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League of Legends Build Guide Author KornitMurot

Kassadin - One from the void

KornitMurot Last updated on October 15, 2010
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Hi to all. This is how I roll Kassadin normally.

Summoner spells

Those what I use are great but there are other choises as well.
Cleanse. Saves u many times over. Please. Get this one if you love this spell.
Clairvoyance. I just love this one. Oh boy. Popping them over places you might think the enemy is might really change the games course. If you are right and there are enemies waiting for your team in a brush. You have just saved many lives :D
Heal. saves lives. But not that good at all times. Cleanse and rift is much better if you want to save your ***. :P Clarity tho is ****.

Items and description.

I start with getting Rod of ages. Better to have it very early in the game to get the most out of it. It's mana, health and AP. Plus Catalyst the protector helps you stay in the lane longer in the very beginning of the game. Archangel's staff gives u more mana and converts 3% of it into AP. So Rod of ages and archangel's staff works nicely together. Top it off with Zhonya's rings AP boost. And the cherry on the top. Lichbane. Everytime u rift. U get close enough to get the physical attack in. So that item is pretty hardcore.
Boots for extra Penetration. Cause everyone loves extra.... nvm. The other items which u should propably get:
-Meijaih's - Only if u are feeling hot headed enough. But If you do get the stacks up to 20. The fun you get out of kassadin is undescipable. Kassadin lacks health gain so u need to blue pill a lot for not wasting those stacks.
-2nd Archangel's staff - Another 3% Ap outta mana ain't bad.
-Deathfire grasp - I personally love this item. Getting 30% off of enemys health in click makes enemies die fast once you pop all your lovely abilities in them. The faster u get it the better.
-Staff of the void: Only if enemies have too much resistance.

How to play.

Everyone knows that Kassadin is pretty ****py until you hit level six. That's when the fun starts. Just harrass with Null sphere and force pulse. Once you get rift walk. u can do more daring attacks. After 100 ap you start to do serious damage to enemies.
When u play kassa a lot. U start to know how much damage you do and your ability to kill a squishy by just rifting close and looking him with a serious face. That usually get's u killed most of the time if there are 4 other in front of him. Tho it MIGHT be possible with cleanse flash combo but I haven't tried that one yet.
For team fights. Let the tank initiate. U do serious amounts of damage with Force pulse to enemies. And rifting in to tactical places. Play smart.

I raise abilities as seen above, but you might want to put one in Nether blade at level 2 or 3 since there is no mana regen in this build.

How to kill.

1 on 1. Kassadin pretty much owns every squishy champ. 1 on 2. That's hard.
You see an enemy trying to push your lane mid game or later. Wait till u see him from your minions and rift over the trees to get him totally surprised. When the enemy notices what happened he already have lost half his life. Normally that panics them and they start to run away. If that happens. U can just rift him and do your thang. Otherwise. Just spam abilities as u see fit and rift if the **** goes down.

Cut the fleeing enemies by rifting through the trees.

You get a lot out of surprise attacks. Get wards and oracle if possible to cut enemies wards down. Place wards in tactical places. Destroying enemies wards get's their attention. See if only one champ is coming to get you. And wait in bushes. You can get away easily by rifting if there are more coming for u.

Playing with allies.

You gotta love playing near enemy or ally Karthus. OR other ability spamming champion. Getting your force pulse up in a swiffie is major win to you. Slow in a few seconds wont hurt anybody.... except the enemy ofc.
Actually any hero with low CDs are fine. But you might want to play with a ranged on side lane. Kassa can be harrased pretty easily. Null sphere wont do much when the enemy casts a spell at the same time. The sphere never makes it in time to do any good but it's good to cast after rift walk since the flight time isn't that fast.


I'm just having freebie time and I thought to post this build. Hope u get some inspiration or new ideas from this guide (which ain't complete yet. I'll try to add more to this guide later on). There are many good and better builds but this one is mine. Maybe one day I'll try to post AD kassadin. Don't see that much :)