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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chobojay

Kassadin - Rifting since 1337

Chobojay Last updated on September 17, 2010
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Hello people, gamers.. Kassadin players.

Pardon for my bad English, as I'm not from England. Here and there are some spelling mistakes.
First of all there are many builds for Kassadin but most of them haven't explored this champion the way I have.
I'll try to describe a bit of my play style and the order of items you should buy when and in which situation.

1. Introducing Kassadin the void walker
I usually play 5v5's cause thats the place where you can get the most kills plus ownage.
The way he can chase people down and kill them in three seconds like now other. It's the perfect mage-ninja in this game. Alot of fun to play with, seriously a recommendation. If you're looking trough the champions list and can't think of which you should play next. Take this one if you haven't tryed it yet.

2. Item(s)
The most important part of this build are the items you use. But which items you need to use in which situation. Well it's all about what your opponent chooses to play. Like for example the opponent uses an Amumu with tons of magic resist, well trust me.. only AP won't help you then. You need hardcore magic penetration.

I standardly use the following items when my opponent doesn't have that much magic resistance.

-Doran's ring and
1x Healing potion. Why Dorna's ring? It gives a lil' AP boost in the beginning which is nice and it regen's mana together with your mana runes (You can stay longer at a lane).
-After getting around 1100 gold I recall and buy me boots of speed and Amplifying tomb that gives +20 ability power. Go back to your lane.
-After possible killing one or more of your opponents you'll have gold to buy Meja's Soulstealer (This item is a must have on Kassadin, without this your AP won't be enough in late game, ofcourse when you're on the losing side and its almost impossible to kill an enemy go for Rod of Ages).
-The next item you want is +20 magic penetration boots (Sorcerer's Shoes).
-Tear of the Goddess is your next item and a Blasting Wand you want. This shall boost your mana and AP just a little more. After that you got these two items You'll upgrade them with Archangel's Staff. That will cost 1000 gold and will boost your AP alot!
-Get Sheen's next. This item will give after using an ability your normal damage 100% extra. So when you rift on someone you'll hit them hard with a normal hit.
Now get Blasting Wand for another aditional +40 AP.
- Lich bane is your next item that you will get out of sheen and blasting wand.
-Needlessy Large Rod is one of your final items that will add +80 AP, when you get around 1800 gold you can get your final item which will boost your AP extremely. Zhonya's Ring.

Doran's ring is your start item, you'll buy it when the game starts.
You can replace Doran's ring with Bashee's during mid/late game or when the opponent has alot of magic resistance go for Void staff, in that case you don't have to replace Lich bane.

So to give you give a fast look of which items you should buy, here's a list.

3. Core items

4. Item(s) VS MR

Item's which you could best use versus diehard MR opponents.

Replace Lich Bane for Void staff
The potion that you must have when you feel you're doing to less DMG is the Exilir of Brilliance. Mostly when I have 300 gold and think I can use a bit more AP I'll go to the shop and buy me one of these. It seriously helps alot. In late game I always buy this one and the one that gives you healh.

I have chosen for mana regeneration runes which are very handy to stay long on your lane and push enemy's.
Also I have magic penetration cause I really hate magic resistance enemy's. 8.5 is a nice boost.
And the rest are ability power cause when you start the game you'll start with 27 AP. which is very nice to make some hard early damage.
Remember that I changed Void staff with Doran's ring as you can see so don't start with it!