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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilenceMe

Kassadin -NinjAchurch/My Guide!!!

SilenceMe Last updated on September 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome To in my eyes the BEST kassadin Guide! :D

Pro - Cons of kassadin:

You have an inbuild flash with after lvl 16 is a 2 sec Cooldown (!)
Youre Combo with just 4-8 stacks on lvl 6-10 can almost hit 600-900 Damage (most squishes have at this lvl 1k-1,5k health meaning you eat more then half of the hp) (!!!!)
on lvl 18 You have can by using youre combo kill any squishy with youre eyes closed.
late game you can play with 1 hand in youre pants.
+ Best of all NO MANA HUNGRY EARLY GAME!!!!!!!!!!

Low health if you dont get levian that fast.

Why these items? i explain them quite and nice :)

Begin items: the faire charms give you 6 mana per 5 sec this gets rude of the early game mana ofcourse you sell 1 later on and the other 1 you build in to Tear of god > Archangel.

Mejai: this item makes you stack to Heaven if you are Scared you can't stack and lose the stacks? swap it for a Rod of ages.

Tear of god: this item is just for the Mana/ mana reg.
you get more mana if you use abiltys becuz kassadin is AP means more mana :)!.
means better riftwalks.

Zhonya Ring:Overal great item 120 AP and 25% extra on all youre ap wat do you want more? :) (prob a girlfriend <3)

Leviantha:I know this items comes realy realy late.
its just becuz you prob are pwning things like hell and you are getting killed (maybe) with low hp? well this makes it up for it. same as mejai soulstealer scared of stacking? get a rod of ages for it.

Void staff: gives just 70 ap BUTT a nice magic penatration. (wow o.O we boys all love to penatrate things dont we :D!)

archangel: just to finish of you're Tear of godes but why i take it so late? prob dont even get it? well youre tear of godes can get you an extra of 1k mana but you're archangel can get you an extra of 1k Mana 2 :D! prob you wont get the full 1k from tear of goddes but this means you just extra mana + 2.5% mana in to AP! :D

Stacking is something very very special and is only being ruled by the best.
here are some Basic rules for Stacking.

1. you're max stack is 20 (Duh.!)
2. Never i say never get greedy untill you get 20 stacks on both Items (mejai,Levian)
3. if you have 20 stacks Dont take Kills. you can't make more stacks and you prob want youre mates to get Fed as well!
4. First always LOWER the hp of the target to lets say 25% then attack.
5. Bait Bait Bait always get on the bait :) if you are low hp and youre target is low hp
2 ? press b and let him try to attack you. Then use youre Health and use youre combo.
the kill is prob youres then.
6. FOCUS SQUISHES! squishes are the best Stack food in the game.
dont focus a Cho gath o.O you can have him later on!


Early game: as kassadin you always get mid. why? you are the best solo mid champ.
on lvl 5 youre Null sphere (aka Q abilty) hits 180 (!) an squishy like anivia or something just cant hold that long + wat most people dont know youre Null sphere is just a little bit Yards bigger then most Abiltys Meaning if you are against a teemo. and if you do it right.. teemo cant hit you with his blinding dart but you can hit him with Null Sphere.

Mid game: Prob you got you're Mejai right now :) time to Gank!.
run around and find easy targets.. Riftwalk in. Force Pulse , Null sphere, ignite.
aint death? rifht walk in them again nul sphere and just hit hte **** out of them.
then just push multiply Lanes.
you are kassadin 1 of the most mobile char in the game. just push top lane and let the minnions do the work~! (so kill 1 wave and let then push another lane)

late game: Just devastating you can almost do anything wat you want :).
with zhonya's ring finished you just 1 combo per Squishy for the kill :)!


(unknown embed type)
his guide that i explained here.!

in my eyes the best kassadin player out there.
with a nice sense of music (bond - explosive ) :)


95% NinjAchurch. (for inspiring me to make this guide)
5% me.

"that can kill, you makes you stronger."