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Kassadin Build Guide by BURNER92

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BURNER92

Kassadin, THE Snowballer

BURNER92 Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Guys! This is my first MOBAfire build. I am making this to help share my awesome experiences using Kassadin with my clan, friends and anyone else willing to give one of the most underrated champs a shot.

The goal of this Kassadin build is to turn into on GIANT A** SNOWBALL and just roll over teams.

Beware, snowballing with a soulstealer is risky. You need to use Kassadin's mobility to your advantage and stay alive. dieing means you lose 1/3rd of your stacks!

If you are new to Kassi check out the item sections for a replacement to the soulstealer. This takes a lot from the snowball effect, but it is more forgiving and easy to use. Kassi can snowball well with out the Soulstealer, but not as fast.

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Pros / Cons

-Snowballs well
-Incredibly powerful late game
-2 forms of CC make Kassadin not only a great carry, but a strong counter carry as well
-Snowballs very well
-Very strong in both sides of tower dives (once level 6)
-Riftwalk makes Kassadin one of the most mobile champions in the game.
-Fun to play
-Did i mention he snowballs insanely well?

-Can have a tough time early game (Mana consumption and squishy-ness make him inferior to a lot of champs) [If you can get a kill or two in the early game to start the snowball effect this will no longer be an issue]
-All of Kassi's in-game skins look dumb compared to their splash art...

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Summoner Spells

Teleport - I cannot stress how effective this spell is. It gives Kassadin the ability to be anywhere at anytime. You can use teleport to: shop, cover a turret, gank a lane, get to your team before the fight etc. Being capable of getting to your team is essential, kassadin is an amazing teamfighter, even if you dont get the kills it's fine, all those assist will start kicking in on the soulstealer anyways, giving you a huge edge in your lane and in later teamfights. One more unlikely, but still great use for teleport is the backdooring concept. It's a great way to get on a minion wave pushing a turret, or to get out of the area fast when a gank is coming towards you.

Clarity - A lot of people hate on clarity saying it is useless, but i love it! Grabbing a summoner spell and some runes for all mana regen. means you do not need to waste early, valuable gold on some regen. item that delays your snowball effect. By the time late game comes up clarity is great to pop after extended poking wars, or when your in pursuit of an enemy and you have been using right walk a a lot.

In-Depth Reasoning behind Tele + clarity combo:

This combo gives you strong sustainability without a mana focused item early and late game. This allows you to rush Soulstealer and get working on that snowball effect ASAP. And this gives you sustained mana during poke wars and chases that force Riftwalk spamming.

Other strong options:
Flash - a Riftwalk + Flash combo gives Kassadin a way to get in and out fast, or a nice double jump to run/chase.

Cleanse - I like cleanse, however I feel that grabbing a banshee's may be a better choice, the reset on banshee's is much shorter.

Ignite - Good to finish of some weak enemies, but i feel that Kassadin is strong enough at chasing to not need ignite.

Be creative with summoner spells, There are always more combos out there to try and play with!

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Start with An amplifying tome and 1 health pot: With runes and the tome you start the game with 44 AP and some magic pen. Your null sphere will not hurt too much at Lvl 1, but once you hit 3 it starts to really pack a punch.

The ideal time to go back first is when you have ~1150: This gives you enough to finish off the Soulstealer and buy basic boots. I recommend using teleport to get back to the lane after your first trip. This removes you for virtually no time. This quick time back and the +exp masteries can give you a potential level advantage in your lane. If you can get a successful gank off once you get a soulstealer your at a HUGE advantage in your lane. This is when the snowball begins. NOTE: If you do not wish to run the risk of a Soulstealer, grab an Archangel's staff.It gives a TON of mana to use and abuse all your spells. It also give some nice AP, but it does not compare to the Soulstealer in terms of raw damage output. If you do not feel comfortable with this direct build try using the Archangel's, and when you are comfortable with that switch over to the Soulstealer

After you have a Soulstealer and hit 6 for your ult, you can start looking for potential ganks and easy kills.

Next, finish off your sorcerer shoes and get working on the Deathcap: Kassadin starts to shine after you finish the Deathcap.

At this point your burst should be hitting hard. This is where you have options:
-If things are going well grab a lich bane next- this item pushes your burst to the next level. With Ap around 500 your auto attacks rip apart turrets and champs alike.
-If you are getting knocked around a bit grab a banshee's or an abyssal scepter before the lichbane.
-Now if you think, wait a second, i am not getting knocked around at all! I don't want a banshee's or an abyssal scepter! i want more AP and some more sustainability for my AP! I would recommend to you an Archangel's staff! It gives some powerful AP and a ton of mana to help you hang on to clarity and stop from going oom!

After you finish 2 of those items finish off with a void staff. At this point plenty of people should have their Magic resist items set to go.

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I like 9/0/21 in masteries

Picking up magic pen in offense.

In utility I grab upgraded clarity to fuel up my team on mana late game after extended poking between teams, or to help myself or someone else who manages to go oom in battles. If you choose flash over clarity, flip that point over to flash. Other then that I run the standard utility tree.

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Runes for this build are pretty basic:
Magic Pen Reds - for stronger damage output
Mana Regen per lvl. Yellows - for some much needed mana regen.
Flat AP Blues - for stronger damage output
Flat AP Quints - for stronger damage output

Other strong options:
Flat HP Quints - to help endure early game harass (i don't use these b/c i feel like it takes too much away from potential to snowball early).

Flat HP Yellows - See Flat HP Quints

CDR Blues - too get spells out faster (i have seen them work, but i feel that the additonal AP is a much more effective set since mana can be an issue even with clarity).

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Skills and their Use

Null Sphere - Null Sphere does massive damage and has a quite long silence to boost. Use the ablity wisely, you do not need to use it for it's damage every time. A big silence like that can shut down a an enemy for half of a team fight. Null Sphere should also be used to harass early game and to last hit. Don't be too worried about mana, clarity and mana regen yellows will work their magic.

Nether Blade - I see a lot of people rip on this ability. It may not be the best, but is has some awesome synergy with this build and should not be ignored. I do not pick it up until 13, but grabbing it at 4 would work well too. Don't worry about what this ability actually does, worry about the side effects of it. The main two being: when activated it creates stacks for force pulse and it can trigger lichbane when your other spells are on cooldown.

Force Pulse - This is you second strong nuking ability. This time it comes in an aoe cone that slows everything it hit. This spell should be used early in a fight to get maximum stacks and therefore more uses during the fight. Use this spell to nuke and cc early in a fight and to help your team chase/run with it's slow at the end of a fight. This spell will one hit standard mage/warrior minions mid-late game. This is a excellent way to farm when an enemy lane is pushed do not be afraid to use the spell when it is up, but hang on to it if you have any concern about the enemy teams location/intentions.

Riftwalk - This is the skill that makes the difference between alright Kassadin players and good players. Right walk give Kassadin a short range teleport/blink/flash ability that hits around where he lands for a decent amount of damage. The more this ability is used in a short duration the stronger it gets, however the ability will cost more mana every time it hits harder. Learning how to use
Riftwalk comes with practice, it is one of those things you need learn on your own. But here are some useful tips:
-Plan out your escape when you enter a fight Riftwalking into battle is not always the best idea. (You may need your Riftwalk to chase or escape while it is still on cooldown from your entry).
-Do not to stack Riftwalk charges when it is unnecessary
-Check your mana before you jump into a fight to make sure you don't go oom and just sit next to the enemy team's carry as they just auto-attack you to death.

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Games with this build:

Sorry for the delay on games, i have been pretty busy with college, these are just some games from a while ago i was able to dig up. nothing special, just some nice carry games.

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Thanks for reading my guide!

I have put a lot of time into this guide and i hope this helps everyone enjoy the Snowballing Kassadin I have grown to love!

If you want to talk to me about anything or just wanna play, feel free to add me in-game!

Please rate my guide and give me your feedback! This is my first guide, and i know there are plenty of things that could be done better.

Thanks again for reading!