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League of Legends Build Guide Author blackout292

Kassadin, the Magic Resistance Breaker

blackout292 Last updated on May 12, 2011
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This Guide is about how I like to play Kassadin. I tried lots of ways to play and skill him, but this is the way that evolved from my experience and it just is fun to me.

The most important thing to me is Magic Penetration.
I think "magpen" is very underestimated in this game, because everyone wants to have lots of AP. In my opinion, AP means nothing compared to magic penetration.
This is why:
Imagine there is a Karthus/Lux or any other AP-based hero. He goes with mass-AP and does lots of damage, especially in the beginning. But, after a few levels there will surely be a Tank/Supporter or whoever, who gets himself Magic Resistance. First it won't be enough, but if he is good, he will know how to stay alive.
Surely I don't have that much AP in the beginning of the game, but I am still mostly doing more damage than most other AP-heros. Why? Because of Magic Penetration.
Magic Penetration ignores a certain amount of the Magic Resistance. Later Combined with enough extra AP I start to get deadly.

Magic Penetration > Ability Power

You have to notice, that you have low health as Kassadin, in this build. So you are a kind of Rift Ninja and need to Escape. You just stay in combat as long as you need to cast your spells, then you rift out or run away.

Further if you look at the most common ways to play Kassadin, you notice that all of them have merely the same item build, masteries and skill sequence. Sometimes it's hard to even see differences.

This one is quite unusual, since on the first look, everything seems to be a little different.

Though looking at it and playing it, you will see, that everything makes sense.

Enjoy it!

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Pros / Cons

- Lots of damage
- Good Harrassment Build
- You later ignore spell shields and Magic Resistance which makes you able to injure tanks heavily
- Unusual skill sequence, item build, and masteries which makes it more interesting

- You have less hp, which makes you weak especially in the beginning
- You need to be good and fast handling this guy

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The most important thing here is also Magic Pen. I go with the Quintessences and the Marks. This gives me a certain amount of Magic Pen from the beginning of the game. Also I go with extra mana and mana regen, quite useful, because you don't wanna run out of mana, so you can't riftwalk.

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I go 21/0/9 which is quite unusual for Kassadin I think, but I like it, because of the maximum of damage. Penetrate magic resistance in the first tree is an important skill to use. I also go with ignite which is quite cool to harras down low-health heroes.

Remember the bonus 5% overall damage you get from Havoc.

To be honest, i never get why everyone does this standard 9/0/21. In some cases, especially for this build, it makes no sense to me.

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I start off with Mekhi Pendant, which is a very useful item since it gives you lots of mana regen in the beginning. You need it also for creating new items like the Tear of the Goddess and later the Archangel's staff.

I buy two health potions in the beginning, which help me survive in the mid for a longer time.

After that, I go with the Sorcerer's boots which give me the first proper amount of Magic Penetration.

When I get the tear of the goddess and have the Sorcerer's Boots, I start off doing quite good damage even without having any AP. I think there is a start amount like 15-16 AP.
(Usually this is the point where some idiots in the game simply don't get that I do more damage than them even without having lots of AP. I mostly ignore that kinda people.)

Mejais Soulstealer is the next item of choice. As it's very cheap, it becomes more and more powerful during the game. It's good to get it early. Mostly I stack it up by helping allies in fights. And this is exactly my role: to prepare kills. It helps the team a lot when enemies are slowed an silenced. Also i do lots of damage, which makes killing easier for allies.

The next Item is the most important to me. The Void Staff.
It gives 70 AP, which is a good value, but the most important thing is, that it gives you Magic Penetration. At this point of the game you should have aout 49% Magic Penetration, which means a lot. It's quite cool to see the enemies crying loud, as you smack down their magic shields, and do lots of damage anyways :)

After that I go with the regular Rabadon's Deatchcap. I also complete the Tear to Arcangels Staff.

Sometimes i buy Banshees's Veil. It depends on the enemy team.

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Skill Sequence

Again I don't like the typical: which means alternating Null Sphere and Force Pulse.
To me, it makes no sense going with Force Pulse in the beginning. Because it does less damage and has a short range.

The most important thing in the beginning is the Null Sphere. It does lots of damage and Silences your enemy, which can help you out.

I skill Nether blade on 2nd level, so i can reload mana faster.
I always try to complete Null Sphere first, then I fill up Force Pulse and Rift Walk.

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Summoner Spells

You may be wondering why I took Flash as SS. But believe me, Flash is the coolest thing to get with Kassadin.
There is nothing more funny than watching an enemy as he tries to get away from you, when you can Flash twice. He has simply no chance.

2nd thing:
You can Flee at double speed.

3rd thing:
You can easily do some jump-in-jump-out-action. Which is so annoying for the enemies.

Ignite is a must-have for me to hunt down injured enemies.

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Now i will explain some fight situations.

Explanation for the following chapter:
Hard Enemy
Can be hard, but must not be Enemy
Average Enemy
Easy Enemy

First of all, the middle lane.

I always like to go mid, because I can concentrate on my own and level very fast.

Caitlyn is hard to fight, because of her great range and dmg from the beginning. Often Caitlyn-players start with Doran's Blade, which gives 'em extra life and life steal.
This is quite annoying, because you have less hp with Kassadin, and unless you can Riftwalk, she can kill you very fast.
Never stand still, when fighting Caitlyn, and try to dodge her shots. Though, from time to time, try to injure her with Null Sphere and just wait and kill minions until you reach level 6. On 6th. level you can start harrasing her: Riftwalk - Null Sphere - Force Pulse - Ignite - Normal Attacks. Practice this combo a lot, and you will see, that you will get her down in no time. Though remember to keep away from her, if you can't kill her.
Riftwalk - Null Sphere - Force Pulse - Run away (Riftwalk away).


A well played Tristana, can be a devastating hero. She also has great range and enourmous dmg output, which can be deadly in the beginning of the game but even more in the late game if she is feeded. Remember that she can increase her attack speed. She doesn't really need to use skills to kill you, so stay out of range.
If you can, try to hurt her with Null Sphere and Force Pulse from time to time, so she isn't really healthy when you face her later.
After reaching lvl 6 you can attack faster and surprisingly.
Remember your Flash-Summoner-Spell which is quite cool for harrasment, or hunting or even running away.

Miss Fortune

I really hate MF. :)
The problem about her is that she is fast, does lots of damage, has a great range, and plenty life.
The good thing is, that most players aren't that good with MF.
As seen before fighting Caitlyn and Tristana, we can setup the same rules here.
Stay out of range and dodge her attacks. If you can, harrass her and use ignite.
When you get some life or Null Sphere lvl 3 start killing her!


The worst thing about her, is that she hits you with her dancing blade. She doesn't even have to be in range. She just throws her blade at a minion, and it jumps through them and hits you anyway, since you are in range. This is quite annoying, because it does enough damage, to injure you, especially in the beginning.
Never stand still, and try to hunt her down, before she gets you.

Just remember to stay out of her invisibility circle. Stay def, if she is going to have plenty hp and you can't hunt her down. Try to gank her with a mate a few times.
She usually is no problem in mid.

Anivia does lots of damage but she is slow. Figure out, how to flee from her Frost-Sphere and Ice-Wall and try to injure her with your own attacks.
The only annoying thing about her is the egg-thing -.-
I hate that..

Annie can be hard, if she is well played. You need a good feeling of time and the right moment to attack. Remember that she can stun you. Never let her stun you! Never!
Use Riftwalk + Flash to flee faster, if she tries to hit you with her Bear.

Ashe has good damage and range, but usually is no problem at all, because of low hp and less Resistance. You will see, that even your Null Sphere will reduce her life about 25% percent, after you have Sorcerer's boots. Just keep harrassing her and try not to get hit by her Frost Arrows.

Oh I love this guy :) Especially when I am killing him.
There is nothing that makes more fun, than playing against casters with Kassadin.
Just don't let him hit you with his fireball but silence him.

Interesting one. She can be very dangerous, if she is played aggressive.
Stay out of range and stand behind your minions. Try not to get hit by her poison stuff, because this is deadly.


Don't underestimate this guy. He can be very explosive.
Try to move fast and do counter attacks. Use Riftwalk often to move out of range.

To me, one of the most noobish heroes. I won't explain that, because I don't want the Evelyn players to get angry ;-)
Buy a ward or two, and you can see her coming in mid. Just be careful, because she likes to gank you with other players. Besides that, she should be no problem

Ezreal can be explosive too, but usually is no problem at all. Just watch out for his "Rift walk". It is similar to your's since it does damage too.

Careful with this guy. Watch out for silence and fear. This is very annoying. Try to harrass him from the beginning so he has no chance to get powerful at all.

No problems with this guy.

Watch out for his canon-shot because it does true damage. Remember that you have less hp.
Use Riftwalk to flee behind your minions. Remember also that he is faster than you.

This guy won't kill you, if you watch out, since you have Rift walk. But, he has plenty life, and can regen very fast. It will take time, to take him down.

Most people think, that Heimer is a problem for Kassadin.
I don't think so. He has less hp and no res. Kill him fast, and his turrets won't be a problem.

I played very often vs Karthus in mid. From my experience I can tell:
If your handling is good and you know how to move, he won't hit you with this dots.
Just keep away from his wall and silence him. He will have no chance.

This one is a special. It depends on how the enemy Kassadin is played.
I read from another Kassadin guide "may the better Kassa win" and I can tell: it's true.
If he is good, he will always hit you with Null Sphere at the same time, you hit him.
It is gonna be a lot exhausting though.
The biggest problem for me in this build is that most Kassa-Players go with Doran's Ring and some go with Even Doran's Blade, which gives em more hp. Usually they have more hp than I have. But just stay patient and you will see in later game that you will do more damage than those Attack-Damage Hybrid Kassa's. Though a standard AP-Kassa is gonna be annoying if well-played.

Watch out for Kennen's lightning bolts which give him stacks. Never let him stun you. Better get out of the way and wait till they are gone.

This one is special too. You need to hold him low, as much as you can, because he I going to be very dangerous, if he gets the chance. Keep away from his trail and ulti, and try to hunt him down with ignite, since he has low hp.

Leblanc is one of the most underestimated heroes at all! She is very explosive and does lots of damage surprisingly. You can use Riftwalk + Flash well against her, and you will need to..

Nothing really special about her for me. Just don't let her catch you and silence her a lot.


I play Malzahar myself, and I can tell, this is one of the most powerful heroes at all.
He is very dangerous, since he mostly goes with Rod of Ages, which gives him lots of hp.
Try to silence him before he can put out enough damage. If he get's you with his ulti, it will mostly end deadly for you.

HP regen and Shield. That's what makes Mordekaiser special. Usually you will have trouble killing him fast, because of his hp. But that's ok.
The game's not about having most kills, it's about destroying enemy nexus. If you manage to hold him tight, your team will have bonus.

Don't let her catch you. She does lots of damage and can absorb magic damage you deal.
Don't worry though, because you will break her shield, when you have enough Penetration.

Ryze is usually no problem at all. If he gets silenced, he is useless. Just keep harrassing.


She isn'r really a problem, since you can harrass her very quick due to the fact that she is rather slow. But watch out, since she can heal and and do lots of damage aswell.

This guy won't get killed. Watch out for his ulti, don't fight him, when he has enough minions to get life from. Rather wait for the right moment to attack and then do your usual combo to take him down.


Keep away from this little guy in the beginning. He likes to hide at the place and wait for the right moment to attack you from behind, this little ***. Keep away from him, in the beginning. With Riftwalk, start harrassing him because he has less hp and you can get him down fast, by using Ignite in addition to your spells.

Twisted Fate
Careful with this guy. He can be deadly if he is well-played. Try to dodge his "three-card-throw-thing" and try not to let him stun you.

Fortunately, this guy has usually less hp and low res, so can damage him well. If he becomes invisible, stay in tower range and try to get xp from minions or last hits on minions.
If he appears attack him with all skills you got, including ignite.
It's also good to have wards with you. Remember to keep harrassing him from time to time, because he mustn't become strong.


Very underestimated ranged DPS-machine. Well-played, he can be deadly. Try not to get hit by his Corrosion Bomb, so can't aim at you with his "rockets". The bad thing about him is his shield and hp.


Veigar - master of mass-AP-damage.
..useless against you, if you know how to face him. Move fast and never stand still.
Watch out for his penta, so he never stuns you.
Though, if you are inside of it, just Riftwalk out and attack him. He won't have a chance when you silence him fast enough.


Dangerous guy, really. He is banned in almost every ranked game for a resaon.
The problem about him, is not just the fact, that he has lots of hp and regen and even can lifesteal from you and minions. No, the main problem for me is his "Blood Cloud Thing", with which he can actively avoid getting damaged.
Especially if he sees a Null Sphere flying towards him. That's really annoying.


No problems with this guy. Just be faster than he is and silence him, before he gets the opportunity to hurt you much.