FIRST EVER. I DO NOT CARE HOW FED THEY ARE YOU WILL BE AS USEFULL AS A SUPPORT.
Armor wise is a whole other game unfortunately...
The enemy carry will eventually have enough dmg to punish you so hard for even r qe at the edge of the fight.. I have found the best solution to being a frozen heart and the additional mana/cdr really help as well. If the enemy carry is fed get the heart right after roa, and build an hourglass right after into DC.

Boots wise, sorcerers is the usual route yet when the enemy has little defenses I like to grab cdr as that extra 50dmg is not worth you reaching the maximum cdr and allowing a much greater dps WHEN they have little MR.

The enemies all have banshees and fon, grab a voidstaff. Grab it earlier if MULTIPLE enemies are stacking mr do not itemize to counter 1 person when the other 4 will explode.

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Build, tears boots

I really like to go for cdr here and abuse the **** out of shrines and the storm buff. Kassadin is to my experience the best ap hero in this game scenario. Morellos, Cdr boots and dc are all that are really needed. I don't have games lost long at all here and end up going legendary + nearly every game.

I always cap mid. Rush through speed shrine and snag fb maybe a double. You should never be in melee range here at the start unless well they are low then derp away.

With this build you are extremely squishy always have the speed shrine buff and always abuse the storm buff I can't say how important the two are.

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Questions/Comments/About Me

First guide kept it simple and to the point. Currently I am hovering around 60-65% wl ratio with a 2- 2.5 kdr on average. I am looking to be critiqued if possible but I feel as though my build and play style can carry quite well.

Build has treated me well and if hes not banned I usually win win win!