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League of Legends Build Guide Author OverkiLL

Kassadin - Professional Ganks

OverkiLL Last updated on May 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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KASSSA you are CRAZZYYYY ...they tell me all the time.

Hello guys , welcome to my Kassadin gudie/build. This is my first build im doing on this site,so i just wanna see how it works.
Furthermore, I'll give you some tips for item purchases, and ganking tips.

IF YOU HAVE YOUR ITEMS; and just wanna see the PRO GANK TIP..skip to HOW DO I GANK.

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Im not so familiar with the editing so i will simply explain why do i chose the runes i do.

First of MARKS: Magic Penetration is the best choice for every AP champion in my opinion.

Secondly Glyps: You can use a lot of glyps,lets say...MP5 ( mana regeneration per 5 sec ) , mana per level , AP , or something. Still, i prefer CDR ( cooldown reduction ) , why ?? Becasue ,mixed with my masteries , i start with about 15 % CDR , if you get the blue buff , its 25 % ,if you can get 20 stacks on MEJAI ..its 40 % . Thats crazy.

Furthermore SEALS: I use mana regeneration because you really lack with mana early game,combined with a DORANS RING , you have a good mana regeneration, so youre free to use your abilities more often. PS: I woulndt recomend mana per level...since you dont have mana problems late game, especially not if you bought a TEAR OF GODESS.

QUINTS : I use flat AP,because combined with a DORANS RING , and my masterie on IGNITE ( 10 AP when on cooldown ) , i get 40 AP on the start.
But you can use other quints too, i see people often go for mana,but my seals are enough ( combined with dorans ) , and i dont need FLAT HP ,as many perhaps buy , beacuse i dont really have problems early game , later in game , about 100 HP means nothing.

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The above item purchase list is not really the order. I put the items i think are the best.

Here is the order of how i purschase my items. At start, I buy DORANS RING ( dont listen to people saying dorans items are for noobs, they are noobs ) .

So, the next item I buy depends on how much money I got when i get back.
If you have mana issues-buy TEAR OF GODESS( if you dont have gold at the moment buy a Meki pedant. HOWEVER, if you have about 500 G, buy yourself another DORANS RING ( if the next time you go to base have 500 g , buy the first shoes,if enough buy something else too,dorans or meki pedant ).
Buying a lots of DORAN RINGS is actually effective. Later, you sell you only lose about 200 g on one. But,they will help you get kills and more gold,so you will be able to purchase the core AP items sooner.

When back to base with enough gold for SORCERES SHOES, buy them , as you need the movement speed for early ganks, and you get MAGIC PENETRATION.

Furthermore, I get a lot of kills after this ( after the shoes,perhaps not even so much necesserily,but the dorans give me a lot dmg for early game ) , so i can aford myself to build the RABANDONS DEATH CAP first. I usually go back with at least 1600 g,if a little less,you can sell one dorans,in a minute or 2 you go back for the BLASTING WAND.

If you have a tear of it into ARCHANGELL STUFF,if not,go for VOID STUFF.

Later for spots,sell another DORANS,go either for LICH BANE,or for ARCH.. I dont go ARCH unless i purchased a TEAR OF GODESS before so i have a lot of mana.

You can get another RABANDONS DEATFIRE CAP, or ZHONYAS HOURGALSS. DOnt buy the HOURGLASS if you dont use her active.

PS : I didnt mention the MEJAI, i usually get it, because with the ganksi can get stacks early, making me OP mid and late. IF everything works fine, they will probably surrend till 30 minutes of the game, calling their team feeders and noobs :D .

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First of, take TELEPORT. Secondly , take MID.

Then, ask youre teammates if they could put a ward in the brush close to the enemy turret ( hope you understand the place im trying to describe xD ). Bot lane can put it into the brush on the river, since its closer to the enemys tower ( if youre blue i mean ) , or opposite, if youre purple.

DONT GO GANK BEFORE 6. I usually..manage to kill my enemy on the mid on lvl 6,however you dont need to do that. IF you do, go base heal,mana,great, a new item, great teleport to one of the wards ( chose the one with the better opportunity,if they have low healt champs,or if they are pushing too much ). Chat and ping for your teammates to know.Teleport, kill them both, great, more gold. YOu will probably get one kill and one assist.

another way is to go manually to gank one lane, when you do that right, you can gank the other lane in about 12 seconds, since they wont expect you, return base ( 8 sec ) ,click telport on ward right away , you will heal in the 3.5 sec witch takes to cast, bang ,5 easily.

There are some more tricks , but i got bored right now :D .

If you do ths right, go for more AP , not mana regeneration , you will be extremily strong. You can do this right away in 3 minutes ( if you dont push after the ganks ).

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Thank you for riding my test guide/build. If you like it i will edit it more, and put other gank tips.

Sorry for my bad spelling,especially on the items.

Try it out , good luck and have fun.