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League of Legends Build Guide Author Moonandstar99

Kassadin Path 1 of 3: Anti-Caster

Moonandstar99 Last updated on October 19, 2010
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This is my Multitasker Kassadin ™ , Path One of Three (Anti-Caster, Casst***in, & DPS-Hybrid). (He is experimental and these build's primary intents are for my reference only- rapeage is not guaranteed).

First, a bit of explanation. My strategy when playing Kassadin, is to first look at what the enemy team is made up of- are there a large amount of mages? Are there a lot of tanks or DPSr's on their team? Is there a good balance of the two, or are there any champions that pose a particular threat to Kassadin or one of my three strategies?
All of these and more will be deciding factors right off the bat, before the game even begins in determining which item path, and respectively which ability level sequence and playing strategy I will choose when playing Kass.

This is Anti-Caster Kassadin.

The ability level sequence is a bit of a general idea for the progression, as i like to advance my abilities foremost by what the situation seems to call for the most, and the same goes with some of the item purchases, particularly if I'm needing more defense. Also, Hex-tech Gunblade and Nashor's Tooth are mostly just there for show- most games don't seem to last past a Will of the Ancients, but if they did, those two would be next on my list.

But a perfect scenario item build is as follows:
Start off with Doran's Shield and a health potion. Assuming all goes well, as soon as you have the 1325 for catalyst, get it. Work your way up to Mercury's Treads. Now, find the difference between your current money and what you need for Banshee's Veil. When it's less than 217, you can sell Doran's Shield to instantly buy the Banshee's Veil. *OPTION 2: If your starting to regret your not-so-anti-DPS champion capabilities around now, and casters seem to be avoiding you or stuck in other lanes, you may want to consider getting a Sunfire Cape (or perhaps Thornmail if you just need all-out defense from champions like Xin Zhao and the ilk) instead of the Veil.* Around this point, you should be getting pretty close to unstoppable by now. But you may lack more than a bit in power. So now we work on that by building Wit's End.
The problem with Wit's End is that you have to judge how you've been playing thus far, and how your enemies have been doing mana-wise. If you've been struggling, or not using your phy attacks much, or if your opponents seem to be doing really well with keeping their mana above 50%, Wit's End may not be the best choice. However if none of those apply, Wit's End will rape. It will allow you to decimate opponents after you let your first barrage of 1Riftwalk-2Null Sphere-3Force Pulse out. Combine it with activation of your Nether Blade for full-power.
Although, if one of the aforementioned conditions do apply, then you have three options. You can:
1. Grab Randruin's Omen if it seems like the enemy team is ganking you every chance they get. This will make you virtually invincible to their DPS units- often times this build's greatest weakness, or
2. Just skip Wit's End and get Will of The Ancients if you need the extra AP and SPELL VAMP, especially if your playing more defensively and need the health and power for spells, or
3. Skip BOTH Wit's End and Will of The Ancients to get the Hextech Gunblade if the enemy is really loaded on defense power, and keeps their mana high. This Will allow you to virtually destroy any enemy one on one (maybe even 2 on 1!) if your playing Kassadin right for this particular build. And the relatively low cool down on the gunblade will allow you to add a 4th ability to your rape attack: 1Riftwalk-2Null Sphere-3Force Pulse(wait for them to recover from slow)-4Gunblade's Shot. And by that time, you already will have Riftwalk-Null Sphere-Force Pulsed them again! I'm not sure even a fully loaded Cho-gath could survive that!

By this point, 95% of games will be over. For the other 5, there is at least a nashor's tooth still waiting!