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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rsslone

Kassadin, Your neighborhood Rapist

Rsslone Last updated on September 20, 2010
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I will warn you before you read on, kassadin is for commited users, he is a hard champ to use, but one of the most rape champs in the game


with kassadin i go with the 9-0-21, everything is what it is

these are not solid, but you do want to base this on your null sphere Reason? because kassadin can use this over and over and pull champs out of action (recall) very quick, and allows you to help you lane mate out from stoping then enemy from using abilites

you want to build kassadins skills to what you need, if your always out of mana and have no gold of the chalice of harmony, you might want to build nether blade, and kill some minions, i do jungle every once in a while, the mana buff is useful

Force push is basicly used in combo with your riftwalk, its used to either mine minions, chase and slow running champs, or taunting. you can walk up and forcepush and rift out or the other way around is what i normaly do, it makes the enemy think a charge is in effect, except for if your getting raped... then your just ******ed for doing a taunt anyways

Riftwalk is you last resort, reason? because god forbid that you need to escape 'now' and you used it for a charge, well it may have a short cooldown but still... use it for chaseing and escaping, unless your charge is a sure thing... example... poor weak champs all alone, by god charge in and rape him, or last kills, it does enough damage to finish a enemy on really low health

the runes are set up to keep you in game without a recall every 5 seconds, because kassadin uses mana like crazy and hes really squishy, he is to stay behind a lane partner, unless you mid (which i will get too)

i learned this build over time and talking to people, the trit force is key, it basicly gives kassadin everything he needs, attack speed, mana, and health (big one)
when you build it i go with the zeal first, then sheen, and phage last
its not there but a tear of the goddess could be used early-mid game to perm again max mana, then remove it when you need space, the other item that is removed is the first item you get the Vampiric Scepter
soulstealer should be bought early on so you can build stacks, and the boots are important to give that little edge on chases and escapes... even more than he already has


Top or Bottom
you want to pick a lane with a team mate that can "hold" the line
what i mean by that is someone that isnt afraid to be a few inches ahead of you
YOU MUST BE BEHIND**** This is key- kassadin is so frail everyone will want to kill you
and once you stary getting owned its over, they all go after you first
thats where the runes come in! save your life
once in your lane, you will want to use the null sphere to slowly drain there health and keep them back so your lanemate can get minion kills in peace, as of with you... keep your null sphere on ready as you mine the minions or your riftwalk if you have it.
when chasing is the time you come out of the back and use your riftwalk-forcepush-nullsphere combo, remember to use your nether blade if you will be attacking your enemy with you basic attack, it increases your armor pen.

Turrent huggers
yay for you here, you can charge and escape with ease, chances are they are scared of you if they are that close to there turrent, all you need to do is null sphere them and rift walk out... or walk out in some cases if there close enough

this is actually a good option for kassadin, you just may have to turrent hug until you level to 6 for your ult, depends on the enemy champ, if hes ranged most likly, if not, good for you... null sphere again and again when he comes close, mid can give you level up alot faster... which is much needed!... ALWAYS WATCH THE MINI MAP
reason, you cant always depend on your team mates to mia you, so when you see that a champ headed down the river (middle alley)... this means run till you know a gank wont happen, if you get ganked while under level 6 your dead... and most likly the turrent is lost

Edit** -I switched the Heal to ignite, its very useful to when in mid, dont be afraid to use it, in fact use it all the time... its not ment to get a kill... its more ment to make the enemy have to leave and heal sooner... and drain there health quicker... use it in combo with you null so the enemy sees there health go down fast and they will run!!
works all the time- Use early game for that reason, late game for the kill
just things to keep in mind
*you are very very frail
*you depend on leveling up fast
*null sphere is your most needed skill
*you are jungle chaser master
*most of all, kassadin is rape in pure form!

Lucky noob hunting